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  1. I got the last one on deck.. floor model was beat to heck.. I owned a big akorn back in the day , so I wasn't flying blind... I am still getting a small ceramic for my backyard & will use the new jr.for a camping pit. ray
  2. I was expecting the above mentioned 74$
  3. Hopefully it's not in need of mods, otherwise I wasted 50.. older I get the more I need out of box performance..
  4. I'm a wintertime guru, so busy during summer it's all hot & fast. But I had to log on to pass the word to the gurus, I popped on it.. & it rang up as a cool $50 ray
  5. Ditto!! That gasket is a virgin in my book. Mine is charred & crumbled. I have a back up in the garage. & not concerned with rushing to install new felt.. I am a chronic pizza firer', Torching gaskets comes with the territory.. My lack of gasket has no impact on he low & slow cooks either.
  6. Left over st Louie rack from yesterday.. foiled it & reheated on gasser tonight, tossed them in buffalo sauce & rinsed with Marie's blue cheese dressing.... man oh man!!! Buffalo Ribs are going to be a staple trademark party cook around my house!!! Could be a signature dish... Ray
  7. Hi where in CT? Plymouth here Ray
  8. I had a woo gave it to my brother. hands down the KJDC or Aura products Pro-zone is the way to go, options & expansion are infinite. Ray
  9. Looks like they improved the fit or he got lucky. I purchased mine past winter & the fit is less than satisfactory.
  10. I met the rep at a pool & spa convention . It is an auplex product - 100% confirmed.
  11. For what it's worth. Akron grates fit the vision classic B & so does KJDC.
  12. Ditto!!! Im fired up in about 20 seconds.. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001DSKEP4/ref=pd_aw_sim_sbs_469_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=21hdwb0jdzL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL100_SR100%2C100_&refRID=0JZM873W8938EBNRXFAQ
  13. KJ D&C, aura prozone or CGS AR... All three are sweet
  14. That was a good guess - very close. 125 gallon pond with a 8 gallon water fall. Sunk down into the ground with matching flag stones all around. Mrs skreef has had ponds in the past. This is my first pond should be interesting. If there's a waterfall, there has to be a pond for it to fall into...Not necesarily... sized for the effect, cirulatory sytem can also serve as a resevoir & placed below grade for the "illusion"
  15. back wedding chapel or the grill dealer?
  16. I would grow one of those herb gardens and I doubt anyone would show up (where I live and kewl neighbors) but unfortunately I've had to do random drug tests for the last 18 years (due to my job). One day I'll retire and then no more pictures of Reef's Herb Garden When doing random drug tests , you never know what your testing!! Ha!
  17. Love the re-purpose/innovation of the bench. I too have been looking for a "roof" & just realized those with tables (yeah I'm slow) are just a few pieces of lumber away from adding a roof. To the drawing board!
  18. Considering it takes little persuasion to drop a grand for a plain jane weber 3 burner gasser, id like to see them enter at the upper end of the kamado market.
  19. Its an auplex.. The rep wanted me to bring a similiar line into my stores. Im on my phone now so - i wont read the copy above. As of jan 2016 - they were measuring the OD & planned to change the spec to grate diameter soon.
  20. CKreef - ive been playing with the grillmates line of rubs for a while. To be honest - making homemade rubs brings me no joy. I suggest taking the "smokehouse maple" for a spin (if you have a sweet tooth) & the "blazing burger" "steck & chop" are also convienant & tastey.
  21. Same as lousiana grills. I spent some time with the lousiana rep at a pool&spa show. Very knowledable man & accomplished cook.
  22. Lately i have bben firing dressed pies on pizza screens placed on my stone. (Actual pizza screens not perforated pizza pans) I am very happy with the streamlined cooks.
  23. Nice!! Could you do us a solid & stick this post on vision compatable accesory thread.. Thank bud!http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/24717-vision-compatible-accessories/
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