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  1. My youngest son (12) and I make our first pizza this afternoon on the Akorn. Came out purity good. Surprisingly the pepperoni and pineapple wasn't bad. The other half was pulled pork I made a few days ago on the Akorn as well. we just used store bought garlic pizza dough, cheese, and pizza sauce. We made it stuffed crust by warping "sting" cheese in the edges. There were some "blow-outs", but that just meant more cheese! Yummy!! Next time I'll let the cooker get a bit hotter, took about 15 minutes to cook the pizza. Ready to go on the grill. Ready to eat!!
  2. Cooked a London Broil (Top Round) last night for the first time on the Akorn. I was interrupted by a phone call and missed the temp. Came out a bit over done, but still good. I'd would have liked it a but more rare. The backed potatoes (3 russet and 1 sweet) came out perfect!
  3. Here's some more info. add added the pic to the post for people that can't see the album. It was a 4 lbs. I injected a simple solution on Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Apple Juice, and Worcestershire sauce. I let that sit for 9 hrs then added the rub, and let it sit again, this time over night. ( I basically fallowed the directions in The Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook" by Chris Grove.) The Akorn with the Tip Tip Temp kept an even 240-250ºF for the full 7 hrs. As you can see, if you look close, in the finished picture, I'm using a 15" cast iron skillet as my heat defuser/drip pan. I filled that up with 4 cups apple juice and 4 cups water at the beginning of the cook. (Not looking forward to cleaning that, maybe a high temp burn off is in order) Meal came out good, but a tiny bit dry, Next time I'll add more liquid halfway through the cook. Or does anyone have any suggestions on keeping a bit more moisture on the meat? Over all the family loved it! My wife is loving the fact that I've done all the cooking the past 3 nights. 2 on the Kamado!
  4. Just got done with dinner, my first time making a Boston Butt. https://goo.gl/photos/Gzk5ZWgnBB7Rbz9X8 The Akorn with the Tip Tip Temp kept an even 240-250ºF for the full 7 hrs.
  5. Hello everyone! Just completed my first ever Rib Cook on my new Akorn! They come out great! The TipTopTemp worked awesome. I received the Akorn as an early Father's Day gift 3 weeks ago, been lurking on this site ever since. I'm looking forward to many great cooks. I'm thinking Pork Butt next.
  6. Hey everyone, Got a new Akorn D16820 three weeks ago for $200! (New and fully pre-assembled) Seasoned it, and did some simple grilling on it. But today I smoked my first set of ribs! Came out great with the help of the information off of these forums. I'll post some pictures in the Akorn sub-forum.
  7. I perchased my Akorn at the local Walmart for $200 last weekend! [emoji44][emoji44] It was the display model, still had all parts, and came preassembled. It was the last one in the store,and the manager said they would not be getting any more. So I asked for a discount. Going to cook on it for the first time this weekend. Right before I have 3 wisdom teeth removed. (At 43 no less) Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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