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  1. My takeaway was the descriptions of adjusting "vents". You should have a good idea of about where one or the other should be. If your grill is airtight you can leave one wide open and work the other. Now not to many are that air tight but if so it could be done. Most have a general idea of where one or both need to be. The idea is get close to where you want to be drop vents to where you think they need to be then give it time. Can take an hour or more to get up to a stable temp, When you get really good at your grill you will learn to build a bigger fire bring temp up quickly then slam vents shut to where you need them and with a very few minor tweaks be on point. And for clarity cold dense air is harder to move so minor adjustments will be needed. I am no where near as cold as you but i can tell you when the sun goes down and outside and the temp drops i have to allow more air or the grill temp will plummet. And conversely on very early morning ones when its quite chilly out i have to creep vent closed or temp with run away as the dary warms up.
  2. Intro

    As long as your happy thats all that matters :-).
  3. There isnt much i wont eat, heck i will cook pork that smells a bit sour with a good rinse and right temp you kill everything anyways. No different for left overs, if it smells really bad ill usually toss it, if it doesnt smell to bad its hit or miss depending on how it tastes. If it tastes ok ill eat it, if it tastes a lil off i might nuke it then eat it (depends if i have any other left overs). If it tastes really bad ill toss it, so i have either shortened my life considerably or hardened myself for the zombie apocalypse. But then again ive been known to find mm's or skittles on the floor from who knows when and enjoy them when no ones looking :-).
  4. Intro

    Well low cost and quality dont generally go hand in hand, though value is also a perspective right. Several things you need to think about before purchasing. Are you looking for simple instant read or looking for remote? Bluetooth or wireless? online tracking or dont care? Personally i am partial to thermoworks but there are lots out there that function weil. I just picked up an instant read for i think it was 19 on sale for a buddy so he could start to learn. And PP is usually on point for things recommended.
  5. Intro

    Welcome, if its your thing its alot of fun and quite pleasurable. Get good at heat control, after that the sky is the limit. Though there is plenty i have not done smoked, there is nothing i wont try :-).
  6. Kamado Konfused

    If i got the one i really wanted it would have ment no vacation for the wife that year and that sir i surely would have regretted later...... :-)
  7. Kamado Konfused

    I am much like you, i would smoke something everyday if life let me but it doesnt. I average perhaps 2 cooks a week with many month of nothing and many month of alot more. I had been looking at all you mention then some. then found pit boss at costco on chance. At 1/3 of the cost of the others i said, wth its costco if i hate it i can take it back. Well turned out i love it, and having the option to do it again i would. Call it my frugal nature but it cooks as good any any other and thats all that matters to me. Now if you want all these accessories and other things only available per said manufacturer keep that in mind. But honestly you cannot go wrong with any full ceramic kamado.
  8. Since i dont have the fireboard and can only speculate, could it be the weight coupled with the resistance to the elements that comes standard on the smoke and needs the case for the fireboard? Granted heavier weight doesnt inherently mean stronger but...... For those fireboard owners, is battery life living up to expectations?
  9. New B-Series Owner, couple of questions.

    So there is no right or wrong here its what works best for you. I do not, i know some others do. Experiment and play, you will learn alot in the process. For instance something i do that i know most dont. For most smaller cooks (1/2 the grill or less), i build up about 1/3 of the bowl slow n seer style all the way to the bottom of the grate and i leave out the deflector. I find its super easy to regulate temp as well as easily reverse sear because the lump is so close to the grate. Works great for me and easily repeatable with consistent results. Could go on and on about other tid bits but that would get away from the initial ask. Just pile some lump or charcoal or whatever you want to use. Stay away from lighter fluid, make sure you have adequate airflow and experiment.
  10. Brisket Timing

    14 trimmed? In the 225-250 range thats going to be cutting it close. Depending on whats going on the night before is a great option to know your good but your heat controlling skillz need to be on point. First few i did i got up very early, 4ish to get it going and just napped as needed throughout the day. As cooks progress youll figure out what works for you and what doesnt. I have figured out over time that i can speed up the cook but raising temp as needed which can significantly reduce time or pull in a late running one. One other point that comes to mind is to wrap or not, if all being equal i will not. But if you are in a time crunch and concerned about getting done, helping push through the stall is a time saver.
  11. Any idea if the probes are interchangeable with the smoke? They appear to be same type but since i have not seen them in person i cannot tell.
  12. I love my "smoke", however i am very interested in the fireboard, for those that purchased the case is there real value in it? Im thinking a diy option will be just as good at a fraction of the cost.
  13. equifax security breach

    So that site is just a way for equifax to save face. Its not actually doing anything and depending on the state you live in you could be clicking away your legal rights to sue them if / when a class action comes about. The safest thing to do is freeze profiles with all 3 companies, small cost but peace of mind for sure.
  14. gasoline - it's a panic

    Gas for us on the west coast is ridiculously priced like everything else.
  15. Salt in Diet

    Granted this is generally true but there is lots of wiggle room. If you are dehydrated as most are then you blood pressure can actually be higher as your blood thickens as you lose fluid and thicker is harder to push effectively so pressure has to go up. Also take into account the pliability of your veins and arteries, this too effects pressure readings. As have been stated drink plenty of water and eat cleanly and many of our ailments will go away on their own.