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  1. Since at 325 the temp has come up to 172 so it seems to be recovering nicely. How hot is too hot?
  2. I added a bit of lump and re-lit it, the IT was at 160 since the fire died so I opened the vents a bit and am aiming to stay at or slightly above 300. I need it to be done in 4 hours, advice? What's too high for an 8.25 lb butt?
  3. Yeah, it dropped to 215 so I bolted home. It seemed to have died but there was still a decent amount of lump left. The only disturbance from when it was steady at 245 was opening it to insert the temp probe into the butt. Seems odd that that would kill it, normally opening the lid would stoke it if anything, no?
  4. I'm pretty inexperienced with my kamado, especially low and slow. My temp had been higher than I wanted (305) so I adjusted the top vent to nearly closed (1/8” or so). The temp held steady at around 245 for the next 4 hours and now going into hour 6 my temp has dropped to 225 in the last 45 min. Is my fire out? I'm about 15 min from home so I don't want to go unless necessary. TIA
  5. brought mine home in an Acura MDX, barely - but it fit!
  6. I'm also open to tips on buying and storing accessories without the wife finding out about them!
  7. Thanks again, I'm definitely at the crawling level and know it! Looks like I'll be using my new chimney as a searing station from now on and lighting my lump in the firebox
  8. Also the PB came with a nice ceramic heat deflector but I'm thinking I probably need a split one to do multi level and and have open/indirect at the same time...true or false?
  9. Thanks @CeramicChef , definitely the best guide to temperature control that I've read so far! Bummer, so the chimney is no good for lump? I picked up a big bag of Cowboy lump at Costco when I bought the PB and didn't have problems getting it lit for the 2 cure burns I did. Are you saying initial temp control is a problem with a chimney? I was wondering about future starts with it though when there is already lump in the fire box. Is starting some in the chimney and add and mix to existing lump no good?
  10. I just brought home my Costco 24" Pit Boss over the weekend. It's my first kamado style grill. I've done my initial burns and can't wait to get started on some cooks! So far the only accessories I have besides what it came with are a chimney starter and gloves so I'll be looking for recommendations. It looks like there's tons of great info on here, I look forward to being a part of the community!
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