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  1. Huge fan of Lidl in the US, if I saw a Kamado there I would be tempted. Welcome! Looks like a 26.5cm grate, you might have some trouble dialing in temps at first, but the other side of that is you can get hot FAST. I mostly use our smallest for high heat searing, and while it is about the best in the world at that, you can do a lot of other things too. Enjoy and welcome to a wonderful and supportive site!
  2. What a deal! Welcome from a county just South!
  3. Welcome Delawarean! I found that tight seal on my Akorn (assisted with nomex around the non-gasketed edge of the main lid and ash pan), plus frequent high temp cooks and then covering when cool prevented any visible water damage. This was sure true here. I gave one of my original Akorns to friends that asked about them each time I bought a ceramic. All are still going strong.
  4. Awesome! We started veggies and finished lamb on the Jr with the cast iron grate today, everything was wonderful. I remain in awe of how fast the Jr can heat up and cool down, a wonderful asset to have! Edit: *lamB
  5. I did this at home with kamados and did a reverse sear but I did the same two rubs and olive oil and gave it about 20 hours in a vac sealed bag. 225 inidirect for a little more than an hour and then sear to sight. What a nice day.
  6. Is that powder coated AL like the control tower/DoJoe? I am the first one to say that those two (non-food contact) flaking is no big deal but this another thing entirely. I am certainly going to wait on buying that until V2 (anodized, SS, whatever). EDIT: I realize this was not clear, this is not okay for something with direct food contact. I was shocked that they appeared to do the same process (which was known to have flaking issues) with something contacting food.
  7. Welcome, I got my start on an Akorn and wow things then got out of hand! Cook a lot, keep some data about what goes well, consider a Tip Top Temp and a plate holder, and have fun!
  8. Yum! I would love to get one of these so much but right now it is just a space issue, as I do not have a paved space a sufficient distance from the back of the house. Watching these posts make me realize I would probably be okay with the smaller size oven, but dragging it across large spaces of sometimes wet grass is still a problem I have not figured out how to solve.
  9. I got mine today. I have a feeling I am going to end up with both bigger ones if this cooks half as nice as it looks and feels. We also got an unexpected gift delivery from Snake River Farms today with some things that I never would have bought myself. It is a happy day for cooking at this house!
  10. This is similar for us although we have two kamados that stay out right by each other. In 2020, with no entertaining, the 24" kamado does not get much use (pretty much only ribs so I can lay them flat). A vast majority of meals are done on the 36" griddle or the 18" kamado. Without guests, the Konro was used twice this year, and it is stored inside normally. I have a 22" griddle (actually two, one with hood installed, one without, we take the one we think we will want) and now the PKGO that will dominate travel for us when that is a thing again. In the times when we found ourselve
  11. Welcome! You've come to the right place.
  12. Neat idea to have an ingredient theme. Everything looks great, but wow sign me up for that cheesecake!
  13. My preorder had an issue, but that all got fixed today. I am thrilled with this and gears are already turning. It is going to be a long winter, I am going to start by putting together a wire frame to hold the Joe Jr Stone under one of the half grates, but the big project is going to be a rotisserie ring to use my Classic sized Joetisserie. That should take me a while!
  14. Nice work! my welding sure does not look that nice.
  15. Preordered. I look forward to seeing the recipes that show up on here and contributing some.
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