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  1. gotzero

    Konro Challenge

    The only loser in a yakitori battle is the chicken.
  2. gotzero

    Need some help with poultry

    The easiest answer to this is the kamado rotisserie. I thought spatchcocked chicken was about as good as it could get, the joetisserie was just another step up.
  3. gotzero

    Konro Challenge

    October is quickly getting away from me, so I wanted to make sure this cook gets posted and is ready when I look up and discover the month is over. Saturday night, I decided to do a konro night with no guests, so I could at least take a picture of everything. The entire night seemed like its own "challenge", but everything turned out perfectly. I am busy busy busy when prepping this dinner, usually when we have guests, someone hangs out in the kitchen and helps out, it makes a big difference even having someone else do the salt and pepper. This time, I was prepping on my own while my spouse handled the kids, and wow did I miss the help. I only had time to take pictures when I was parboiling and when everything was skewered and ready to go onto the marabu-fueled konro. The menu was avocado, aparagus, tsukune (chicken meatball), thigh, chicken wing flat, and s'mores for dessert. The look of the marabu charcoal in the konro gets me every time. We paired the meal with a couple of delicious Dassai sakes. Avocado was up first, they were not quite ripe, and I was worried how they would taste. Turns out a little heat and some homemade tare and they were delicious. It is the yakitori version of a bread bowl and it is divine. Next up was the ham wrapped asparagus. We usually use serrano ham, this time I used iberico, I figured it would be even better. Wrong. The iberico ham is too dry to wrap correctly and kept breaking apart. I was not happy with the way the skewers looked, but then I tried one. So good! On to the chicken. I have worked on perfecting tsukune ever since getting the konro, I think I am there. I mix ground dark meat chicken, soy, potato flour, and lots of scallions and let everything dry out in the refrigerator. Then based on the advice of our Japanese friends, I parboil each meatball for about 45 seconds to harden it enough to survive on the skewer without a grate. These are so good I can hardly believe I can make them. Whenever we make them now, we make way too many, and they end up in lunch for our preschooler, mom, and dad. After non-ripe avocado and exploding ham, I realized that because of the ~50 degree weather, my marabu charcoal was really burning down. Not to be deterred, since we had a small party, I moved the entire bed of coals to half of the konro to get more heat since it would take way too long to light more. From now on I know, way more coal in the cold temperatures. On to chicken thigh. Nothing special, super tasty. After the thigh, we finished up with everyone here always waits for, butterflied wing flats. My cutting technique keeps getting better and faster but there is still a long way to go. It is fun to get to try this so much and keep learning. These got a little more blackened than normal because we were working with colder temperature for longer time, however the taste was still unbelievable. When I do this right and wings turn into perfect little rectangles of chicken the taste is simply fantastic, I can hardly believe I am eating a chicken wing. At the request of our preschooler, we finished up the evening with konro s'mores. This was a ton of fun, and the flameless high heat is perfect. Coupled with graham crackers and hazelnut milk chocolate (a modification to the traditional recipe that I would highly recommend).
  4. gotzero

    De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans

    Those look fantastic. I am on the lower end, but indoors, I cannot get enough of my Lodge carbon steel pans. Used the 10" this morning for dreamy serrano ham, cheese, and eggs, and the 12" for French toast. I still can hardly believe how much the natural "non-stick" works.
  5. I have not found numbers either and gave up looking, but they are now listed as an "acquisition" and seemingly under control of Masterbuilt with talk of their development as a lifestyle brand. I am not running for the hills, but I doubt this will make me personally a happier customer. But, I am willing to be surprised.
  6. I am looking forward to learning more about the Classic III. I am also hoping to get the Big DoJoe on the Christmas list this year since I am, "impossible to buy for". That said, Kamado Joe also just had a PE buyout, and I will be watching to see if customer issues are taken care of before sending more money their way for ceramics.
  7. gotzero

    Hurricane Michael

    Glad you are physically okay! I know it is a huge pain, but cars can be replaced. I hope everyone else in the path is okay!
  8. gotzero

    Husky Bucket Jockey

    Awesome! I have a couple of those around the property, but did not think to use one for grilling tools. I do sometimes use a "bucket head" to clean things up.
  9. Awesome cook but I want to more about this. Do you have a second fan pumping air into the kitchen? 3500 cfm would bend my walls in without a positive return. We have a very well-sealed newer house, and the performance of our vent hood without a door or window open is not good. This is a continued flashpoint at our house so I would be interested to know how you did this.
  10. Looks fantastic! We love chicken satay here. Never thought to combine it with shrimp but that looks like an amazing plate.
  11. gotzero

    Blackstone cooking

    I feel like I use my Blackstone a lot for a large variety of cooks. You put me to absolute shame. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a feeling I sold at least one blackstone this week. Had an in-law visit who has a husband with BGE. Was asking a lot of questions about the magic griddle.
  12. gotzero

    Broken thumb

    Way to stick with it! I broke my ankle in hobby sports as a younger adult. I was gutted with a four month recovery and a boot, but in some ways it was a blessing as it was an unbelievably productive time for my work. Make sure to follow all the instructions, and probably harder, ALL of the PT. So awesome to see you stick with cooking! Heal quickly!
  13. gotzero

    Charcoal Consumption Rate

    From a physics standpoint, it completely makes sense that heating water would take more energy to get to the same temp than heating air. In the real world, it is probably a marginal charcoal consumption difference. In the ceramics, I imagine getting the dome to temp is 90% of the energy. I am starting to feel like I am using every part of the buffalo, but there is no lump going to waste here. Rare super big pieces become reasonable pieces. Those pieces become small pieces. Some of those get burned in the kamado, some go in storage. The ones in storage go in the fire pit or the bottom of the chimney starter. Ash goes on sparse parts of the lawn (I have an astonishing amount of lawn). I cannot remember the last time waste charcoal has gone in the trash.
  14. gotzero

    Tuna Steak

    For this month's challenge cook, I had a ton of options, but once I got down to September 30th I went for an easy classic at this house, seared tuna steak. I grew up in the midwest fishing in freshwater and constantly being around delicious fish frys, but my approach to SEA food has been to source awesome raw ingredients and then mess with them as little as possible. We are lucky to have several amazing seafood vendors locally, so I showed up at one open on Sunday and walked out with a pound of lean but yummy looking "sushi-grade" yellowfin tuna steak. Usually for tuna like this, we find the hottest thing around, heat a flat surface on it, and scare the tuna long enough to get some color and crisp on the edges. Tonight, that was a nicely preheated Joe Jr and a salt block. Tuna was peppered, thrown on each side for 30 seconds, removed, sliced, and served. Such a delicious protein and so easy to do!
  15. This is how I start my kamados most of the time. One minute from a small torch at the top of the charcoal pile.