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  1. Wow! I hung in there last time, look forward to giving it another try!
  2. Center punches are a great idea. Drilling a hole is usually less of an issue than drilling accurately, and the center punches/pilots will help with this. I am considering adding four adjustable casters like you posted to the Blackstone Pro Series. If you are worried about it, and the legs are magnetic, you could rent a mag drill (not worth buying for 8 holes). I just got the capability to weld stainless steel at home for the first time in ages. I joked with my spouse that I could now go from a grill consumer to grill producer. She was not amused. Look out for more posts in the DIY forum...
  3. My store was skipped this year too. My guess is the roadshow model is probably in trouble once they stop selling the premium option. We have two Traeger roadshows a year. I make sure to do a Costco shop while they are there, ask if they have a Timberline 1300 D2 (which I would purchase at a roadshow in a second) and I get looked at like an alien and then get offered alternates I do not want.
  4. I used Korin on @ckreef's recommendation. I ordered when it was out of stock and waiting. Everything was perfect just not fast. I got the "large" size, and I have no regrets. I have the time of my life with that little grill and our next outdoor table will be handbuilt around accommodating it. I agree about not getting a "wide" one, which also unfortunately applies to the "extra large". I recommend you consider the cookbooks "Robata" for general recipe ideas for everything from vegetables to seafood to meats, and "Chick and Charcoal" for lots of detail on breaking down and serving chicken. I would enthusiastically NOT recommend "Chicken Genius".
  5. Looks awesome! We do not have good luck with tsukune that big on the round skewers. Maybe we need to use the flat metal ones.
  6. Thanks for the wonderful site, and thanks for asking. Annual donation sent.
  7. I have two suggestions in order of "easiness" if you are using Costco as a base: 1. Get the nicest grade of tuna they have. Put a lot of salt and pepper on both sides. Heat a plancha/CI pan/salt block directly in a screaming hot kamado. Put the fish on the surface, wait about 10-15 seconds, flip, wait another 10-15 seconds. Slice and you get this: 2. Find out if your Costco has pesto butter salmon (premade, not precooked). Get a package. Heat a kamado indirect to package instructions and add a little Apple or other light smoke wood. Cook in the foil package. Both of these options are delicious and incredibly easy, and should give you the confidence to branch out from there.
  8. Welcome! You will likely find the versatility (and cold weather ability) make it possible to do seemingly anything. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  9. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere, but the new griddle seemed massive. Getting out my trusty tape measure and comparing the front lip version side by side with the rear grease trap, the new griddle top is 10% bigger. The usable surface on the old one is more or less 36" by 20", the the new one is 36" by 22". I am surprised Blackstone is not trumpeting this. The new griddle is massive. The 22" by comparison is about 22" by 16.5". In other words, the 36" is as deep as the 22" is wide. I am so glad I upgraded. This was absolutely the right move for the next few years at this house. Now the big question is do I modify the old 36" to work with a trailer hitch instead of relocating it...
  10. I figured out how to make my favorite Indian street food at home, more or less from scratch. We had an "Apna Bazar" (vegetarian Indian specialty grocery) open in the store that used to be my local kamado pusher. I was devastated to lose them, but I stopped by the new tenant today, and I was completely blown away. I knew I was in the right spot when I realized there was an entire grocery aisle (both sides) for flours, and the next full aisle was for rice. The experience was positively completely overwhelming. I need to do some consulting with cookbooks and the Internet and then go back with more time. One thing I knew at first sight is I wanted everything having to do with Pani Puri, all the way from totally prepared to scratch ingredients. I might have slightly overdone it. When I checked out, the cashier asked me if I was having a party... I gave things a try tonight, not a lot of pictures because there was a lot of learning, but all in all, this will end up being easy, it was delicious, the kids loved it, and I am on cloud nine. I made a rooking mistake and "shallow" fried the puri. Lesson learned, I will know for next time. It still turned out great. Signing off fat and happy...
  11. Everything is under control here, busy preparing a story/excuse and getting the current one to a new home. These went on deep clearance with at a semi-local store that had six. This will solve my only two complaints about the 36", rigidity and rear grease trap. For travel the 22" is perfection so I do not mind losing the folding legs.
  12. Awesome! I agree do the shrimp. Even with orange juice instead it is unreal. Looking forward to seeing what you do!
  13. This was what we tried, super easy: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/grilled-corn-with-miso-butter I am having the time of my life with the konro.
  14. We went at it again tonight. Miso corn was fun Family favorite asparagus Scallops Soy Lime Ginger Shrimp Thigh and garden shi####os Wing Flats
  15. Wild! I am supposedly in the middle of "mushroom country" and I have never seen this. Time to ask around! We make portobello burger replacements which I love as much as the "real thing" although I feel they are completely different.
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