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  1. I think in general it probably means you are somewhat well off, have a suburban or larger property, and enjoy cooking. All of those things combined indicate you are going to do okay in a short downturn. In our case, we are all home every day right now, and the meat stores may not last as long as I had thought becuase I can slow cook on weekdays now..
  2. Does that one also come with the bag? We LOVE ours and the bag makes it super portable.
  3. Congrats on your purchase! I was devastated to lose the northern DE Kitchen & Co. I bought all the Lodge, Meat Church, and KJ parts I could and I would already own a Traeger Timberline 1300 D2 if they were still open. When they closed I cleaned them out of Kamado Joe accessories but I was really disappointed. Retail is a tough gig. The tiniest solace, the space here turned into in amazing Indian grocery store, and I still have Kitchen & Co at the beach for now, although the second to last time there I bought them out of Meat Church and the last time they had not restocked...
  4. They have different features and pricepoints, but my entire justification for a pellet grill is simple cooks I do not have to watch (along with massive space for entertaining), and in that sense, I view them as two peers that both have issues at launch. I hope Weber works this out, the design in theory would do everything I want.
  5. Thank you to everyone doing this testing. I am interested in the Timerline for set and forget cooks, and put off a purchase because it seemed like the Weber would do everything I wanted at a lower cost. Now I am going to keep waiting.
  6. Looks great! I am almost happy with my Jr cart setup which is going to lead to a lot more use.
  7. Awesome! That new 28" model with the 22" depth is fantastic. I had a few friends get them this holiday season, as the price/square inch/BTU combo was about perfect. We hosted Christmas this morning and cooked two pounds of bacon in one wave and then 24 large pancakes in three fast waves, probably sold another one!
  8. Thanks so much, at least I can still get my fix! $50 a bag is way better than explaining to my better half why dump trucks are pulling up. To the other poster, this is likely not ideal for a kamado, it is a huge price beat vs Japanese binchotan for long duration direct cooks.
  9. I forgot about this. I just got a plasma cutter set up at home again. Time to visit Ikea!
  10. Yum! Paella (traditional or not) is one of the few things we do not even attempt. I guess I should get brave.
  11. I just made a duplicate thread I do not know how to delete. I am gutted. There must have been tremendous tariff/import garbage, I can hardly imagine. I hope someone else steps up to the plate, but in the mean time I am crazy enough to try and figure it out, not to resell, but to ensure my own supply.
  12. Edit: I do not see how to delete a thread, those paying more attention than me knew this at the end of the "20% off thread". Old news but new to me and I am gutted. https://www.fogocharcoal.com/pages/marabu-no-longer-available I really wish they had sent out a "going away" notice. I have a shed full, but I would have purchased a pallet. If anyone on this site is interested, I might seriously try to buy (and happily split) a ton. We have a small business and have already learned a bit about odd geography import/export and I may be up for the challenge.
  13. Yum! Nice thinking with the wok ring! We routinely buy and cut down whole tenderloins. I save the pieces that are too small for steaks for kabob nights, the result is fantastic every time.
  14. Yum! Bitterly cold and very windy here. I am jealous!
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