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  1. Nice review. Mine essentially looked like new at one and two years old outside and covered year round when I passed them onto friends. My Akorn Jr lives indoors unless we travel and it looks like new. They are fantastic grills. Since the switch to ceramics, I remain shocked how much more charcoal they use, even though it is still not much in the scheme of things.
  2. Hot Dogs for dinner. Slotdog "success" percentage is about 50/50, still trying to figure this out. The ones that work well are fantastic.
  3. This is a process that I can understand is intimidating at first, but gets easier the more you do it and at least here now seems completely routine. Everything feels loose and uncertain, and then it locks together and works perfectly until I take it apart the next time. Get cooking and see how it goes.
  4. Great job, great recommendation, and far cheaper than the raw cedar alone that I specced out to make to a Jr stand.
  5. Welcome! I started with an Akorn, then got a second when I was killing time between a wedding a reception and found one at the local Walmart for $89 (look in the late summer). That led to a full kamado addiction and now I have 18" and 24" ceramics with the Akorns spread around to friends that liked the cooking coming from here. The knowledge on this forum is unreal, so many fun things to try and "can't mess it up" instructions.
  6. Yum! What a neat way to cook that too. I feel like we have gyro meat down to a science here, but I really need to get working on this!
  7. Greetings from the end of the turnpike! As far as Snap-On giveaways, a kamado is is a great score! Lucky way to learn that you are into kamados too! There are so many awesome recipes and ideas on this site it can keep you busy for ages.
  8. I routinely do 16 hour ~225f cooks and I have never had to refill a full charcoal basket in an Akorn or KJ. The ceramics to use a lot more charcoal than the Akorns, but it is still nothing in comparison to any other type of charcoal grill. It is shocking at first but then it becomes what you are used to. When I started out, I did a couple of empty burns with a thermometer to get an idea of when I would need to replenish, the answer was I would not need to. The rare times I use our Weber now, I am astonished by how much charcoal it uses and how much ash I have to dump.
  9. We tried the Tajin shrimp tonight. So easy, really a flavor pop. I think I would use a little less seasoning next time, but yum! Enjoyed with corn from the grill seasoned with Tajin and lime juice and prosciutto wrapped asparagus.
  10. There is an ocean between what I wrote which is, "if you make this I would buy it", and what you seem to be rebutting which is, "I expect this to be available and feel entitled to it". If there is no market, fine. Life goes on. I find that mentioning things I would purchase in a non-pushy manner is sometimes helpful to manufacturers. These days, even 15a 120v AC with no noise and no emissions is easy. At this point, I almost wish manufacturers of powered specialty items would include either a generic 18v DC positive and negative lead to run from a tool battery or a 120v AC option to run from an inverter instead of yet another proprietary battery system. EDIT: Quote did not link
  11. It always stinks when something comes banged up. My advice is cook on. My first DoJoe cook I SLAMMED my pizza peel rivet on the edge of the bottom lip, ding one. The DoJoe is made of aluminum. When there is a chip off of the coating, a little layer of aluminum oxide will form and essentially protect the underlying aluminum in this application. Nothing like steel.
  12. Welcome! Fantastic that you have been served so we'll by your kamado for so long! There is an almost limitless library of recipes to try here, keep you busy for another 2500 cooks.
  13. Yum! Some of both please! I have never used (edit for autocorrect) Tajin on shrimp but that looks amazing. There was just a NYT writeup about Tajin with some good ideas too. Going to have to have a theme night!
  14. Would it be possible to have some kind of moderated event form upload to the "community calendar"?
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