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  1. Baltimore roof decks are about as jealous as I get about housing. I have some friends with amazing spaces and views that are also almost completely private. I grill on my Trex deck (that is not above my house) more or less without worry but I get it. You can install some amazing concrete anchors, but nothing will be "theft proof". Good luck with what you decide!
  2. gotzero


    My goodness this recipe was delicious. Easy way to make a super tasty meal. Thanks!
  3. There are entire categories of restaurants we will not bother with anymore because we can destroy them at home in cost and quality, usually without a lot of work. The most obvious example is the steakhouse. There are also categories where either through sheer variety, complexity, or some other high base cost that we cannot compete with. These include sushi, many Asian and Indian themed restaurants (we can make any one or two of these dishes on offer, but we can go to a restaurant and order ten small dishes), and taco stands (I don't understand why but I just can't hang). The border cases are the things we can do just as well but others do differently or allow us to totally kick back. Tonight, we are going to a yakitori restaurant. Can I beat it? Yup. Am I going to put that aside and have a totally relaxed time with my spouse and our friends and enjoy myself? Yup. I have tiny kids, so for family dinners, "ambiance" is out the window for now. One of our favorite places to eat out right now is a Mexican place with plastic on the booths, HIGH walls between booths, and a mariachi band. I can more or less look at my older kid and say, "enjoy yourself and do your worst". This also serves a purpose, but it would never be a "date night" place. The area where I realize I am getting really "snobby" is ingredient sourcing. I could go to an average nice grocery store and up my nose at every piece of beef on offer. I am totally and happily spoiled by whole beef buys, primal cuts from RD and Costco, and our local butcher and fishmonger. During the sunny months, we grow a lot of food which spoils me for the rest of the year.
  4. Welcome, I grew up in Southern Illinois, went back a few years ago, astonished, to find a wine industry! I miss the seemingly limitless catfish and bluegill. Enjoy the KJ, they are amazing grills!
  5. We tried out the DoJoe tonight with success. I am glad I ordered it, I look forward to really learning it. With one cook down, I am a big fan. Being able to see the pies cook is fantastic, I just do not know exactly what I am looking at yet. It was fun to see the light coming through the vent holes. Here are four pizzas (left to right, top to bottom) at 3, 4, 5, and 6 minutes at about 625 degrees on the dome. They range from not done enough to very overdone. The two middle ones were great, but I am going to aim for 550 degrees next time with this dough. The bottom cooked well before the top. It turns out, Joetisserie temperatures here are much lower than tonight's DoJoe cook. My "remove it with welding gloves and shut the grill down" experient did not end well. I was glad to still be over the grill when my fingers alerted me it was not intelligent. I also managed to completely tear off my lower gasket (although I think 99% of this happened within a month of ordering the grill. I am picking up some copper/silicone gasket sealer tomorrow and will give that a try since it appears the fiberglass actual gasket is still completely good to go.
  6. Not cooking yet, but this seems awesome. It is the size of a bus and I am impressed with how well everything fits together. I also had a minivan hitch arrive today and the box with the kamado parts was almost as big. The pizza stone came in a separate retail box. I already had one, so hopefully in the future they sell a version without for a little less money. Another perfect transaction from Atlanta grill company.
  7. I am getting more and more interested in the idea of a 1300.
  8. The DoJoe is "expensive", meaning "not cheap", but I do not think it is "overpriced", considering the largest dimension of the cast for the Big Joe version is probably in excess of 30" and it weighs something like 10lbs.
  9. I use an extra Akorn Jr cover for the Joe Jr, fits almost perfectly.
  10. Enjoy! The Jr is my least used but probably most loved KJ. I think of them as Miata, Camry, and Minivan. Most of the time I am using the others, but the responsiveness of the little one is impossible to replicate in anything else. Here, ours pulls travel and searing machine duty, but it could easily do everything.
  11. Looks fantastic! We often get salmon and make it with pesto butter, delicious and easy to do. This makes me want to ask for trout next time I visit out seafood shop. I need to get in the habit of putting sides under the main protein during cooks.
  12. I did a deep clean of my Big Joe this weekend including removing and cleaning every part of the firebox (an aside, I was shocked by how much Ash was hiding behind and under panels). My metal retaining ring was easily as warped as the pictures in this thread. I was just as surprised when I put everything back together and it all lined up perfectly. Going from empty bottom half to fully assembled and flat firebox was probably a two minute process. I put each piece of the firebox in loosely, put on the metal ring, and then used the hole in each piece to pull inward and lock in the ring. Reassembled, everything is just fine.
  13. As Never L8 4 chow mentioned, I am more interested in being comfortable going to bed after dinner, etc. In all, I am just looking forward to getting my hands on this thing. On the deck cooking NoJoe pizzas right now!
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