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  1. gotzero

    Konro Scallops

    I wondered. I did not have any of the shells around. You may have been why I ordered Robata. So much stuff has come into the house lately I can hardly keep track... Have a great vacation!
  2. gotzero

    Blackstone cooking

    Addicting is right. Added a $50 17" this spring which for the summers is living where we swim and then got a 22" with the legs as the "portable".
  3. gotzero

    Konro Scallops

    We did scallops this weekend, on skewers with light olive oil, salt, and pepper with a sauce added after the cook. The entire experience was awesome, so much so that I took no pictures. I ordered the book "Robata" that has a lot of seafood ideas. Looking forward to exploring!
  4. gotzero

    Blackstone cooking

    Awesome cooks! I got a 36" one on clearance last fall figuring I would give it a try. I have cooked 51 dinners on it since, actually more than on Kamados. I not want to be without one again, and I imagine they will get more and more popular.
  5. I do this fairly often now. You have absolute confidence all the meat is cooked perfectly, and you can essentially sear by sight and bring a huge plate of steaks back inside in 5-10 minutes.
  6. I decided I was entering every challenge in 2018. I imagine June and July will be the toughest since we have an addition to the family due any day. I got a kamado pizza cook in this week and now I am set until the end of July. Made it half a year! Homemade dough, nothing special but set up for high temp. I could not locate any fire bricks in the summer, so I used a Joe Jr indirect rack to get a pizza stone high up in the Big Joe as recommended by KK. Aimed for 550 cook temp, actually got a little less than 500, still figuring out exactly how to control the temps I want at the higher temperatures. The crust did not brown as much as I like but it tasted great. Topped with serrano ham, artichokes, onion seeds, and basil from the garden (after cooking). Cooked four minutes, rotated 180 degrees, cooked another four minutes. The Jr has only had one cook and apparently had a little moisture issue so I learned how to do a cleanout burn while making pizza. Easy to turn it into a rocket stove!
  7. gotzero

    Georgia Kamado Joe Owner Here

    Welcome! The kamado/griddle combo changed the game for my cooking.
  8. gotzero

    Decent Blueberry Crop This Year

    Awesome! Weird weather this year, but our garden is starting to fill out. Looking forward to moving beyond lettuce!
  9. gotzero

    Special Meal Ideas?

    FWIW, we have served a tuna "appetizer" in thin slices at the same meal because it cooks on the exact same setup. I cook "sushi grade" tuna the exact same way (w/o the sous vide step). Salt and pepper, a little ghee (used to use olive oil), and a super quick sear on a plancha as hot as I can make it. The inside stays cold. This is even easier to do but not everyone is into "raw" fish.
  10. gotzero

    Special Meal Ideas?

    Since you have a sous vide but not necessarily a couple days, when I cook for a big group and it has to be nice and fast and easy I do the following: Get a nice beef tenderloin (you might need two), cut middle into nice thick filet mignons, sous vide rare/med rare (you could do this in advance if you wanted), sear each side with salt/pepper/ghee for 45 seconds on a nice hot plancha. It is super easy to cook, easy to cut and eat (meaning non-adventurous eaters are likely to be comfortable and happy), provides a manageable portion for everyone, and is an easily identified and seemingly universally adored cut of meat. It also leaves you "gone" cooking for about five minutes. Add a vegetable or two and you are off to the races. Downside is it is not cheap. Not the best picture, but this was a weeknight filet cook that was received super well. FWIW, this is what I plan to do for father's day because everyone adores it and it is super easy.
  11. gotzero

    Tandoori Masala

    Looks awesome! We make a version of this and I love it.
  12. gotzero

    Margherita-heim Pizza

    Looks good! I am going to blatantly copy this setup on the big joe. In addition to getting higher, it will allow more square inches of air opening after the deflector.
  13. gotzero

    Hot Dog Weave

    It seems like a real stretch for hot dogs... 99% of the satisfaction I got from the Prime grade was from joking about how great dinner was going to be with my wife. We get some Prime primals once in awhile and they are fantastic, I think she showed up to the table thinking that has supposed to happen. I used to think ground beef was ground beef, but when I started doing whole beef buys and ended up with dry aged ground beef it was on another level for hamburgers. I suppose the same could be true for hot dogs. I may see if I can divert five pounds of dry-aged goodness to hot dogs next time.
  14. gotzero

    Hot Dog Weave

    Just to make sure proper attribution is made, everything but the kamado and the stars came right from: https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/pretzel-woven-hot-dogs/f2dc00ad-a2b3-4b5e-8f58-00a557772ce4 I was at a loss about a non-bacon weave and I am blown away by the creativity in some of the other entries.
  15. With May quickly moving on, I realized I was out of days at home for the month. I decided to do a hot dog weave. At the store I noticed there were graded "Prime Beef" hot dogs. Normally I would stay away from such nonsense, but I bit today on sale, and made a point of joking with my wife that were having "prime beef" for dinner. She did not seem amused when she found out it was hot dogs. I would not buy these at full price and it does not have anything to do with rib grading, but these were delicious hot dogs. I am going to try some more of the uncured versions. When I showed my daughter a the weave she said it looked like the American flag (we talked about Memorial Day today) and she said we should try and make stars. If this had been in mind from the beginning, I would have done some things differently. Blue stars were considered perfect by the preschool set. Time to cook. I figured I would use mighty hot dogs as the testing ground for the Walmart Western Lump mentioned on this site. I am going to get a lot more. Did corn on the Akorn cooked direct and the hot dogs on a full size baking sheet (which fits!) indirect in the big joe. Both were done in about 25 minutes. I can control the Akorn like a toaster oven, still learning the big joe. Some of the dough had trouble following directions, but there was more or less a hot dog weave. Next time I think I want a little more heat and a little less time. Plated with corn and enjoyed by a hungry family. Reviews were surprisingly good and the taste was fantastic, but when I do this again it will be normal pretzel dogs (which I have not made before but would be very willing to do now). I think spreading and cutting the dough the same way would be perfect but I would wrap in a helix around each hot dog. Five months down...