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  1. gotzero

    Peri Peri Roti Chicken

    Yum! "Roti" is a delicious type of bread, so not exactly what I expected from the title. Regardless, the chicken looks fantastic.
  2. gotzero

    KJ Classic II Amazon Deal of the Day

    Normally, I would have pulled the trigger on this immediately and rounded out the collection. But, we were just notified this week of some huge unanticipated expenses. Oh well...
  3. gotzero

    Couple of good books

    Ordered. Thanks!
  4. May smoke some appetizers, but the main event will be some REALLY nice beef cooked in sous vide and then seared in ghee on a hot kamado based plancha.
  5. gotzero

    Hello from the snowy Okanogan Highlands

    Welcome! With all of your experience it sounds like you will have a lot to add. I have an Akorn Jr and love it!
  6. gotzero

    Pulled Pork..... Loin????

    I get it. I made sodium free "bacon" this weekend to try and get our family's hot breakfast sandwiches as healthy as possible. No acute medical issue for us, but I totally get trying to make things healthier. I obsessively pick the chunks of fat out of pulled pork, the end result is as good/better to me.
  7. gotzero

    Best homemade pizza yet....

    Looks great! I did not know there were black 2017- KJs, I wish they had been available when I bought.
  8. gotzero

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    HMart is the same here, that was just the closest thing that came up when I searched. Greater Atlanta likely has anything you want somewhere. I feel so lucky with our local options and when needed we are surrounded by the big cities. Most of my yakitori effort goes into cutting, skewering, and tare. I am having the time of my life.
  9. gotzero

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    Sounds like you already know the lay of the land, but I do recommend the "bring a book and point" approach. My local Asian grocer has almost every chicken part I could imagine divided up and packaged (you are right they do not waste ANYTHING). Container of hearts, neck, skin, any normal cut, whatever, all ready for purchase. I had to ask them to package up a container of "main artery" but they did not act like it was any kind of abnormal request. One night, my wife and I got a babysitter, went to the big Asian market, and slow walked every aisle and made ourselves a spreadsheet of where everything we might want was located. As far as I can tell, it is practically randomly organized but it does not seem to really change. I would love to hear your opinions about any of the other books! I am hoping to pick up "Chicken Genius" but it does not seem like the book actually exists yet.
  10. gotzero

    Belated Thanksgiving Post

    The chickens that cook about 60-75 minutes seem to do fine "direct" under the coals (there is also more space between the coals and the meat because the chickens are smaller). The physically larger (closer to coals) and longer cooking turkeys seemed to really benefit from the charcoal basket divider and the drip plate. I was blown away by how this bird ended up looking and tasting, but my family talked about it and decided we would all prefer dry aged ribeye or the Costco prime grade tenderloins for holidays (both of which with sous vide and a cast iron griddle are dead simple and fast to cook). That said, if we have guests that want turkey, I am simply going to try and repeat this in the future. I am in love with the Cabela's Tequila Lime seasoning for birds, even though it does not look or smell particularly good out of the shaker.
  11. gotzero

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    I am already obsessed about constant yakitori quality improvement so I viewed the book as a HUGE win. I have gone nuts, sourcing different types of skewers, ordering special chickens, etc. Do you have an Asian grocery you like? I am very lucky to be surrounded places that either have or can get anything. I have the English translation of the book "Sushi Chef Sukiyabashi Jiro" and I sometimes take it to my favorite Asian fish market and point at pictures and then the special order comes a few days later. I could see doing the same with this book, but so far I was primarily interested in the chicken prep and skewering. A quick search would lead me to recommend HMart in John's Creek if you haven't been. It looks like that one even has parking, an impossible luxury here!
  12. gotzero

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    This time of year near me reatilers seem to blow out small grills. You might be surprised what you can find at Walmarts or home stores. I ended up with a car full of Akorn Jr's about a year ago.
  13. gotzero

    Belated Thanksgiving Post

    Based on the breast to rest of turkey ratio, I am not sure it was a heritage breed. However, it was super tasty. If that remains the best turkey I ever make, I will be happy. Yes, the lid was closed. Cooked for four and a half hours between 300 and 350 mostly indirect due to foil.
  14. I ordered a local "heritage" turkey from a farm I love, I ordered size "small" expecting about 14 lbs, but when I went to pick up I received a 23lb monster. I loosely followed @daininpd 's turkey rotisserie advice, stuffing the bird with cut up lemons, limes, and oranges, and rubbed the outside with Cabela's Tequila Lime seasoning and then smoked with apple wood mostly "indirect" since I had a tray under virtually all of the bird. I am so thankful for all of the tips and advice on this forum. Turkey ended up looking and tasting fantastic!
  15. Nice to see someone get started based on a tip on here! Enjoy, I still love my Akorn, especially in the winter when I realize just how charcoal-sipping it is!