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  1. Preordered. I look forward to seeing the recipes that show up on here and contributing some.
  2. I am glad that the timing and weather worked out for this. These days, the most common use of my Performer is to light charcoal chimneys. I started the relatively complex Marabu lighting process and then went in to prep. Inside, I wrapped asparagus in Westphalian ham, halved avocados... ...butterflied chicken wing flats (this makes them into a perfect consistent width meat rectangle and they are glorious)... ...sliced the uncooked leftover portion from our Prime grade beef tenderloin roast...
  3. Whoa. I had no idea this existed. I love our Anova and I am intrigued by this idea. More than anything, I am increasingly frustrated that I have two huge built in ovens occupying a 220v circuit that are at this point useless to my family. We use the bottom oven to store kamado accessories. I am going to read some more about this and then may get in the group six pre order.
  4. Great video! Everything I see about this makes me happier that I have one on the way. My preorder had a shipping issue but I hope it is all resolved in the next few days. I agree that it would likely be rare to use the flipkit but I am super happy to have the split grates. We are not going anywhere any time soon so this is an "excited for the future" purchase for me, but I look forward to learning on it from the house!
  5. I am excited to get mine.
  6. I preordered the new iteration of the PKGO and I am super excited about it (more for a post-distanced future). I plan to quickly weld up a way to get some kind of diffuser plate in there. If I can make that work the Akorn Jr will probably be largely retired from portable duty. While the Akorn Jr can run ultralong low and slow cooks, it just was not the way I used it traveling, and I think the PKGO has the potential to do everything I did do better.
  7. One of my biggest misunderstandings about the COVID-19 shutdowns was that I thought I would barbecue more. Turns out we are so busy it is my low point cooking outside, I am also dealing with problems from infrequent cooks and weather. I use my KJs year round, summer heat or winter snow. If you cook on them once a week or more and cover them when you are not using them temperature does not make a difference. That said, I had an abnormal failed cook this week, trying to get my Big Joe up to temp after a couple of weeks uncovered with a lot of strong and sideways rain. Mine was so wat
  8. Might be time to weld up some kind of diffuser holder almost at the midpoint and a grate maybe a little higher than the one that comes with it. If I can say anything in advance about this winter, it will be that we will be home and have the time!
  9. That hit me the right way, and it is a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. Since I am so "hard to shop for" that is a super easy ask for the Christmas list. EDIT: I did not last long, I preordered. Since we are not traveling or entertaining any time soon, I might wrap it and give it to myself from a family member at Zoom Christmas (I still get the grill and it will be amusing for some relative). I adore my Lodge Sportsman's grill, and this seems to be that but probably easier to regulate bottom airflow (plus a lid!), bigger (and even then 2x bigger wi
  10. Ken Forkish same day pizza dough, which we have made just about every 48-72 hours during our stay at home. We use it for everything from pizza to things I am embarrassed to admit for feeding kids in a pinch. One of my biggest work-from-home errors was the assumption we would BBQ more. We are so swamped between work and managing online school that I can go weeks without cooking outside. :(
  11. I had no idea what does into this. Wow! Great job!
  12. Yum! Separately, I would love to be able to make good naan or roti at home but it just has not happened for me.
  13. Tonight Out of the blue I got hit with, "well, it is the last day of the month, what random thing are we eating for dinner?". September 30th is a crazy busy time for us, so there was never going to be an elaborate meal. I thought about the requirements, what was easy to do, and also our family favorites. We decided to make garlic knots and make them as a family, it was an easy meal, and truly wonderful to put the keyboards and phones down for an hour and all spend time together. Start with dough cut up into small pieces. Next, just make them long enough to
  14. In the running for worst challenge cook ever. I made tofu again. You can see the first headache here: This time I did everything a little better, and I bought a real tofu press which made a huge difference. I pan fried the pieces, broiled them for a few minutes to dry out, and then finished them on the konro with tare sauce during our first (very socially distanced) entertaining since March. I *thought* I took pictures but they are not on my phone. I present my entry of worst challenge cook pic. I would award myself no points:
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