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  1. gotzero

    New addition to the neighbourhood

    Welcome! There is so much information here, take advantage! Look forward to seeing your cooks (and Dutch kamado).
  2. gotzero

    Is there a wing basket for joetisserie?

    I bought a cheap non-branded one on Amazon, works perfectly. There are plenty of choices out there.
  3. I am using the Lodge carbon steel pans indoors and if it was up to me I would happily throw out all but one our non-stick pans. The only advantage to the non-stick pans is more even heating from a burner, I feel the seasoned carbon steel are just as slick with food. However, learning the pans, I am starting to appreciate the less even heating for a lot of cooking, learning to moves things form the center to the periphery and back to control cooking time. I view the carbon steel pans as tuning our non-stick ones into specialty items the same way the kamado and toaster oven turned our ovens in rarely used appliances.
  4. gotzero

    Kamado Joe Coming in 3 Days !

    Welcome! I really enjoyed doing spatchcocked chicken and turkey until I got a Joetisserie, which took things to another level. I am already salivating waiting for our heritage breed monster to be ready for Thanksgiving so I can rotisserie it this year. You are going to lose some (vertical) capacity but make up for it with versatility. Wait until you see the kind of steak sear you can get when HOT. You also get a huge increase in consistency. I do a lot of weekend overnight smokes and I cannot remember the last time I had a temperature alarm go off.
  5. gotzero

    Universal Yums

    That is wonderful. I have an almost automatic hatred of "_____ of the month", but that is a really great concept. I am thinking my older child is just about the right age to start that and may try it for us. That just went to the front of the line here for gift ideas for adventurous kids, we are always looking for things with some kind of cultural/learning/fun component instead of the latest trendy toy.... EDIT: The UK month specifically takes me back to my times in London, where I ate a higher rate of potato chips than anywhere else in the world. The flavors were a hoot.
  6. gotzero

    Search For A New Forum Begins

    Winter is holding off at least for now. We needed to pass the hat around to keep this site up and running instead of transitioning to Facebook, easy decision for me.
  7. gotzero

    Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle

    That base system is awesome, I could see ending up with one at some point. Right now, the Akorn Jr and small griddle (along with DeWalt tough system trolley, cooler, and radio) have combined to make a killer portable system for us. I am more comfortable cooking in a park now than I was cooking at home two years ago.
  8. gotzero

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    The same thing happened at our house. I told my spouse I was bummed it was going to shut down and her reaction was, "the site where you learned to make all of the delicious food!?!". I would not be surprised if she makes her own donation. There is so much value here. Thank you for being willing to listen to those hoping to keep it around, I hope we come through for you in a big way. As others have said, I am happy to make recurring donations as needed. Time spent here has been so much more productive and satisfying than some other ways I could spend my leisure time and I hope it and I stick around for a long while.
  9. gotzero

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    Thanks! I am a huge David Chang fan, and about this one thing I can say that I believe I have the same equipment (but not the same skill)! If you end up in NYC again, I strongly recommend Yakitori Torishin.
  10. I PPed what I remember as the lifetime membership amount whether the forum remains or not. I wanted to do it awhile ago and was lost looking for the link. Having to ask for support is never fun, let's make sure it doesn't have to happen again for awhile! Thanks for an awesome, informative, clean, well-administered and moderated forum that changed my family's life for the better. In the past twelve months, I cooked outside 154 days (yes I keep track now). Last night, I had nine people between the ages of 0 and 72 sitting outside around a barbecue for three hours loving life. I would not have had that experience and many others without this forum and the things I learned here.
  11. gotzero

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    Aramaru binchotan. I cannot tell the difference between it an the Marabu (which reminds me I need to order more). When we are done with a konro cook, I use a griddle scraper to get the coals in a metal bowl, and then put the bowl in my extra sealed Akorn to snuff them out. I am amazed how well that works for repeat use and it allows me to put the konro back in the basement the same night.
  12. Sunday dinner this week was yakitori for 8 people. We got the vegetables (shi####os, several types of onions and leeks, daikons, etc) from Suzuki Farms, a Japanese vegetable farm in Delmar, DE, and REALLY nice chicken. We were entertaining some family friends from Japan and figured we would go all out on enthusiasm. We had a fantastic time. Special thanks to ckreef for encouraging me to get on the Konro waiting list! This is I dinner I never would have had the desire or equipment to make without Kamado Guru. Prepped skewers: First was serrano wrapped asparagus: Tsukune (by the time I found the right butcher, things went from "no we do not have ground chicken" to "would you like light or dark ground chicken?"), a simple recipe and an instant favorite here, even the little ones liked it (next time I am going to parboil to try and stiffen them up before they go on the grill, you can see some skewer realignment): Thigh and shi####o peppers: Heart: Butterflied wing flats: And finally, thigh and scallion:
  13. gotzero

    Yakitori Sunday

    Looks great! We are having a similar dinner here this evening, looking forward to it.
  14. Passionate non-facebook user here. Would be happy to see donation link reactivate for this site, I have learned so much and would be happy to contribute. No matter what, thanks for it ever existing!
  15. gotzero

    Who needs an oven?

    My bottom oven holds grill accessories. The top one is used to sometimes warm food and bake in the winter. We do have a toaster oven that gets used daily for everything from breakfasts to frozen pizzas. At least for me, kamados essentially replaced our ovens. I am sure charcoal is more expensive than 220v, but the kamados are more fun, taste better, and have zero chance of heating or smelling up the house. My house is sealed so well that vent fans are not super helpful, so the general transition to outside is fantastic.