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  1. I have done it. Long cook at about 500, results tasted excellent.
  2. Thanks. I often will get something done early in the month to make sure I enter, and then wait and see if I come up with something else. This month I got swamped, and since nothing else happened today, this is it! I wanted to come up with a chorizo/queso fresco rotisserie meatloaf, but there are already two awesome entries like that.
  3. The holdup is finding a rack and pinion system that will work. If I do it, I want a four corner linked geared system opposed to the two posts and a cable. I thought those parts would be common and affordable for low precision, but that does not appear to be the case. I will continue looking. It has been so completely dry here I am scared to grill anything, let alone a wood fire.
  4. I don't have a pellet cooker yet, but a Traeger 1300 D2 is in the plans. The combination of simplicity and huge rectangular space is difficult to duplicate. The versatility and temperature range of the kamados is tough to beat, but there is a lot of room for complimentary cookers.
  5. Yum! Looks fantastic. I find that when the grease from chorizo is that color, you are going to have a good time.
  6. Yum! I wanted to do a chorizo and queso fresco rotisserie meatloaf but I ran out of time. What an awesome cook!
  7. I have stayed away from this type of grill. I have "no time" and little kids. However, between my idle Weber Performer and my renewed stainless welding capability, I am tempted. It seems to me that a stainless firebrick lined setup would only be a couple hundred dollars. I am so tempted. I really want to start our outdoor kitchen built-in a couple years early. The cook photos on this forum make me salivate.
  8. I was reserving the right for another cook, but looking at the calendar for this weekend it is not happening. This is it!
  9. I meant "Jersey" as in breed. It is a dairy breed. We have a local creamery that does not need lots of males.
  10. I like the doubled up deflectors. I do that a lot for indirect wing cooks now and find it really helps keep the bottom from burning.
  11. Wow, that is sure putting your money where your mouth is! As a business owner; you will have (many) lean times, you will also find a way to make it work. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!
  12. I think this depends heavily on source. We buy a "whole beef" every year from a local farm and split with friends. It is grass fed/grass finished, Jersey cattle, the male babies from our local ice creamery. Super small by beef cattle standards. By all accounts, it should not be ideal. It is absolutely fantastic. The farm that raises the beef watches everything, the butcher really knows what they are doing, and the dry age is usually 28 days. It has gotten to the point where I try to sneak other ground beef by my family and they ask what is different. There is certainly a nice amount of fat in ours. There is so much absurdity in claims, labeling, fake grading, etc, that my advice is find a source your trust and go from there. We have great luck with our local farm/butcher, Costco, and Restaurant Depot. I cannot remember the last time I bought beef at a conventional grocery store.
  13. My (polite) guess is an 1100 degree reading was on the charcoal, not the grate. I have amazing luck searing fish on a salt block. I run it as hot as I can (think jet exhaust out of the open top of a Kamado Joe Jr.), it never gets near 1100. My vote for how to do it is to cook as close to the coals as possible, but to cook "indirectly", in this case meaning on a griddle, salt, stone, etc. PS - that plate of food looks fantastic.
  14. I had a totally unproven idea in the works, but we are abnormally busy from tomorrow to the end of the month, so this is likely it for me. For football we decided to do gyros for lunch. We made so much and enjoyed the meal so much we had the same the dinner and the remainder already packed for lunches tomorrow. Yum! I got my gyro making start from this site, specifically this recipe: Most of the time, we roll our own very similar to the recipe provided by @Rak73 but today we were in a rush. By our standards, this was a pretty lazy recipe, but we used BJ's meatloaf mix, panko breadcrumbs (I could not find our normal one) and Lidl's absurdly good Gyro seasoning mix. Add some olive oil and we are off to the Cuisinart! After the disgusting process of emulsifying the mix and getting all of the air out, I was left with this, which went in the fridge while I made a griddle breakfast and we had a fantastic morning playing with the kids. After a few hours of cooling, it went to the kamado sitting at 375. These cooks create an absurd amount of smoke. I am so glad it is outside. After about 75 minutes, I opened the cauldron to this delicious looking and smelling sight: Sliced, thrown on a naan slice (I know...) with lettuce, onion, feta, and "tzatziki", which at our house is greek yogurt and the astonishingly good Lidl tzatziki seasoning. When Lidl has "greek week" I just walk to the spices and pick up entire cardboard sales boards. Not as perfect as when we go all out from the basics, but it is fantastically delicious and easy to do. The game did not go the way we wanted, but there was no complaining about the food from toddlers to seniors.
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