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  1. In the running for worst challenge cook ever. I made tofu again. You can see the first headache here: This time I did everything a little better, and I bought a real tofu press which made a huge difference. I pan fried the pieces, broiled them for a few minutes to dry out, and then finished them on the konro with tare sauce during our first (very socially distanced) entertaining since March. I *thought* I took pictures but they are not on my phone. I present my entry of worst challenge cook pic. I would award myself no points:
  2. Looks awesome! We canned ours last weekend. We had a direct hit from nature that flattened most of our garden so canned and looking forward to next year (other than the shi####os, that are apparently the honey badger of peppers).
  3. John, I would be thrilled to donate to your WCK effort, is there a way to do this for the facebookless?
  4. I have two sizes of DoJoe, and both have chips after my pizza peel assaults. Aluminum oxide takes over almost instantly and life goes on. The worst that comes off of those coatings is not going to hold a candle to the composition of 304 stainless which we all cook our food on perfectly happily. I don't think there is a perfect way to coat high temp aluminum BBQ parts, and the KJ way actually works pretty well without seemingly vaporizing harmful coatings. FWIW, on my control towers, I am ready for some chipping! Those things get sticky! On the other side, as a small business owner
  5. In case the rest of the month gets away from me, here is a "five" ingredient two kamado cook. To begin, I cut up some chicken wings (one), dried them off, and then covered them in baking powder (two) and rub (does not count). While those sat in the refrigerator, I picked some shi####os (three) from the garden, washed them, and let them dry in the sun while I lit kamados. Cook wings. Cook shi####os. After everything is off of heat, add soy glaze (four) and sesame seeds (five) to the
  6. Based on some of the unholy things we have done to "sushi" in this house, I am all for this. Fantastic cook! An aside, I had a job in rural Alabama for a couple of years. There was one good sushi restaurant, and when on site, I would go almost every other day. They loved me because I ate everything. I never tried it, but their number one seller was the fried chicken roll, apparently the gateway drug of sushi. I imagine spam occupying this role in other areas of the world.
  7. Awesome! My neighbor recently finished a second building for his Corvette collection. He is refusing to say which C8 is on order, but I cannot wait to see the monster that arrives. My oldest asked me once why we did not have cool cars like that and I was tempted to reply, "you!". It will be a long while, but I imagine I will own a C8 at some point. It checks too many boxes for the long dormant gearhead in me. In the meantime, our supercar remains our minivan.
  8. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would DIY this unless under duress or if it is an important family tradition or something. There are a number of recipes on the Internet (I found and followed them) talking about how simple/pleasant/rewarding making your own tofu can be. I did not get this feeling by the time I was done... Per most of the challenge cooks, I did something I would never have done otherwise, learned some things, and laughed (mostly at myself).
  9. I saw this at our local BJ's too. If they do a similar sale with the charcoal, I will back up the truck!
  10. Entertaining? I remember that! At the house we have 14", 18" and 24" kamados, a Weber Performer, and a 36" Blackstone griddle. I use the Weber the least by far (not yet used in 2020) and the Blackstone the most by far (weeknight dinner and weekend breakfast go-to). Of the kamados, I use the 18" the most and the 14" the least. The 24" does all of my briskets and ribs and turkeys. I am glad I have it but a vast majority of my cooking is done on the 18". @John Setzler's recommendation of second 18" kamado is spot on as your accessories will work for both. For
  11. Originally for the challenge I wanted to make my favorite salad with all of the ingredients from my garden, and make tofu as a part of that. When I realized the garden was a no no, I thought I would stick with tofu. I found an "easy" recipe, got some dried beans and coagulant, and then put it out of my mind because there was so much time left. Yesterday, I realized the month was ending and I got started. Thankfully I did not wait until today... Step one is to take dried soybeans and soak them in water overnight. "Wait overnight" seemed like the fastest and most exciting step o
  12. What a bummer! I am surprised how local things are. Give the peppers are little time. Ten days ago I was thinking things were slow and I was wondering about this year, now we are eating them.
  13. Late to the party, but now that I have the plasma cutter dialed in, next will be the Jr Rotisserie thread! For my trial I kept the shelf in the original place and stabilized with 2x4s. Jr is not going anywhere. I need to get some Ikea stain when going on an elective shopping trip is a thing again. I could not be bothered to get the big saws out so I did this with a circular saw. If I like it, I will probably redo it with accurate cuts.
  14. A combination of the weather and being home every day is really something. My lawn looks like a golf course just from being able to fertilize with the precision of a farmer and mowing every couple of days. We added 2,500sqft to the fenced in back yard and reclaimed an additional 2,000sqft of wooded ground with 30 cuyds of mulch. That does not even get to the garden. Being able to be out there at the right time, even ten minutes a day, is a game changer. Broccoli? From home. Kale? From home. Basil? Sweet, Purple, or Thai? Strawberries? My kids pick and eat. Mint? I wish I knew I BB
  15. Keeping things simple around here with both ingredients and cooks, but I at least did this and took pictures of it in May! It is still easy to get whole chickens so we are having whole chickens quite a bit. Using the rotisserie much more than usual. One nice thing about working from home is it is easy to do early afternoon preheats. Whole chicken goes on and back to work: Then green beans covered in honey, soy, and chili pepper: Everything ready for dinner: And then the rest of the
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