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  1. Got up early this morning to put on some ribs in time for football. Apple wood, honey hog hot rub, and sriracha garlic sauce at four hours. These days, I am running ribs for four hours uncovered, brushing on one coat of sauce, and starting the bend test at 4.5 hours. So easy and absolutely loving the results.
  2. Whoa, yum! I am going to have to look up some videos to understand this. It reminds me of "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" where the chefs learned to do the rolled egg for years.
  3. Cool! I am happy any time any kamado gets more capability. Amazing the things I can do that were not out there ten or even two years ago. Our latest (non-BBQ) patent went pending about two years ago. Still being litigated and not looking promising. Hope yours is faster!
  4. That is a gloriously uncomplicated and genius vertical skewer technique. Make sure to get a heated pic next time!
  5. I would make a custom blend rub to be sure, since "spices" in an ingredients list can often include black or white pepper.
  6. Thanks. This was a fun project for me with lots of prior art out there. Ceramic grill store is going to have one, I just did not think their design would be ideal for how I wanted to cook. I hope others make more options too. Every time anyone adds a capability to a kamado is a happy day for me. The total cost/complication to get a serviceable SS welding setup for backyard BBQ tinkering quality has become so much more accessible, and I hope to see lots of ideas flowing around in the future. Now I am onto working on the geometry to get rings made for a Jr sized rotisserie.
  7. Smoking more peppers. Shi####os on the top, jalapeños on the bottom.
  8. I find that when I take peppers off the kamado there is still a lot of moisture. a few days in the air gets things bone dry and then I grind. Doing more today!
  9. Tried again today. Added more heat, skinned drumsticks, cut of the bone end on most of them. I think I have this dialed in and I am thrilled.
  10. I do not have a Timberline yet, but I agree with the others. The big attraction to me is the ease and the massive rectangular space. The second I can find a dealer in my state so I am not paying tax or shipping and I will probably break. I was at the beach today looking at a big dealer but no timberlines... It would not replace my kamados but it would get me cooking outside more and providing bigger cooks. On an empty patio, a pellet Joe is probably an awesome idea, but sitting here with the charcoal ones available, I do not see a role.
  11. I have two big Joe deflectors I have put through crazy situations for 1.5 years, no issues. I have a big Joe pizza stone I certainly misused, it split, virtually down the middle. I have classic deflectors I have treated very well, and with the smallest love tap, one cracked within a couple months of ownership. I ordered another pair, and if needed, I will make steel sheet bases for them. Sometimes, you just get unlucky. I hope you get a replacement fast and get some awesome cooks in!
  12. I would love a tandoor, pretty much for this purpose. I think if you heat soaked enough and were very gentle with closing, you could get away with on a kamado dome. However, I do so much smoking in mine that the surface does not seem ideal.
  13. I gave it a try. This is something that is going to requite a lot of tinkering to get perfect. The evening before the cook, I went to the Indian grocery and picked up the good stuff, including bright red "kashmiri chili powder". Everything went in a bowl with some yogurt: Mixed together: And put in a bag with a nice big pack of drumsticks to spend a night in the fridge as science food: For dinner time tonight I put the chicken on skewers with my custom "do not fall into the charcoal" system: I heated up the kamado to 500f and let it heat soak for a nice long time, and then got cooking. Here is zero minutes: And here is ten minutes where I thought I might be removing chicken (little did I know). One look and I liked where things were heading, but there was no way these were close to done. 20 minutes. Checked again. Chicken was looking better but instant thermometer told me I was not close: 30 minutes. Now things are looking awesome, smelling good, temps are starting to read right: Took everything off, plated, served to family, and dug in. The kids loved it, I think because it was really bland. My spouse enjoyed it, because it was not spicy. I was left wanting a lot more. I looked perfect, smelled good, and tasted like there was a lot to be desired even though nothing was "wrong". Next time, I am going to add stronger chilis and garlic (I left both out to not blow my family away before I knew what I was doing), and cook at a higher temperature to get cook time down. The yogurt marinades can clearly do some amazing things, and I look forward to getting my recipe dialed in and then doing this with chicken, veggies, etc. I cooked 5lbs of drumsticks and was not even close to capacity for this setup.
  14. Yum! I would not have thought of fish for this, but it looks awesome!
  15. Made ribs yesterday. Gave John's Pork Mojo rub a try. Yum!
  16. I use a propane torch to light. Super fast and easy. Firestarters work fine but they are slow. Propane gets things going fast and is super reliable. I cook on kamados a lot and can get years out of a 1lb bottle lighting charcoal. If you have real MAPP gas, please save it for things where you need the heat. I am all out here and bummed about it, assumed I would always be able to get more!
  17. This thread and many others gave me the motivation to finally build my tandoor ring. Cannot wait to join the party!
  18. I have been threading to do this for ages, but the arrival of a full supermarket sized Indian only grocery store (actually vegetarian Indian only...) motivated me. I can now get any Indian spice I want and that is turning a lot of gears. I recently got set up to weld stainless steel outside, an awesome capability to have for barbecue tinkering. A ring bender and a whole bunch of 304 1/4" round stainless later and I was able to start mocking things up. Making a ring to fit in the divide and conquer rack is nice and easy, something I am going to keep in mind for other accessories. I measured everything several times, verified available space, did the geometry, and tacked everything together for a test fit, which was good because, it did not fit. I am not sure where I made my error, but the kamado would not close. I broke the tack welds, cut an inch off of each straight spacer, milled the cut ends concave again, and tried again. Now everything fit perfectly. Clearance with lid closed. Off to get all the right ingredients and then getting marinading. Look for results this week!
  19. gotzero

    Pellet Joe

    Hmm. On the one hand, a design like this might have legs because the newer insulating pellet cookers seem to work really well. On the other hand, the pellet options I am looking at are interesting to me because of massive rectangular grate space and absurd temperature holding ease (which is not highlighted in this video). This is probably a great idea for people that for whatever reason want to avoid charcoal, and as they show cooking a pizza and other high temp cooks, I imagine the ceramic once heated let's you get to temps that are not realistic with existing pellet options. Very likely not for me, but I think it is neat they are trying it.
  20. I hope you do. It was one of those things I found intimidating until I did it. Super easy, and absurdly good when you control freshness and production. Much of the time, I will ball it up and smoke the mixture in a kamado in a metal bowl. Today I needed fast. I know I did it right when I see the orange-red grease when I am done. Go for it. I find it so satisfying, rewarding, and easy. I cannot get red jalapenos anywhere I shop, but I can grow them easily every year. This year, the heat and dryness seem to be ideal, pepper yields are far ahead of what I measured in the past.
  21. I stem them, cut them open, smoke them for a good long time at a low temperature, and then air dry for a few days before grinding. I destroyed a batch today becuase I left the house and they ran away to about 300 for an hour or less and burnt to a crisp. 225 as long as you please is about perfect.
  22. It is a little late in the year for most fruit from our garden, but we have an abundance of peppers that will probably produce for another month of two. A few days ago, I started hickory smoking red ripe jalapeños to make chipotle powder. I am going to have a ton of these this year and I am very excited. Today, I added the ground chipotle powder with other herbs and spices and vinegar and then added this to ground pork to make chorizo. Off to the griddle to cook the meat. Once that was done, I mixed some more chipotle powder and heat-softened queso fresco together (which gives the cheese a nice color and kick), and then mixed that combination with chorizo. We have beautiful purple bell peppers that thought would make a great base for a stuffed pepper dish. In goes the chorizo and cheese combo, topped with taco cheese, and then off to the kamado for a little hickory smoke and some heat. I took out the peppers and discovered something surprising. I cooked off the purple! When I smoke green peppers, the color usually dulls quite a bit. When I smoked the purple skinned ones, the end result was a smoked pepper with a deep green color. Not what I expected, but really neat! Added some orange bell from the garden and a red jalapeño slice and then onto the plate. These were gone in an instant and I have enough chorizo to last through the long weekend of late rising family breakfasts. I am probably going to do a variant of this a lot during football season. I have no idea if this is possible, but I am going to start looking for purple jalapeños so I could smoke them and end up with the satisfying deep green.
  23. Challenge prep. Garden red ripe jalapenos (and also a small smoked red shi####o test that went REALLY well).
  24. Wow! I hung in there last time, look forward to giving it another try!
  25. Center punches are a great idea. Drilling a hole is usually less of an issue than drilling accurately, and the center punches/pilots will help with this. I am considering adding four adjustable casters like you posted to the Blackstone Pro Series. If you are worried about it, and the legs are magnetic, you could rent a mag drill (not worth buying for 8 holes). I just got the capability to weld stainless steel at home for the first time in ages. I joked with my spouse that I could now go from a grill consumer to grill producer. She was not amused. Look out for more posts in the DIY forum...
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