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  1. Awesome! That new 28" model with the 22" depth is fantastic. I had a few friends get them this holiday season, as the price/square inch/BTU combo was about perfect. We hosted Christmas this morning and cooked two pounds of bacon in one wave and then 24 large pancakes in three fast waves, probably sold another one!
  2. Thanks so much, at least I can still get my fix! $50 a bag is way better than explaining to my better half why dump trucks are pulling up. To the other poster, this is likely not ideal for a kamado, it is a huge price beat vs Japanese binchotan for long duration direct cooks.
  3. I forgot about this. I just got a plasma cutter set up at home again. Time to visit Ikea!
  4. Yum! Paella (traditional or not) is one of the few things we do not even attempt. I guess I should get brave.
  5. I just made a duplicate thread I do not know how to delete. I am gutted. There must have been tremendous tariff/import garbage, I can hardly imagine. I hope someone else steps up to the plate, but in the mean time I am crazy enough to try and figure it out, not to resell, but to ensure my own supply.
  6. Edit: I do not see how to delete a thread, those paying more attention than me knew this at the end of the "20% off thread". Old news but new to me and I am gutted. https://www.fogocharcoal.com/pages/marabu-no-longer-available I really wish they had sent out a "going away" notice. I have a shed full, but I would have purchased a pallet. If anyone on this site is interested, I might seriously try to buy (and happily split) a ton. We have a small business and have already learned a bit about odd geography import/export and I may be up for the challenge.
  7. Yum! Nice thinking with the wok ring! We routinely buy and cut down whole tenderloins. I save the pieces that are too small for steaks for kabob nights, the result is fantastic every time.
  8. Yum! Bitterly cold and very windy here. I am jealous!
  9. That's right, we know how to do a challenge cook here! Some background. Last year, I cooked "Cluckface", our (if I remember correctly) 23lb heritage turkey. It was delicious, as close as I am ever going to get to turkey perfection, it was also an all day affair requiring a lot of watching, and afterwards, we went around with the family and said, "Do you like this better than the way we cook steak?" ("No"), and "Do you mind if we divert from tradition and do something easier until the kids are bigger?" ("Please"). As a result, we decided for 2019 to do our family go to of Prime grade tenderloin for the main protein (90 minute sous vide cook and then seared in seconds on a HOT kamado), and we ordered all the sides from a high end local restaurant. The end result? What a wonderful and relaxing time. We ate exactly when we said we would, the sides were fantastic and warmed in the oven, and everyone including the kids had a great time. Here is the cook. Chopped up and ready for the science bath: Out of the bath and onto the cauldron of Kamado Joe, seared with generous portions of ghee: Plated and served with all the Thanksgiving sides: And finally the moment of truth, yum!
  10. Just saw the II for $717 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01INNA89S/ref=gbmf_mob_m-3_ee86_bcffd05f?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&dealid=bcffd05f&pf_rd_p=c60e8b9e-c575-4181-9336-8d8a226dee86&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-3&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_i=384082011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=K7H8ZPT4TH928HA5YF3K
  11. I have pretty nice lighting where I grill at home, but if I need more, or if we are somewhere else, I am very fond of my Streamlight Bandit headlamp. It is effectively weightless, weatherproof, charges via micro USB, and is currently less than $16 on Amazon.
  12. A long while ago, our closest restaurant started serving an "impossible burger" and we agreed to the huge upcharge for veggie burger, and we split one beef and one veggie burger. From that first tasting, which I both agreed we would not know we were eating a replacement patty, we have been after "impossible meat". I nearby grocery store finally started selling the uncooked product. We gave it a go at home last week. I decided to use it exactly how we use ground beef for burgers these days, 2oz balls smashed hard on the griddle. This did not go well, but as you can see moving from left to right, I learned after about six patties and decided to change course. Despite the smash not working, the somewhat preformed patties cooked wonderfully on the griddle, and ended up with a nice crust and soft center. Plated, the impossible meat looks and tastes substantially similar. While this is not going to go into regular rotation for us just based on cost and our enjoyment of our current whole beef procurement system, we are going to keep this on hand from now on for every big gathering. It is a perfectly decent replicant, and if I were a vegetarian, I would be bulk ordering.
  13. Saturday night DoJoe pizza. So easy and low stress at this point it is actually fun. Using the Classic size DoJoe with an idle Big Joe next to it has some advantages. DoJoe cooler while the Classic shuts down.
  14. We have been absurdly busy, all good things, but have not been able to cook as much recently. We decided to suspend it all and get back to our family "Sunday Dinner" tradition of a homemade multi-food meal with three generations participating in cooking. Last night, I made up a marinade for chicken of ginger, garlic, cayenne, chili, kashmiri chilly, cumin, turmeric, and chakki atta, all mixed with yogurt. That surrounded some boneless skinless chicken thighs and spent the night in the refrigerator. This evening, I skewered it and threw it on my bootleg tandoor setup at about 550 degrees. While that cooked unattended, the family got into making pani puri, frying the puri and making the filling. My kids cannot get enough of watching the puris turn from little coin like chips to big crunchy balls. After about 35 minutes, the chicken was more than ready. During all of this we also made basmati in the Instapot (which to us is pretty much "rice cooker"). Plated everything and dug in. We devoured this dish. My older child ate a ton, and after dinner asked to have more chicken packed for lunch tomorrow. I waited until my kids were out of sight and then walked around the house making the "kick is good" signal.
  15. Welcome! Thanks for the early contribution. Interesting read!
  16. Awesome! Something as simple as that, maybe lined with nomex gasket would probably do the trick.
  17. I have done it. Long cook at about 500, results tasted excellent.
  18. Thanks. I often will get something done early in the month to make sure I enter, and then wait and see if I come up with something else. This month I got swamped, and since nothing else happened today, this is it! I wanted to come up with a chorizo/queso fresco rotisserie meatloaf, but there are already two awesome entries like that.
  19. The holdup is finding a rack and pinion system that will work. If I do it, I want a four corner linked geared system opposed to the two posts and a cable. I thought those parts would be common and affordable for low precision, but that does not appear to be the case. I will continue looking. It has been so completely dry here I am scared to grill anything, let alone a wood fire.
  20. I don't have a pellet cooker yet, but a Traeger 1300 D2 is in the plans. The combination of simplicity and huge rectangular space is difficult to duplicate. The versatility and temperature range of the kamados is tough to beat, but there is a lot of room for complimentary cookers.
  21. Yum! Looks fantastic. I find that when the grease from chorizo is that color, you are going to have a good time.
  22. Yum! I wanted to do a chorizo and queso fresco rotisserie meatloaf but I ran out of time. What an awesome cook!
  23. I have stayed away from this type of grill. I have "no time" and little kids. However, between my idle Weber Performer and my renewed stainless welding capability, I am tempted. It seems to me that a stainless firebrick lined setup would only be a couple hundred dollars. I am so tempted. I really want to start our outdoor kitchen built-in a couple years early. The cook photos on this forum make me salivate.
  24. I was reserving the right for another cook, but looking at the calendar for this weekend it is not happening. This is it!
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