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  1. I was thrilled that the challenges returned, and then quickly thought to myself, "what in the world am I going to do for dessert?". We are not big dessert makers or eaters here, and our go tos are usually fruit based. I looked around for grilled fruit desserts, and found one (gasp, on a website for a gasser) that involved all of the following wonderful things: pineapple. bourbon, grill, and rotisserie. So, I set out to make bourbon glazed rotisserie pineapple on a kamado. I intended to make the wings on the big joe, and then rotisserie the pineapple on the classic. However, the classic heated up almost instantly, while the big joe took its sweet time, so I switched grills, crammed the wings in the classic, and used an extra large kamado to rotisserie one pineapple. With some welding gloves, I was pleasantly surprised how fast and easy it was to switch the intended cook with both grills. While the wings cooked, I began giving the pineapple coats of the bourbon/brown sugar/butter glaze. The wings came off, and we very much enjoyed them (tequila lime seasoning mixed with baking powder, 20 minutes a side indirect at 350). These end up being crispy just like fried wings with a wonderful moist center. I still cannot believe how easy and tasty this wing cook is, I still get lost in the "magic" of the kamado. Back to the pineapple. All that lid opening leads to a little more fire. The smell coming off the big joe indicates I am going to enjoy this dessert. Done. And served with some ice cream. We all loved this, and joked that the chicken wings were probably healthier than the pineapple. I am absolutely going to make this again. It was so easy, plated really well, and everyone young to old enjoyed it. Thanks again for getting me out of my comfort zone!
  2. gotzero

    Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

    I find "aluminum free baking soda" added to the rub to work magic on indirect cooked wings. I aim for 375 degrees and usually do 20 minutes, turn over, and 20 more minutes. Most of the time the skin breaks like glass when they are ready. We sauce them at the table. They end up crisping so well. My family prefers these strongly to fried wings, and we have a deep fryer. I bet the pineapple would do well without the bourbon, keep up the good work!
  3. gotzero

    Grizzly Cookware

    That is interesting. I have some fun parts plated in nickel alloys and it is amazing how much abuse they take and wipe clean. If the pan is like that, I imagine it will be a dream to use. I have a nickel skin allergy that manifests fantastically any time I have nickel tough my skin for a long period. I looked up if it was safe for me to cook on ("no") and then read that stainless steel (which I cook on all the time) is not safe for me either. I imagine the pan would be fine, but I am not going to pay their cost of entry to find out. I will follow this with interest.
  4. gotzero

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    I am having the opposite experience, I like sous vide more and more for steaks. I season and sous vide to desired temp, take out steaks, dry with paper towel, season again and sear with ghee on a HOT cast iron pan. I could do it all on the grill, but sous vide is so easy and consistent I prefer it. It is also frequent for us to cook for 6-12 people, so there are volume and consistency issues largely solved by sous vide.
  5. gotzero

    Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

    Thanks! I love the charcoal rotisserie so much I ordered the Classic size the same day I picked up the kamado. I had never done this before but I figured I wanted some "crust". I am not sure why it did not burn more because the dome said it was running almost 400 degrees, but whatever happened, it worked perfectly. I added a couple of drops of vanilla. It was a very easy recipe and cook, maybe I just had beginner's luck! I am certainly going to try this some more. The crust and outer inch of the pineapple had a taste/texture/heat combo that was perfection.
  6. gotzero

    Product Testing

    Here, a local creamery has many Jersey bull calves that go to another local and get raised up as grass fed/finished. I buy a whole beef per year that is dry aged for about a month, and we are absolutely over the moon at the quality of what we get. The steaks look and taste divine, and the ground beef is delicious. I am not sure if it is necessarily most efficient or cost effective, but I enjoy being able to support to local farms we love, and the quality of the beef is fantastic. They are not nearly as big as a bred for meat breed, but I am not sure we would have the freezer space or appetite to handle those.
  7. gotzero

    The Kamado Joe Do-Joe

    By the we finish the hardscaping I have in mind the added ton of a pizza oven will not even be noticed. However, it is a couple of years off. In the mean time, we love doing pizzas on the Big Joe and the DoJoe should make that even more pleasant.
  8. gotzero

    The Burn Shop - Custom Grill Grates

    Fantastic! I will have to think of some designs for here.
  9. gotzero

    The Kamado Joe Do-Joe

    This is definitely a placeholder, but what I can get away with right now. There is an engineering challenge that will take some time! The last time a Bobcat was on the back of the property, the sod bill was in the thousands. I am laughing like a crazy person thinking about what it would look like after I had a boom truck where I eventually want the oven. I was starting to think I was going to need to move, but thankfully when I looked up the numbers I realized we had the wettest fall in measured history. Looking forward to reverting to the mean!
  10. gotzero

    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    Not always a choice. Thanks for serving, and enjoy being able to grill no matter what! Moving to Alaska in February and then immediately grilling outside every day is awesome and dedicated! Good luck finding lump!
  11. gotzero

    The Kamado Joe Do-Joe

    Thanks, I preordered the Big Joe version. I hope this keeps me from "needing" a pizza oven for a year or two. That is my second order from Atlanta Grill Company in a week.
  12. I have the Big Joe KJ basket. It works great. I use the divider quite a bit with the rotisserie. I like how the system works. The stones rest on the tabs, it is easy to pull out with the D&C ring. For the classic size, I got the kick ash basket to save some money since I did not see needing a divider.
  13. I have had great luck with Restaurant Depot's Angus briskets, but this weekend at my Costco, during my random sweep of the fresh food section, I saw they finally started carrying USDA Prime packer brisket, and to support that continuing, I left with one. It was commented on by the cashier, the person checking the receipt, and the cashier at the liquor store, all some variation of "oh, wow, we must have just started carrying that, I need to get myself one at the end of my shift". In talking with them all, the Costco employees seem to enjoy the annual visits from Pit Boss, Traeger, and Kamado Joe. I put the brisket with salt and pepper on at 1am on a 225 degree Big Joe with hickory wood, and slept like a baby. I realized my BBQ alarm has never gone off since learning how to work the ceramics. Woke up in the morning, wrapped in butcher paper, and then pulled the entire Brisket for an hour rest at 2pm. I decided to make burnt ends out of the point (a family favorite) so those got covered in hot pepper rub and sriracha garlic BBQ sauce and then had another hour on the kamado. Everything rested in the warming oven until dinner time. The flat ended up looking different from most of my cooks, but was super moist and tasty even though it sliced almost like pulled beef. We enjoyed some of the leftovers into the week in tacos and eggs. I hope these remain available where I live, as I plan to have many more cooks with them. We got half a dozen family meals out of $40 of meat that in the grand scheme of things was an easy cook.
  14. gotzero

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    I understand volume drives dollars and things have to be worthwhile. That said, I used an otherwise dormant work account (I do not use Facebook personally and will not) to take a look at the Kamado Joe page, and while that may be where the numbers are, I have no interest in participating in that format. This is a site I now visit and enjoy every day. I feel very lucky have found this forum when I did. FWIW, I did not vote, but I am Costco 2, not Costco 1.
  15. gotzero

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    Without killing this poll before it gets off the ground, what if I have done both?
  16. gotzero

    Weekend Brisket

    Some of this may be changing times. For instance, the local butcher that I had to write in "tri-tip" on prior whole beef cut lists now lists the cut on their available meats today on their website. I am an enthusiastic meat buyer and I am seeing a number of things available now that I am certain were not here in the past. I am all for more options and more variety!
  17. gotzero

    Weekend Brisket

    This may not be news to people that live in the home of "Texas-Style Brisket" . It was a big deal in DE and I am thrilled at the new option and going to learn to cook these better and better and do them justice. Cuts seem to vary considerably by geographic region. For instance, the only Tri-Tip I have ever purchased (or even seen) was from my whole beef buys when I gave cut lists. I have never seen one in a store/consumer butcher/etc. Our Costco always has Prime tenderloin, ribeye, other primals, and cut and tenderized steaks.
  18. gotzero

    Kamado Joe @ Costco

    I was wondering why you were looking at DE... No tax makes sense. I did not know Kamado Joe make visits to my store because the schedule is sometimes only posted a few weeks before. Now I know to look once a month or so. Based on the schedule, it looks like they stick to places where it is nice to be outside at the time of the roadshow. Last year the DE visit was in April.
  19. gotzero

    Kamado joe in 2019

    I am going to guess there is some kind of error, and the part is going to be anodized, which would not melt at BBQ temperatures. I am sure we will know more when the product is released. I am happy about the constant innovations and look forward to being able to get both sizes of the insert, the big DoJoe, and whatever else I do not know about yet.
  20. gotzero

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    It does not seem badly priced although it is expensive. If I understand correctly and the III includes 3 tiers of grates and the charcoal basket, that would be close to $300 to replicate alone, and I am sure the hyperbolic insert will not be inexpensive. I had been looking at a full price Classic II I would have easily gone to the III, since the first thing I did was order a charcoal basket and more grates.
  21. This is geographically limited and I am gutted about this, but the Christiana, DE Kitchen & Company is liquidating, reportedly closing for good on Sunday. They were a KJ and BGE dealer and my local source for kamado accessories. There is no Kamado Joe or Lodge stuff there after I bought the final pieces today but there was quite a bit of BGE stuff at 75% off of sticker price.
  22. gotzero

    Kosmos Q Wings & Drummies

    Looks wonderful! We did not get down to -14F, but the lock on the shed where I store charcoal was frozen solid today, as was the regulator on the propane torch I tried to use to defrost the lock. Wind made it impossible to use a normal flame.
  23. gotzero

    Reef's Game Room - pic heavy!

    Looks like a lot of fun! I am in the early stages of multi-year basement repurposing and outdoor property reclaiming as our kids grow and we want more space for them. A generation from now it would be fun to have a space like this!
  24. gotzero

    Kamado Joe @ Costco

    I bought mine in Delaware. I am guessing it is not considered "grilling season" right now because "Northeast" is not even a category right now. I am looking forward to the 2019 visit for charcoal.
  25. gotzero

    Weekend Cook!

    The parade of colorful Timberline output recently is going to break us. I need a bigger deck and patio...