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  1. Based on some of the unholy things we have done to "sushi" in this house, I am all for this. Fantastic cook! An aside, I had a job in rural Alabama for a couple of years. There was one good sushi restaurant, and when on site, I would go almost every other day. They loved me because I ate everything. I never tried it, but their number one seller was the fried chicken roll, apparently the gateway drug of sushi. I imagine spam occupying this role in other areas of the world.
  2. Awesome! My neighbor recently finished a second building for his Corvette collection. He is refusing to say which C8 is on order, but I cannot wait to see the monster that arrives. My oldest asked me once why we did not have cool cars like that and I was tempted to reply, "you!". It will be a long while, but I imagine I will own a C8 at some point. It checks too many boxes for the long dormant gearhead in me. In the meantime, our supercar remains our minivan.
  3. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would DIY this unless under duress or if it is an important family tradition or something. There are a number of recipes on the Internet (I found and followed them) talking about how simple/pleasant/rewarding making your own tofu can be. I did not get this feeling by the time I was done... Per most of the challenge cooks, I did something I would never have done otherwise, learned some things, and laughed (mostly at myself).
  4. I saw this at our local BJ's too. If they do a similar sale with the charcoal, I will back up the truck!
  5. Entertaining? I remember that! At the house we have 14", 18" and 24" kamados, a Weber Performer, and a 36" Blackstone griddle. I use the Weber the least by far (not yet used in 2020) and the Blackstone the most by far (weeknight dinner and weekend breakfast go-to). Of the kamados, I use the 18" the most and the 14" the least. The 24" does all of my briskets and ribs and turkeys. I am glad I have it but a vast majority of my cooking is done on the 18". @John Setzler's recommendation of second 18" kamado is spot on as your accessories will work for both. For what you describe, "steaks, burgers, occasional seafood and chicken" I would absolutely recommend a griddle, and then continuing to experiment with your kamado (joetisserie and dojoe!). The Blackstone can easily feed burgers/hot dogs/steaks to a huge group, and you can experiment with chicken and pork in the kamado. You will also love the griddle for weeknight meals and breakfasts.
  6. Originally for the challenge I wanted to make my favorite salad with all of the ingredients from my garden, and make tofu as a part of that. When I realized the garden was a no no, I thought I would stick with tofu. I found an "easy" recipe, got some dried beans and coagulant, and then put it out of my mind because there was so much time left. Yesterday, I realized the month was ending and I got started. Thankfully I did not wait until today... Step one is to take dried soybeans and soak them in water overnight. "Wait overnight" seemed like the fastest and most exciting step of making tofu. Next is draining the beans and then blending with more water to make the precursor of soy milk. Then you strain the milk, heat it up, and then let it cool again. Then you heat it. Again. And cool it. Again. "Make Tofu" could be the next "Wax On/Wax Off" if there is another Karate Kid remake. At this point you add the coagulant and wait "a couple minutes", but guess what, we are MAKING TOFU, and that means it is "a couple hours". After you take a look at how many more hours you would get if you decided to use "Hawaiian Time", the curds form, and you put the "solids" inside of cheesecloth and press it, again, "for a few minutes". By this time, it is dark, everyone else has gone to bed, and you are left to wonder about your choices. If you decide to do this, I hope you have a nice long book. If not, write a book. You will have the time, and in the COVID era, as Ina Garten says, "nobody is dropping by". My pressing certainly resulted in a 3x reduction, and most certainly did not result in "extra firm tofu". I got it out of the cheesecloth, "cut" it, and then got it in a nonstick pan (no chance I was gambling with carbon steel with this gluelike stuff). Thankfully, this is where things started to go right, and I have a lot of experience making the tofu that professionals make delicious. Fried with olive oil and Cabela's Tequila Lime Seasoning. Finally, things are turning a corner. Tofu is fried, looks good, smells good, holds form. After a 15 minute dry-out at ~350F in the kamado with hickory for smokewood I am left with enough tofu for an appetizer for one. Ta da! Taste is excellent, rub is perfect, smoke is perfect, crunch is perfect. While I cannot imagine making my own tofu again for normal reasons, I suppose I might do it with the kids sometime, or if the apocalypse really comes and there is a period with no power and I am out of everything else but the dried beans, and I decide to cook it up for one last meal (and NOT cleaning any pots) before hitting Fury Road. Tofu made this way is delicious, we will continue to make it, but definitely not from scratch. I could see, "make your own tofu!" in a pamphlet from the power and water company. The fact I can buy enough to feed the whole family for $2.49 seals the deal. No time or money savings here, from now on I trust the pros. Glad I did it, do not want to do it again (but just in case the feeling hits me, I have a 500 year supply of Nigari Flakes).
  7. What a bummer! I am surprised how local things are. Give the peppers are little time. Ten days ago I was thinking things were slow and I was wondering about this year, now we are eating them.
  8. Late to the party, but now that I have the plasma cutter dialed in, next will be the Jr Rotisserie thread! For my trial I kept the shelf in the original place and stabilized with 2x4s. Jr is not going anywhere. I need to get some Ikea stain when going on an elective shopping trip is a thing again. I could not be bothered to get the big saws out so I did this with a circular saw. If I like it, I will probably redo it with accurate cuts.
  9. A combination of the weather and being home every day is really something. My lawn looks like a golf course just from being able to fertilize with the precision of a farmer and mowing every couple of days. We added 2,500sqft to the fenced in back yard and reclaimed an additional 2,000sqft of wooded ground with 30 cuyds of mulch. That does not even get to the garden. Being able to be out there at the right time, even ten minutes a day, is a game changer. Broccoli? From home. Kale? From home. Basil? Sweet, Purple, or Thai? Strawberries? My kids pick and eat. Mint? I wish I knew I BBQ recipe that needed Lbs of mint. Additionally, I ordered and planted Honeycrisp and Pixie Crunch Apple trees now in a triangle with my producing Granny Smith. We are making the most of this here. All of that said, my real love is growing peppers. Bells are coming in, Jalapenos are huge, Habaneros are doing well. All of those pale to shi####os this year, which are coming in at both a quantity and size I can hardly believe. In an era when we cannot entertain, I am about to start having to leave them at the curb. Pan is a 12" Carbon Steel Lodge. Unreal.
  10. Keeping things simple around here with both ingredients and cooks, but I at least did this and took pictures of it in May! It is still easy to get whole chickens so we are having whole chickens quite a bit. Using the rotisserie much more than usual. One nice thing about working from home is it is easy to do early afternoon preheats. Whole chicken goes on and back to work: Then green beans covered in honey, soy, and chili pepper: Everything ready for dinner: And then the rest of the chicken went into quesadillas for dinner the next night:
  11. That might be the happiest adult face I have seen throughout COVID-19. This thread made my evening. You are going to love your purchase. I still sometimes pinch myself when I realize I often get quiet time on the deck while everyone else in the house is happy with me because I am cooking the stuff they love on an incredibly versatile analog charcoal oven. Do yourself a favor and start lobbying for the DoJoe and Joetisserie (while you learn on the basics). Also, since you are in the UK, look out for the Lidl/Aldi mini kamados this summer to add as a sear station, you won't even have to remove your doors!
  12. Yum! I need to try this. I am obsessing about mimicking tandoor chicken in the kamado but that looks so good I need to branch out.
  13. I have the Lodge cast iron Wok and a round bottom carbon steel wok. Both are great, but I find myself using them more on the stove. Going to have to experiment more with John's recommendations to put in small amounts of charcoal in the kamados.
  14. Unsurprisingly, Snake River Farms is hurting due to decreased restaurant sales. So they did this: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Bay-Area-food-banks-have-a-surprise-for-15230171.php What a stand up crew! Going to put in an order today, we are trying to be as supportive as we can of the people that are hurting and still helping others.
  15. That is awesome! We started smoking chicken breasts recently, I cannot believe how good they taste! Doing a lot of big cooks on the weekends for weekday lunches, at least pre-bizarro-world.
  16. I think in general it probably means you are somewhat well off, have a suburban or larger property, and enjoy cooking. All of those things combined indicate you are going to do okay in a short downturn. In our case, we are all home every day right now, and the meat stores may not last as long as I had thought becuase I can slow cook on weekdays now..
  17. Does that one also come with the bag? We LOVE ours and the bag makes it super portable.
  18. Congrats on your purchase! I was devastated to lose the northern DE Kitchen & Co. I bought all the Lodge, Meat Church, and KJ parts I could and I would already own a Traeger Timberline 1300 D2 if they were still open. When they closed I cleaned them out of Kamado Joe accessories but I was really disappointed. Retail is a tough gig. The tiniest solace, the space here turned into in amazing Indian grocery store, and I still have Kitchen & Co at the beach for now, although the second to last time there I bought them out of Meat Church and the last time they had not restocked...
  19. They have different features and pricepoints, but my entire justification for a pellet grill is simple cooks I do not have to watch (along with massive space for entertaining), and in that sense, I view them as two peers that both have issues at launch. I hope Weber works this out, the design in theory would do everything I want.
  20. Thank you to everyone doing this testing. I am interested in the Timerline for set and forget cooks, and put off a purchase because it seemed like the Weber would do everything I wanted at a lower cost. Now I am going to keep waiting.
  21. Looks great! I am almost happy with my Jr cart setup which is going to lead to a lot more use.
  22. Awesome! That new 28" model with the 22" depth is fantastic. I had a few friends get them this holiday season, as the price/square inch/BTU combo was about perfect. We hosted Christmas this morning and cooked two pounds of bacon in one wave and then 24 large pancakes in three fast waves, probably sold another one!
  23. Thanks so much, at least I can still get my fix! $50 a bag is way better than explaining to my better half why dump trucks are pulling up. To the other poster, this is likely not ideal for a kamado, it is a huge price beat vs Japanese binchotan for long duration direct cooks.
  24. I forgot about this. I just got a plasma cutter set up at home again. Time to visit Ikea!
  25. Yum! Paella (traditional or not) is one of the few things we do not even attempt. I guess I should get brave.
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