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  1. I've heard good thing about both thermapen and thermoworks, but if I get the Flame Boss I think the thermoworks smoke would just be redundant since I will be able to read the pit temp as well as the meat temp with the FB.
  2. yes I agree,haven't purchased one yet. I am thinking of getting the Flame boss, kill to birds with one shot lol. I will get an instant read one also, just been too busy to do research on them.
  3. I'm not sure the size of the bird. I really wanted to make sure it was very well cooked. I like the outside to be very crispy. I can tell you it fell off the bone. I'm sure I could have cooked it quicker but it was my first go at it and I had enough time.
  4. I used, olive oil, wine,coarse salt, cracked pepper, Piri-Piri hot sauce, Cayenne Pepper, bay leaves, garlic powder.
  5. Those ribs look absolutely awesome. great job on the cook. how many people did it take to devour them?
  6. So yesterday i had my third go at the Kamado Joe. this time i decided to cook a chicken "Portuguese Style" as i would call it "Frango no Churrasco". I used one of the deflector plates only since i was going to also cook a Porterhouse and , I also wanted to put the chicken in direct heat after i was sure it was cooked properly. I cooked it at about 300 Deg for about 5 hours over the deflector plate. Again the Kamado maintained the temperature pretty much on the dime. i opened the Kamado probably 3-4 times so that i could baste the chicken as it was cooking. Once i started cooking the Porterhouse i also put the chicken on the same side as the steak to get a nice crispiness to it. I think it came out excellent and my family agreed with me. My wife actually made some chicken salad with the remaining chicken for me to eat today. I have added some pictures so that you can see the outcome. feel free to comment. thanks
  7. Awesome Job. I am glad you enjoyed your first of many cooks. Was great meeting you and we will get together for a nice cook soon. Next buy more meat. Your son is a growing man, he needs his protein. Lol
  8. Hi, I left you a message a couple of day ago. Sorry I didn't receive notification that someone had replied. Thanks
  9. Some one told me he has heard thy it can stick to the deflector at high temps. Was in my first thread about my first cook.
  10. He harvests in a small village in Portugal. I finished with it up so it wouldn't drip off.
  11. thank you. they were really good and my wife took some of the ribs to her co workers lets see what the verdict is.
  12. So today was my second go at Mr. Joe. I decide to try St. Louis style ribs. I probably should have seasoned them for 24 Hours, but who has the time lol. So this time I put charcoal on both sides and also used both deflector plates. Yes I used aluminum foil on them again because by the time I read the other thread warning me about the aluminum foil, I had already started the cook. I got the Joe up to temp as I seasoned the ribs and by the time I went outside it was sitting at about 300deg. I had the bottom and top open. I closed both about half way and waited a bit. The temp didn't really change so I opened the lid and let some heat out. I then closed both top and bottom to about 3/4 and put the ribs on the grill. I used a drip pan underneath with water. The cook started at about 11:30 am and I pulled the ribs out at about 6pm. About 4 hours into the cook I drizzled some of my cousin's harvested honey on the bottom side and spread it. Yes, my cousin harvests real honey from real Bees in Europe and actually does pretty well just on doing that. Whenever I travel there I stock up on honey and obviously " Fire Water". I do have to say that these were probably the best ribs I have ever cooked. The Joe kept 250Deg on the thermometer for about 5 hours fluctuating no more than maybe 5 degrees. Towards the end I tented the ribs for a bit and that was it. I am extremely happy with the cook, and by the thumbs up from my wife and son. I think they were happy also. Some salad, sweet potato, Avocado, and my favorite Beer. Please see the pics and comment. I am up for all suggestions. Thanks
  13. What were you doing with the hot deflector plates? Adding charcoal and had to remove them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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