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  1. You're right I'm not. I'm sure it's a great product, but I think I got all I need from this topic. Thanks for everyone's opinions. Cheers
  2. Perhaps there is something special about it that I don't know about. I'm new to fancy grills, but I have seen what goes on in the reefing hobby. And sure I would certainly pay a little more for product made in the US but it should at least be reasonable. But hey we all have our opinions, I respect yours so respect mine.
  3. I have my opinion and you have yours. But you don't have to be a smart ###. If I bought that for $79 and showed my wife or anyone at work they would all say what the hell, is it titanium or something? So don't act like my opinion is rediculous.
  4. I gotta stop kamado web surfing... keep seeing awesome gadgets that are going to get me in trouble. Lol
  5. For sure, I mean the thing has to be bolted in so you either use it on every cook or never. I didn't put mine on. I would rather have this than the divider I can totally agree with that.
  6. Thanks for the input. The one thing I can say is I have not seen many posts of people that bought them and didn't love them. Lol
  7. Well nothing is better than country living though. I miss it.
  8. Yes sir, 100 gallon sps tank 90 gallon sps tank and a frag tank full of sps. Lol. Where do you live?
  9. Also I seen a lot of fish posts using these, how does the cook co.pare to cedar planks? That's what I pretty much always use.
  10. Another rookie question, what exactly is a soapstone and why are they so expensive? I know I'm asking a lot of price point questions and not trying to stir up any mess. I just want people's opinions. I started reading stuff about soapstone so naturally I looked online at buying one and half moon is over $100? That's seems crazy, but I'm sure I will end up buying one anyway. LOL
  11. @ckreef I get that but what are you paying $79 for? Engineering? I mean seriously, it's like reefing or kayaking let's jack the price up just because we can... if someone can pay $2k for a charcoal grill then they will pay $79 for something that should cost $25. A bit ridiculous on the price point IMHO. Btw are you in the reefing hobby? Just wondering because of your screen name.
  12. I agree, but a $2k grill should come with something like that for the lazy man. Bahaha but I will not harp on it.
  13. Oh, after clicking on the kick ashblink it looks like it's a product made by another company. Sorry guys. Lol
  14. Hope this post is allowed because I'm really not intending to bash a product, I love my big joe. Just stating my opinion.
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