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  1. Finally finished my Primo XL table. It's built out of pine and has 2in concrete counter top for plenty of space. It rides on 6 casters w/brakes. It will be parked in my garage and never be left out in the elements (at least on purpose...) It has 4 slide out racks that will hold charcoal, utensils, and extras for the XL
  2. I like the temp solution. I may do something like that. I have a Akorn and Primo XL too! Wait...have you been hanging around my garage?!? LOL
  3. Probably don't want to smoke anything on the steaming logs left in that bowl.
  4. Never did the bear can chicken. I always got carried away and drank the beer and ended up putting the chicken on an empty stand...or spachcocked it.
  5. It will get hotter than Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy.... YouTube it....
  6. There are lots of ways to start your grill. I just wanted to point out that there is a cheaper alternative to a somewhat expensive BBQ tool and it's readily available at HD.
  7. That's what I love about homebrewing. There is so much DIY stuff out there. It amazes me. But be careful with the wort chillers. I was brewing a batch and didn't remove all the water from the chiller when I used it last. Well it the worth chiller heated up quickly and boiled the residual water out with force. I hadn't hooked the hoses up to it yet (quick connects). I was half hammered and talking about something that seemed way more important than paying attention to what I was doing. Anyway, when 212F water comes screaming out of a copper tube you get really agile even when drunk! I managed to dodge most of it except for the toe of my right shoe. New Balance tennis shoe mesh doesn't stop boiling water. The result was 2nd and 3rd deg burns to my big toe and top of my foot.
  8. I'm new to ceramic cooking. I've always been a chimney starter BBQer. And when I looked at getting a ceramic grill I was told that these were a no no since it defeats the purpose of lighting in one place. It was recommended I try a Looflighter. At 80.00 I was kinda stunned. I started looking around and found many alternatives but they were all in the same price range. That is until I stumbled by the Fire Up Charcoal Igniter found at Home Depot. At just 39.95 I was curious. I must say, while I've never used a Looflighter, I can't say it would out perform this one. It lit my bowl of Royal Oak Lump in less than 1 min (more like 30 seconds). I must say I was impressed! It has a 3 position switch (OFF, Fan, Fan/Heat). Once you get the coals a nice healthy orange flip it over on fan for a second. That keeps the air flowing and gets the coals started. For the price I am impressed. 39.95 at Home Depot. It can also be found slightly cheaper on Amazon. Model # CC4111
  9. OK, new guy with a Primo XL. I am DYING to get it unpacked and running. But I didn't order the Primo table or stand. I want to build my own. And to be honest, as much as I love the look of granite, quartz or composites, I'm not looking forward to spending 800-1000 on a top. So I am really leaning towards concrete. But that adds another 2-3 weeks or more for prep, pour, sand, stain and seal. I'm looking at cast in place counter top. As I really don't like the thoughts of trying to flip and move a 400lb slab of concrete. I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THAT TIME FRAME!!!! I wanna use my grill! SO I need to come up with something simple, cheap but safe enough to use my Primo while I'm in construction mode. I'm thinking like a simple 2' x 3' x 2' box frame with the top made out of patio pavers. Set the grill down on that to act as a sturdy stand. Maybe add some casters Ideas?
  10. All of my butts usually finish within 6-7hrs. I cook at 245F- 250F The night before, I'll unpack, prep and rub the butts down then wrap in cellophane and put back in the fridge. In the morning I'll take the butt out of the fridge and let it sit out while the smoker comes up to temp. I usually pull the butt off and foil it tight when it hits 195F. I'll take the foil wrapped butt and wrap them in old towels and into a cooler it will go until time to pull and eat. I've kept it foiled and wrapped for 3hrs before and it doesn't affect it at all.
  11. 299.99 here too! Just be very careful of those Akorns. They are an awesome grill. But with all of its awesomeness....they are dangerous. Mine led me to stop buying cheap ### briquette charcoal, my grandson won't touch anything grilled unless it was grilled on lump. Which ticks his mom and dad off when they cook on their gas grills LOL. And then...all of the sudden.... BAMB a Primo XL showed up in my drive way. I have no idea how that happened... But I blame the Akorn for starting it all. BTW, the Akorn is now downgraded to overflow/backup cooking and camping. I have no intention of letting that thing go!
  12. New Primo XL Kamado owner in West Virginia. This is my first ceramic Kamado grill. It's my Father's Day present actually! I'm super excited. I made the switch to charcoal about 3yrs ago and went exclusively to lump for about 2yrs on an Akorn. Things just taste better. Still operate my RecTec pellet smoker for big smokes and family get togethers. But I'm afraid my Weber gasser may have to go byebye. I honestly haven't fired it up in nearly 3yrs. Now I'm scouring the net looking at all the cool Kamado tables, Egg nests etc.... I like wood working so this is a good excuse to get into the shop and make a home for the new grill. Roger
  13. Foil and wrap them in towels to rest in cooler(s). Transport in the cooler and bring them out to pull and serve. I did 50lbs of butts for a wedding reception last summer. That's how I did it. Everything stayed nice and warm.
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