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  1. Great looking meals! My Father's day cook... Meat smoked for 11 hours. Was absolutely delicious. Totally worth the 4am wake-up call.
  2. Thanks!Found the skull in a field on a duck hunt. The tin bin holds my lump.
  3. Hey Y'all! Gas convert here, always knew there was something missing from my grilling life. Stumbled across the kamado lifestyle and decided to dip my toes in with an Akorn grill. Been at it for a year now and have enjoyed 99% of the ride (first attempt at pizza was a complete disaster). Found this community to be well informed and decided to join the fray. Treating the dads in the fam to a smoked pork butt this Sunday. Not looking forward to the 100+ heatwave. Looking for a good green/jalepeno vinegar based bbq sauce to accompany my standard red. Throw some ideas at me if you have'em. I appreciate all the help I've found here and I look forward to learning and contributing more in the future. -El Kamado
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