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  1. Good to know. Don’t remember if it was on this forum where someone adjusted their hooks to make the deflectors seat better...
  2. Thanks for that. I found a video where JS reviewed the new basket. Seems like a nice setup and a good investment. Didn’t look like there were any drawbacks other than the deflectors not fitting well for some. Looks like a simple bending of the hooks with some pliers fixed that issue.
  3. Looking to make a purchase and don’t know which would be best. I like the divider in the kamado joe but I’ve heard the divide and conquer rack doesn’t seat properly. Any thoughts or is this info wrong? It looks like the kJ is a heavier steel too... anyway, thoughts?
  4. Have you used it anymore? I like the idea of a water resistant system and monitoring by phone. It seems like the billows is pretty new, are you staying connected with that attached? Is there much ash that blows up to the food?
  5. Just received my Kamado Joe. I had an egg years ago, way before technology introduced itself into the sphere. There is so much information and so many products to chose from I am in information overload. I will be doing brisket & pulled pork from time to time, but will mainly do chicken and the usual dinner staples. Should I make the investment into something that is scalable with a fan added eventually, or just get a great wireless thermometer and trust proven cooking ability and forget about a fan. Thanks for the replies.
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