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  1. Thanks for the reply. Would you be willing to share what Warehouse you are referring to? Perhaps I can get my local one to price match.
  2. Hello, My name is Andy, and I am new to Kamado grills as well as this website. For the past 7 months I have been heavily interested in picking up a BGE XL. I currently only own a small electric grill, as my last house was a town home that only allowed for electric grills. Yesterday I was shopping at Costco, and ran across the Pit Boss. I gave the display a brief look over, and then walked away thinking it was just another cheap BGE imitation. A quick google search after getting home lead me here. I just finished reading through all 11 pages of this thread, and my opinion has drastically changed. I saw several post about Costco running a sale on these grills for $400. The current pricing at my Costco is $600, versus the $750 advertised on the Costco website. I am curious what the circumstances around the sale for $400 were, as most of the post that mentioned it were close to this time last year. I would love to save another $200 on what seems to be a quality grill. Does anyone have any information on why Costco had them on sale? Maybe it was a one time thing, or perhaps its a seasonal thing they may repeat this year. Any information would be appreciated.
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