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  1. Fellas- I'm doing some research w/ Grill Dome on future designs and one of the things we're interested in is what your favorite color is out of our current offerings? Please vote here and let us know if ya get a sec. https://apps.facebook.com/opinionpolls/poll?pid=ACOO8Cz2QZo Thanks! Steve
  2. Ross, I agree, Dan has that natural TV personality gift. That's one of the main reasons why I recruited him to the Grill Dome brand. Thanks for sub'ing to the GD channel and thx for the support on my Stoked on Smoke channel as well! Steve
  3. This was my first attempt at searing steaks on the GD. I guess the method I used here is called "TRex", but though I haven't really researched a lot about the history of that, I still want to give credit where credit is due Anyways, the steaks came out amazing. Only thing I'll do different next time is let them sear a bit longer per side. These were so massively thick that I didn't quite achieve the sear I wanted with the 1.5 min per side approach I took. Other than that, I think it was successful. _ify5IFkdZA
  4. Hey everyone and Happy Friday! I wanted to share my first butt cook on my GD with you. The cook went well, but rather long (16-17 hrs) b/c I didn't cook as hot as I should have, but the meat turned out super good and had a tone of flavor and was really juicy. Let me know if you have any questions about the cook. Thanks! Steve _jGC04jOugs
  5. Oh, I almost forgot. Since posting the video, I spoke w/ the owner of Simply Marvelous BBQ out in California (where Tri's are super popular) and he told me a lot of people pull them at 130° and let them rest up 5° versus pulling them at 145° like I did. He said 135° is what they consider the sweet spot for a tri...
  6. It cracked completely in half my 2nd cook this past week, so I switched over to a 12" $5 pizza pan. Not sure why the terra cotta tray cracked completely in half though...I was only cooking at about 300°, but w/o researching it I'm also not sure how high of a temp terra cotta can handle. I'm thinking it was just a super cheap tray...
  7. I fired up my new Grill Dome tonight for the first time and went w/ a tri-tip. This was actually my first tri-tip too. Quite possibly the tastiest cut of meat I've ever cooked, and...the Grill Dome is unreal how well it cooks. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for watching. jx7qVQjtv-k
  8. Hey guys, I just got my first Grill Dome (large model that John posted a video of yesterday here on the forum) and have a quick question: I bought the large indirect cooking rack as well as a 15" pizza stone for when I want to run a full indirect setup for low and slow, but what's the best what to set up for 1/2 indirect? I see the 1/2 Moon Rack and also the 1/2 pizza stones and the product descriptions seem to mention that they two work hand in hand, but since i already have the large ICR, can't I just get the 1/2 pizza stone and sit it on my large ICR? I also purchased the large model grill extender rack, so I'm thinking I really don't need the 1/2 moon rack, right? Also, I got the 15" pizza stone for full indirect so some heat can make it up to the top for low and slow, but I'm assuming for a 1/2 indirect setup I should go w/ the 18" 1/2 pizza stone to block all the heat on that side, right? I know...a bit confusing..but hopefully you catch my drift.. Thanks-
  9. Hey everyone! My name is Steve. Some people know me on the ol' cyberwebs as "BBQ Bros" and others as "Stoked on Smoke" depending on if they follow me along my BBQ adventures on my blog, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. I recently acquired a Grill Dome large model Infinity series cooker and plan on devoting a LOT of time cooking on it and sharing my experiences here on John's awesome forum. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your community here and I'm looking forward to exchanging information with you all. Take care!
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