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  1. Thank you for all of your input. I think I am too intrigued by the kamado to be happy with a kettle, so even though I have a smoker, I'm probably going to grab a kamado. Any regrets with difficulty maintaining two zone heat? I've heard it is a kamado short coming, but less of a challenge on a kettle.
  2. I really enjoy my Traeger and plan to keep it, but I need a grill. Is a kamado type grill overkill? I'm primarily looking for higher heat and the ability to sear. Despite the convenience of gas, I'm leaning towards charcoal for higher heat and the "fire" experience. I don't need the low slow capability of the kamado grill, but they are catching my fancy more than a charcoal kettle grill. I'm thinking about Costco's Pit Boss. Should I just save $400 and get a Webber kettle? Or is a kamado an experience not to be missed? Thoughts?
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