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  1. Those butts look killer. Ribs look great too.
  2. I have a concrete patio, so I just set it down on the concrete or on a few large flat stones I have in the yard.
  3. This was a bag of dough from Trader Joes. Not bad at all, and convenient, but I know there is better out there.
  4. So it wasn't made from scratch, but still was very tasty for my first attempt. I put an old 13" pizza stone on top of the grill expander to get it up higher. I am looking forward to trying it again, and checking out some dough recipes.
  5. That is awesome, congrats. I am jealous cause they never do a roadshow near me.
  6. Thanks. Yes. building that habit is important. Will be doing it every time now.
  7. I have done this several times with great success. I outlined it here: Comes out great, and doesn't taste like it was made the day before. Hope it helps.
  8. I have had my big joe for about a year now. Last night I decided to do a cleaning for the first time. From what I understand, it is high heat (600+), put the accessories on, and burn for 30 - 60 mins, then shut down the vents and let it cool. Then the next day I was going to use a nylon brush to wipe out the ash and bits. Now, let me back up a sec so this makes more sense. This is my first kamado cooker. I have have heard about burping the cooker, but I have never done it before. Most of my cooking has been low and slow, and the highest I have ever had the cooker is 400-500. I have never burped, and never had a problem ever. I am not a I-don't-need-rules or too-cool-for-school kind of guy. It is not that I didn't think it was ever necessary. I had just been cooking for a whole year, and never done it, so it just wasn't on my mind when I stepped up to the Joe last night. I am sure those of you who know can see where this is going already... Back to last night: So I checked on it and saw that it was in the 700 - 750 range. I thought it might be getting a little high, and I thought "well, this is the highest I have ever had it. I wonder what it looks like inside." I open the lid (again, not even thinking about the need to burp at these temps and full firebox), and boom. Took my mind about a sec to process what was happening when the fire ballooned up and out, all the way above my hand on the handle as the lid was up. Burned the hair off the inside of my arms and got a slight burn on one arm. I went inside to put some aloe on it, and something felt wrong on my face. I looked in the mirror and the front of the hair on my head had burned and my eyebrows were singed. I don't really have enough hair to have bangs, and don't recommend losing more hair this way. So, big lesson learned. It is not that I didn't know it was possible, but I was complacent. For the second part of my story: I got the fire under control and continued to burn it for about an hour between 500 and 600. In the end, it didn't burn or loosen or ash as much as I thought it would. Here is how I had it configured, with the ss grates on lower and the accessory rack with the heat deflectors on top (dirtiest side down). The second pic is this morning after it had cooled. I turned one side over, and not as much burned off as I thought it would. So I am looking for some advice. Should I have: - Left the lid closed and just kept it at 700+ and let it burn? - Configured the parts for the cleaning burn differently? ie- putting the heat deflector lower - Done nothing, what I got is what I should expect from a cleaning burn - Something completely different? Inside the dome and body did not seem to ash over like I thought it would. And finally, one pic of the steak I made last night before the tragedy that will from now on be called the "Kamado Haircut" at my house.
  9. Ah, who doesn't like Brinner? (breakfast for dinner) Looks great!
  10. Some superb answers in here. This thread should be required reading for anyone new to kamado cooking.
  11. So many great rub choices. I like Meat Church's lineup (i hear they have a new one being released this week). I tried this on a pork butt this weekend and it was fantastic: https://www.hardcorecarnivore.com/products/hardcore-carnivore-red
  12. Thanks for asking this, I had been wondering the same thing. I have never heard of it before, and had no idea what to do with one.
  13. I meant to add, it was my first time trying Hardcore Carnivore Red rub on the pork butt and it was fantastic. Everyone loved it.
  14. That sounds like a smart idea, will have to try that.
  15. Yesterday I had some family visiting from out of town and was excited to make them something. We had pulled pork, brisket burnt ends, and I made a smoked/roasted garlic aioli. The garlic spread turned out to be sort of a happy accident. I way over cooked the garlic, and instead of it being creamy, it was hard. It still had great flavor though, and it came out more like smoked granulated garlic. Even though it wasn't what I was going for, it still was great and everyone loved it. Here is what I put in it: Garlic cloves and the olive oil it was cooked in, mayo, Dijon mustard, dash of Worcestershire, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The sandwich is the pork with burnt ends on top, and the garlic spread. It was pretty fantastic.
  16. Smokey1


    Gas is easier, but that is probably the only thing that is better about it. I have a gas grill, an offset smoker, and a KJ. If someone told me I could only have one, I would wheel the gas and offset to the curb in a heartbeat and never think twice about it. I wouldn't even have to stop to think about it, it is that much better. Anything can have a problem, but I can honestly say that my KJ is one of the few things in my life that met every expectation I had. There are very few things I have ever purchased that I was as happy with. A lot it is going to depend on you though. If you only grill some burgers a few times a month, then sure you could stick with the gasser (even though burgers come out better on the KJ). Best of luck in your choice. I don't think it is much risk cause Costco is known for having a stellar return policy.
  17. Almost anything will work. If I had to pick one, I like a thin, flexible fillet knife like this one: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/wusthof-pro-flexible-fillet-knife/?catalogId=16&sku=2419778&cm_ven=Google_PLA&cm_cat=Shopping&cm_pla=default&cm_ite=default&kwid=productads-adid^43263583663-device^c-plaid^267521557583-sku^2419778-adType^PLA&gclid=CjwKCAjwsqjKBRBtEiwAkWyN3xWStzLICLhFwQBeeG-Hj_BFfJcgXJGn9qGbjFnWA9b7TgmbxAAAFxoC6pMQAvD_BwE
  18. Anyone have suggestions one what to put a Joe Jr. on? Are people just putting them on a table, custom built platform, or just setting it on the ground?
  19. I have heard of this before. Becoming allergic to meat sounds like a nightmare I wouldn't wish on anyone.
  20. There we go, this thread was useless without a pic.
  21. I made a stuffed flank steak, mostly from a recipe I found online. I pounded/tenderized the flank steak to get it a little thinner, and then layered it with homemade pesto, mozzarella, and procuitto. Rolled and tied it about every 2-3 inches with kitchen twine, used a few bamboo skewers to help hold it together, and sliced it before putting it on my KJ. Overall I was really happy with it. The procuitto seemed to get lost in it, couldn't really taste it or tell it was there. I loved the pesto with it though. (will try to upload the pic in a min, site is telling me it can't be more than 9.77 mb when the pic is only 4mb.)
  22. I was wondering if the 5 "likes" a day restriction is permanent, or just because I am new. I have been on a lot of boards and never run into this. I tried to give a like this morning and it said I had already done 5 today, but I hadn't. Thanks.
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