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  1. On 4/1/2017 at 11:15 AM, gbaldwin81 said:

    I got a pit boss last week and just did the gasket modification. I found that after my first few cooks you could still see smoke coming out of the top vent when everything was closed. The top vent seemed pretty loose and after putting another layer of nomex felt tape made it fit incredibly snug. 


    I checked the bottom vent and it seemed really well sealed up with a heat resistant caulk. When I examined it from the inside I could see a little daylight at the bottom of the vent where the gasket wasn't quite thick enough. I cut off an inch or two of the tape and shoved it in there to block it out. I may get a tube of the heat resistant sealant and see if I can seal it better if needed.


    I also replaced the thermometer based on other reviews of the grill. The whole modification cost $30 and took 15 minutes to do. 


    can you tell me which thermometer did you use? is it on amazon?


  2. On 7/11/2017 at 7:39 PM, jadocs said:


    When you put your top vent on did you notice that it was not a snug fit? Smoke or air can escape from underneath it with the top vents closed. The single layer of felt on the lid (chimney) is not thick enough.


    As far as the bottom vent, if you get some smoke going on your grill and close all your vents, then burp your lid and close it again you will see where smoke escapes. On mine it was at the bottom of my lower vent where there was no factory sealant and on each end (left and right) of the vent (but not much in this area...I won't do anything in this area until I seal the top with felt and see how it goes).


    Burping the lid and closing it forces smoke out so you can see immediately where it needs to be sealed. If smoke can get out then burning coal can suck air in and remain smoldering. Enough smoke escaped out underneath my lower vent that it required me to seal it.


    i am a newbie can you provide some pictures on this fix? just got my grill setup. 


    can i use the nomex tape for this fix?




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