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  1. I asked the guy to open the box that was already missing the green straps and he opened the top part then stopped. I trusted it was ok, dumbass me, right ? I made three trips, 'just taking it back' has gotten a little old. I'm new to when new models come out, that's why I asked. Sorry it bothered you so.
  2. I think I will. The roadshow will be an hour away fro me soon I think.
  3. Thanks man. I wouldn't have the patience anywhere else and I understand it's not their fault. It's a little annoying to have help them take things apart but I know they are busy.
  4. That lid wouldn't close either and it turned out the seal on the backside had worn through to the ceramic due to being out of alignment. Now if they were to knock off some more money I wouldn't complain. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask but not sure how they are as far as that goes. I haven't been a member but for a few weeks. It's a lot of driving back and forth to be thirty minutes away. What's bad is who's to say the next one won't be damaged, short of taking it out of the box before taking it home and that's a lot to have to go through. I'll give it one more shot (maybe).
  5. The bottom section was cracked on the first one. They just wanted to swap out the damaged part although I pushed to get a new one. They said it would be easier to swap out the damaged part. So I load it up alone, go back and help the associate take the lid off the floor model after he tried three times to get the right tools. I managed with a pair of vice grips and a wrench. We carry that out to my truck, take the top off mine and I carry both pieces home only to find out after trying an hour, I couldn't get the lid to even up. I also noticed the seal had worn through, probably since it was the floor model and lots of openings and closings. I go back yesterday and say I'd like a new one or a refund. She looks it up and says they are in the area and should be in the store today. They haven't called yet so I may later. I've made three trips to the store but they have been really nice, just short on help. I didn't mind helping them dissemble the the floor model and taking my lid off to swap the bottoms but they are heavy alone.
  6. Anyone know when the 2018 version will be out ? I've been having trouble with getting a replacement from Costco that's not damaged and was told a new shipment would probably be in today. Just curious if these may be 2018 or still trying to move the 2017 ones.
  7. Just got mine home earlier, put stand together and cut box off to find the lower section cracked. Back to Costco I go.
  8. I wanna like the last three posts but it only gives me five. I like them though.
  9. Thanks for all of these replies. I plan to use it a couple times a week like with my kettle to avoid any problems from sitting too long. I'm dying to do a rack of ribs and a butt. I enjoy the overnight cooks with the butts in the cold 20-30 degree weather, which is rare in eastern NC it seems.
  10. I grew up in Salisbury, so I know you know BBQ!!
  11. Same here. If you're ever at Carolina Beach or Wilmington NC, the offer stands. (I need to sell a WSM 18.5", it's hard to beat and I've got it dialed in with a guru dx2 but I shouldn't even need that with the Kamado style grill. What's scary is how will they change next years model to make them better then I'll wish I had waited. I doubt they'll do much more but don't have a clue)
  12. Looks like I'm gonna be able to stay, brother. I appreciate the offer.
  13. I'm going with the Pit Boss 24 at Costco. I went to wal mart to get some gear oil to finish my boat oil change and walking out i saw a 22" from last year for $600. I opened it and it felt like it sealed damn good but I noticed how much smaller the grilling space was compared to the 24. I did actually mention it to my wife and she's all in. Especially when I told her I could get the 24" 2017 for $534 at Costco. I called and they have two left. Looks like I'll have to get it when they open in the morning. I ran into a snag with the oil change, waiting on neighbor to bring a part. I'll post pics for sure.
  14. Screw it. I'm going to get it. (I may need your address for a place to stay, later)
  15. lol. Yeah that's the best way to a woman's heart I guess. Her favorite food is oysters, they're not in season here in Wilmington, NC. Dang it.
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