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  1. I agree with you on all points, I don't think a customer should have to send multiple emails and call to get coverage on what was promised to you when you purchased the item, grill company or otherwise. I agree with the other person and you as well that the there should be no difference in customer service between calling and emailing. I don't think good customer service is difficult either, I emailed an outdoor survival company the other month saying that a ferrocerium rod I bought worked as should, but in the future they should make a certain piece a little longer to help the product function better. I got an email back within 24 hrs form the co-owner saying it's a known issue that they were working on resolving, also stating that feedback like I just provided is how they continue to improve their company and product. It was very professional, that company will continue to get my business.
  2. Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully you don't get banned for posting this topic.
  3. My 4th tower started peeling the other day, seems the issues isn't resolved.
  4. Please understand that I'm willing to work with you to stay in your guidelines. I guess just delete everything before "either way?" I don't think the videos violate the TOS, that's in cannon with the OP right?
  5. Thank you to whomever reported this thread to Kamado Joe. I received an email from the company rep, copying and pasting from this forum, that proved my previous points beyond a shadow of a doubt. I won't go into detail because it's against the forums TOS. But if you guys and gals got what I just got, most of you would be returning your grills. This is an interesting forum, one day last week I'm called a KJ fanboy that would buy a box of manure if KJ was stamped on it because I showed interest in KJ's new temp controller. The next week I'm shown the most fantastic incredulity and skepticism one could imagine you'd get from a group of fanboys that I'm supposedly a part of. Either way. This has been an eye opening experience. Time to join em'. Back to the OP, I wouldn't want this to be removed for containing customer service complaints. Lets go a head and see them vids.... I brought them back just for this. As you can see the bottom video being my new tower, there was too much protective coating on it not allowing the cap to sit inside the tower rendering the grill unusable, try as we might to work it in. I played with the tower at costco before buying so I know it should just slip on and rotate freely. In the 2nd is an issue similar to the OP's pictures. I saw this after a long smoke on the 4th of july, I pulled this tower off the grill because I didn't want any of the protective coating going in the coal. Who knows what off-gassing may occur?
  6. It's a shame that the interactions you've had with others in the past lead you to interpret what I said that way. It was my impression, given to me by my rep, that they ask everyone to upload and provide pictures / video to claim warranty for defective parts. But to the point of the OP, KJ has a serious issue to resolve. I'm going onto my 3rd vent for different problems.
  7. @TKOBBQ @Polar Bear I think the two of you are making many assumptions of a situation you know little about. And assumptions are never flattering. 1 - I wouldn't call their service cordial and I would not say prompt either, not being able to use a $1,500 grill for the 1st week I owned it is not prompt service. The email exchanges have been coarse and seldom polite, I get the impression from my contact that I'm an inconvenience when asking for a working grill. 2-They asked me for pictures and videos of the issues before they would file a warranty claim, the only way I know how to link them a video in email is through youtube, and after dealing with their warranty claims two times now it seems posting the video on youtube is the only way to get prompt help. This last time I tried a nice email and pictures but I didn't get a response UNTIL I sent them a video. Also.... I put in my warranty claim over a week ago and I still don't have a working kontrol tower. 3 - "Especially when you consider that the people who post videos about how something went wrong rarely post another video after the company makes it right" This is entirely wrong! The 2 videos (only viewed 2-4 times) I made at their request were promptly deleted, however if you look at my social media account with hundreds of followers you'll see that I expound the virtues of the kamado joe, brand and product results! https://www.instagram.com/shipmonster/?hl=en From my point of view I've been nothing but accommodating and patient to the KJ company while they sort out their issues. I wrote that post in a hurry but that doesn't preclude you guys from asking questions 1st before assuming I'm out to attack or disrespect the company.
  8. YES I have this issue and this is my replacement! The 1st one I got with the KJ had too many layers so the top vent wouldn't fit on the tower. Now this happened after 2 weeks of use. I had posted this on Youtube but the people at Kamado joe keep asking me to take my videos down. I have another replacement on the way as we speak.
  9. I wish you the best of luck, let me know how it turns out! And I've found that using acidic fruit juices with meat will work ( I learned from Korean Bulgogi) but the timing has to be right or they will just break the meat down too much like you said. I'll add some more details for you to help out... I seasoned the outside with holy cow, then vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer for a week. Took it out to thaw a day early. I injected the pineapple / honey hog mix only minutes before it went on the smoker. I wrapped the brisket in butchers paper around 150 deg and left it there for the rest of the cook. I could've probably cooked at a higher temp to complete it faster but I had the time, and I like the tradition of long smokes.
  10. Started a brisket Saturday night for a loooooooooooooooong smoke and the results were outta' this world. This was a section cut from a whole packer (starting to realize it does make for a better brisket) it was seasoned with holy cow rub and injected with their Honey hog injection powder. The liquid I used for the injection was 100% pineapple juice hoping it would tenderize the internal meat because of the acidity of the juice..... and I was very much correct on this. I couldn't really try the "pull test" because it would fall apart just lifting it up lol. BTW I cooked it to exactly 201F ( I've heard magic happens at 203 but I didn't want to risk anything for 2 deg). I let it rest in a cooler for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. The smell was too good to let it sit any longer. I don't think the cut picture does this cook justice, I'm telling you I've had brisket from Texas to Florida, expensive to cheap, and this was far and away my new favourite. (edit) I just wanted to say that I'm still blown away at the efficiency of this cooker. 19 HOURS at 220-245!!! I don't know how you can mess up a meal on this thing! Click to enlarge...
  11. +1 Back in my day we had to talk to people one on one, at their face. Leave it up to scientist at CERN to develop and algorithm that allows people to share ideas on some kind of "net" without actually going to their house and talking with them. Why not just buy 2 cups and put a string on them? Oh wait.......
  12. The more I read the more I like this idea. Esp the quick start up procedure for after work dinners. Even if it's not 2 minutes it'd still be nice to light and leave, go clean up and come back just to put the meat on. Next question is how do I get on the "list" to test one of these bad boys out???
  13. I find this thread very interesting and while I have been keeping an eye out for blower temp controller things like this.... I must admit that I've yet to have an issue with temp control on the KJ. I feel like after taking years to master smoking on really terrible propane and coal smokers this kamado business is a cake walk. I just did an 16/17hr pork butt for the 4th of July with almost no heat variance. I've cooked almost every night with this KJ for the last month. I will say that I'd like a digital temp sensor just to make sure the temp is correct and for the price I may as well just buy one of these....
  14. I don't know if the taste will be different but I know that when I use the pizza stone on top of the soap stone I have great results. Just check out the crust I got on my last pizza. I can't imagine putting it on the walls will provide any notable difference in baking, but I could be wrong. Give it a try and let us know how it works
  15. Guten tag I think I know the technique you're talking about and I would say to use a pizza stone for all breads. I don't know the outcome of putting bread like naan but I know when I make bread on the Kamado Joe it's fantastic off the pizza stone. Make sure the pizza stone is on the soap stone too.
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