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  1. I suck without a goal

    I get a goal in front of me, and I do pretty well. Without, though, I just suck at routinely getting to the gym, eating right, etc. I've backslid a bit from where I was 2 years or so ago, but still better than what I was 5 or so years back. Got started running obstacle races, and progressed to Spartan Races. Have done seven or eight of em now, I think. Two years back did a 13-mile beast and a 5-mile sprint on back-to-back days. (Was a good idea when I signed up, not so much on the second of those days). Completed the trifecta a month later (with a tear in my rotator cuff - made that interesting.) Last year, trained and completed my first marathon. Problem with that was I was sick a couple times in training, likely pushing to hard. The last was in the month ahead of the race, which started at a pretty high altitude. Come race day, I started having trouble breathing at about Mile 8 or so. By the halfway point, the paramedics were checking my O2 levels. I finished the race, though wound up walking most of the final 10 miles, simply because any more than that and I couldn't breathe. Really, really frustrated. I knew I'd be slow anyway, and was fine with that -- but that wasn't how I wanted that to go. So I let myself pull down into quite a funk since. Rest turned into laziness, which was then hit when I came down with bronchitis and was hacking for a month. So, needing to get off my ###. Just hard to get going once again. But I need a goal. Otherwise, it just doesn't happen. So, I think I'm gonna go after another marathon. There's one up close here that's relatively easy, with one big hill midway. Otherwise, mostly flat course and a time cutoff of 7.5 hours. It is almost a full calendar year away, so I'll need something else a little more short-term and will look for that. But, with any luck, I'll actually run through a marathon in 2018. (And then can hang up any thoughts of trying that again!)
  2. Breakfast for dinner

    Did breakfast for dinner again tonight - same menu, it added chopped bacon and diced sweet peppers to the hash. Good dinner
  3. Chopped up a couple of the leftovers, threw them in with some onions and peppers and yakisoba noodles with some soy sauce. Quality results for leftover surprise.
  4. Did the wontons hold up ok? Wondered if they might sog a bit. Look amazing.
  5. I dunno. lighting aflame a handful of nacho cheese Doritos with your standard long lighter is pretty simple. And cheaper.
  6. Thanks, all. Kiddo said maybe not so much "whatever it is that made my lips tingly a little after I ate them."
  7. (I also lucked out a bit to find a couple of great racks for decent price. I think they were only $11ish apiece, and they were stupidly meaty.)
  8. Beef ribs?

    beef ribs the same as pork in terms of knowing when they're done via the bend test?
  9. Would definitely eat either way! Just wondered how much got buried under the sauce. They look incredible. definitely something I'd try to make!
  10. thanks. Yeah, I didn't want them falling off but wanted to try to walk the line between the two. I think it worked well. Definitely hung to the bone well, but retained moisture amazingly well. I know the thing is built in a way that meat isn't supposed to dry out anyway. But foiled up, I think, it just seemed to work perfectly. I think they were on probably a total of 4:15, with it hanging right at 250 for about 95 percent of the time. Might have been able to get a darker bark if I skipped foiling, but I managed to hit a home run first time out, so I hesitate to change anything much for next time.
  11. would those even need sauced? They look like something I'd eat straight off the grill outta that first picture!
  12. My kiddo is a rib fiend. She loves em. And has been wanting me to do some up, so the first real rib cook of my Akorn's life went down today. Was my mother-in-law's birthday so made up ribs, potatoes, rolls, corn, beans, etc. Great meal. But the star, of course, baby back ribs. Made a nice spicy/sweet rub and let it rest overnight . Paprika, pepper, salt, brown sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne. (Here's about 90 minutes in:) Managed to get two of em on there, but wasn't a whole lotta room after that! Got the thing pretty quickly dialed in and nailed it at 250. It only fluctuated when I had to open the lid for any amount of time, and never pushes past 300 even then. Was able to fairly quickly dial it back down to 250 comfortably. Let them go for 2 hours, then foiled for 1 just to retain some moisture and get a little of the 'fall off the bone' without it actually, ya know, falling off the bone and requiring a fork to eat. Just drizzled with some honey, put a bit of butter in there and some apple juice. (post-foiling:) Let em go for an hour, then out of foil and back on grill. After 30 minutes, put on a great little sauce I made up. Went with a more vinegar taste than straight-up sweet. Wanted to let the meat and smoke and the cook shine through -- too often, I think people use super sweet sauces to hide things. Tomato paste, water, cider vinegar, molasses, sugar, chili powder, black pepper, white pepper, celery salt. Mopped that on there, let it go a bit, flipped and mopped. Did that set twice over last 30 minutes and they were ready to go. Father in law claims it was a better helping of meat than the ribeye we had at the steakhouse last night. and MIL - who would rather eat a plate of pasta, typically, than any meats - took down three big ribs happily. The sauce - had a bit left that I offered up - was, FIL, said, perfect. I'd never done it before so wasn't sure how it would work, but I was really really happy with it. Perfect partner with the ribs. I think breakfast for dinner is on the menu for tomorrow, again. But next week's weekend cook just may be brisket -- with beef ribs soon to follow. For now, I think I'll enjoy a few leftovers.
  13. Beef ribs?

    good education here ... I think next week I'm gonna explore my beef rib options. Tomorrow, baby backs. I'm thinking 225-250? Thinking they'll maybe take 4 hours or so. I think.
  14. Living in the Mountains

    Just contributing to the creepy crawlies ...
  15. Beef ribs?

    Looking for something I've not done before but also something that is tough to completely screw up. Never have done beef ribs, so thought I might give those a shot. What do you experts say?