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  1. The like-butter slicing with the steak knife was so fun. ha! Wasn't sure just what to do with them, so tried to treat them a bit like ribs - wanted to get them hot enough to get em tender, but didn't want to dry them out in that attempt, so pulled in the foiling. By luck or skill, it turned out.
  2. Wife asked a bit back if I could do anything with some bone in pork blade steaks. I informed her that with the Akorn, I can do something with anything. Tonight, I proved at least part of the statement. Went simple. Salted and seasoned, then on at 250. Let them sit happy and they got to above 160 internal, and I did some foil, light sweet and spicy sauce from Stubbs, steak on top, then unsalted butter and some brown sugar. Let them go and be all happy in the juices for half an hour or so, then out and used direct heat to set the sauce still on em. Tender? Yup. Pecan came through nicely, too. Fantastic meal with some corn and brown rice.
  3. Looks like pretty much the same thing - might've been easier to go with the biscuit dough for sure. I thunk of it because my kiddo is always getting garlic knots when we decide to order in, so was a play on those. wasn't sure how they'd turn out on the akorn, but were delicious.
  4. While food on sticks is a good thing ... wings just are too much work, generally, for so little meat. (Like antelope hunting!) They tasted great and may well do them again in a larger batch for a gathering, though. and the pizza bites were a big hit at well. The cheese held the whole thing together, but the pepperoni dividers did as hoped and there's a clean pull apart. the fam definitely devoured. and left a bucha bones and dirty dishes for me to clean ... gonna need that last shot here soon.
  5. I'd never done wings before, either. Guess we've got a good dose of that going around! Aside from everything else, my friend, you plate beautifully and take magazine-like photos.
  6. Making it in just under the gun on this one ... Thought for a while about just what I'd pair with the wings. I've made some fantastic ABTs, adding in some chorizo, and thought about that. But I wanted to do something new. I've never done wings, either, so figured let's make it an adventure all around. Ultimately, decided that pizza pairs with wings well. But a pizza is just a thang. And the instructions said I needed more than one. I needed thangs. So I adapted the idea and went with it. The wife and daughter aren't big on spice, so I walked the line with spiciness, adding enough sweet to make it work. That's why I went with honey - and bourbon? Well, why not? (Though now I'm sadly down to one last large shot in that bottle and I'm going to have to get a new one. Worth it.) Into some base bbq sauce, added honey, brown sugar, cayenne, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, bourbon and some Texas Pete's hot sauce. Combined and let it simmer, then set aside. For the wings, just added some basic rub to a bag, along with a bit more salt and then some corn starch. shook it up and got them all happy, then put on with some apple wood at about 225. They went for about 90 minutes or so. Cranked the heat, sauced them, and then dropped them back on for 10 minutes or so to set the glaze. The thangs ... super easy. Took some pizza dough, dropped in a pepperoni slice and some mozzarella, then balled em. Put them in a sprayed aluminum pie plate, brushed with garlic butter. Then divided each of them with a slice of pepperoni so that they didn't all cook together into one blob. (That wound up working like a charm when it came time to pull them apart!) little bit of parsley and then shredded cheese on top, and put it on until it started getting golden brown -- probably about 50-55 minutes or so. The plan was to have some Alabama white sauce made up as well, but I neglected to get either horseradish or lemon when I was at the store and so I nixed that and we just went basic barbarian and used ranch on paper plates.
  7. Inspired, went with the smash for dinner last night, after letting a batch of beans smoke for a couple hours.
  8. Man ... I've gotta have you teach some lessons on how to build that large an army! I'm pushing forward with a lone soldier, but even getting him a partner would be pretty great. Course, the boss would have to agree ...
  9. Did this one again tonight - though didn’t glaze at all, and used evaporated milk. I think the glaze definitely helps but didn’t taste a difference between evaporated milk and sour cream. had a bit leftover so made a couple of personal sized versions to pack with some brown rice for lunches.
  10. It's interesting to me. For no real reason, I think I just assume that meat is better fresh, right? But I haven't had any troubles with smoking something that was frozen before -- and have wondered if it even might help. Wondered if the freezing might break down some of the tissues in the meat that could just make it even more tender. But I'm no scientist. I just eat lots of meat and find myself pondering.
  11. I'm interested in your smoking and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. And as a side pondering ... What does the freezing/thawing process do to the taste and texture of meats and their smoking results?
  12. I had some already hard boiled and peeled ... put em in for maybe 25 minutes at 225 ... and that's exactly what I got, too. goofy texture that wasn't all that pleasant.
  13. It was definitely moist - just not sure that it was a result of the injector work. But was fun to play with a new toy, anyway. The trial run was more of a try not to die than a run. way snowy and icy. lots of elevation gain in those five miles. showed me how not-ready I am for the spartan race I'm doing in a month!
  14. While admittedly I've done zero searching on the site ... any advice on injecting meats? (Or is it even all that necessary on the kamado, considering how moist it already leaves stuff?)
  15. Oh, the food was great. Just not super exciting or creative compared to most of what you fine people pull together!
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