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  1. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    One thing I’ve done also, I realized randomly, is use some chicken stock along with the water when simmering the giblets and veggies. Usually one box or so. Resulting broth is so much better. *also, I put maybe a tsp of poultry seasoning into the mix when I’m sautéing the celery and onions for stuffing. Usually do a cup of celery and 1/2 cup onion in 1/2 cup butter. Seasoning and a hot of salt and pepper.
  2. Burgers

    probably just over 1/3 lb
  3. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    Yup - you've got it there. I do the same with the pot - but add in necks. That adds a ton. I also have started throwing in some carrots. I'm not sure if it truly adds that much, but once I did it starting my run of home-run stuffing, so the carrots stay. I also salt and pepper the thing. I will let it simmer for a few hours, letting it reduce a bit. Then do the straining. I don't use stuffing mix. I use dry bread cubes. You can get them in many bakeries if you don't wanna make your own. Butter in a pan, along with the SnP. Saute thin-sliced celery and diced onion. then dice the giblets, roughly chop the neck meat, and add it to your bread. slowly pour in your broth, just until the bread is moistened, but not soggy. alton brown doesn't know what he's missing out on, because then you stuff the bird cavity. rest of it goes into the fridge, in a covered dish. with about 45 minutes left on the bird, you can put the extra in there alongside, uncovered. Mix in the in-the-bird stuffing when all is done into the dished stuff, and you have a combination of flavors that I wait for all year. (The rest of your stock, hold onto. If you don't have enough drippings to get the amount of gravy you want later, that works well.)
  4. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    I do kind of an oyster stuffing start, but with the giblets diced up and mixed in. And no oysters. Getting a good broth to wet it down is key. And then mixing that soggy from the bird stuff into the stuff cooked outside, so you get the mix of wet and crispy. But those little tiny pieces of giblets ... that’s the best.
  5. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    yeah, I'm good with the standard fare, too. I'm in it for the sides. and the pie. I may do a cherry cobbler on the akorn, now that I think on it.
  6. Just how much do y'all use the smoker for the best eating day of the year? I've decided to go with the standard turkey in the oven, if only because the in-laws are coming over and I can't have a failed first-time turkey cook on the Akorn. (Past that, though, I worry about doing stuffing in the smoker -- and the turkey is, for me, merely a vehicle to get killer stuffing, which I have in recent years mastered.) I did pick up a nice little duck that I will be dropping on the smoker. I think I know what I'm going to do with it, in general (mandarins and shallots inside, salt and pepper out). And have an idea for a little leftovers re-cook for the following day. But find myself wondering what else I might be able to do on there for the big day? Feels I'm letting a lot of space go unused with that duck. I suppose some Asparagus on the top rack. And I've found the fam is liking when I smoke some potatoes and then mash them. But any side-dishes you guys go back to year after year for the smoker?
  7. Burgers

    Well, I eyeball on a straight-up grill. But wasn't sure how long they'd need on the smoker since I'm new at it and all. (And it was, I think, probably in single digits, and not sure what that would do to the temps on the akorn. didn't really seem to bother it much if at all.) waited for it to hit 150 and dropped on some cheese. turned out well, though I should make them a bit more thin and wide next time. in a hurry and wound up more like mini meatloaves.
  8. Burgers

    Hadn’t done burgers yet, so I’ve now checked that off the akorn list. And found a new meat supplier. The supermarket actually has good meat, but found a rancher that sells individual stuff. Just skipping the middleman. The 80/20 ground looks incredible. Montana grass fed beef? Yup.
  9. Chicken & Dumplins

    I debated trying to do some on the Akorn ... wondering if maybe I get the temp right so that I can make the stock on there. Would it pick up the smoke that way? Simmers for 2 hrs. Goes 30 minutes or so at end, once dumplins go in. They swell and then reduce and thicken the stock. Maybe that’s the time to get a kiss of smoke?
  10. Chicken & Dumplins

    Will do. (as I enjoy the best part of a chicken & dumplin cook ... leftovers.)
  11. Chicken & Dumplins

    I'll get it together on here for ya tomorrow. The dumplins really are spot on for CB's version. I always double the dumplins so we have lots of leftovers for a few days. the wife's favorite meal. she says she dreamed about them last night. ha! the cheesecake has a crumbed crust of graham crackers/oreo cookies (minus the filling). spread that with a bit of peanut butter, then the filling, swirled with chocolate sauce. supposed to then put fudge topping on after cooling, and then sprinkle crumbled peanut butter cups on that. we cut out the fudge atop. and used sugar free chocolate syrup. so now it is healthy, I think.
  12. Chicken & Dumplins

    Capped with a Reese’s Pieces inspired cheesecake.
  13. This is a pretty dead-on copycat of the Cracker Barrel chicken & dumplins. Love this stuff.
  14. Spatchcocked Turkey

    I’d love to do mine this way - but then the stuffing just wouldn’t be the same.