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  1. From the Char-Griller post: We are celebrating a partnership with Cooking With Jack and the BBQ Wars Tour - Texas edition! LIKE US on Facebook and LIKE this post to enter our BBQ Wars Tour Giveaway, and have a chance to win the NEW Texas Trio gas and charcoal grill. Bonus entry for sharing this post. For more information about the Texas Trio, visit our website here: http://bit.ly/2FPaH6a ______________________________________ Contest closes March 25th, 2018. Winner chosen and announced March 27th. For official rules, visit http://bit.ly/2u465Un https://www.chargriller.com/pages/bbq-wars-giveaway-rules?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=Char-Griller
  2. well, you've given me an excuse to get a vacuum sealer ... so there's the first step!
  3. Wishing I had more than a wife and kiddo to feed so that I could justify a brisket cook!
  4. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    Thanks! started doing cheese underneath taco meat a bit back in hard shells because then it actually melts and also doesn’t just topple off with one bite. Went with the same approach here.
  5. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    Not sure if mole poblano is typically in a taco - but it should be forevermore.
  6. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    Was a first for me also. Not last. Generally pretty easy - all told, 60ish minutes. Added such a depth of taste!
  7. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    Bit of leftovers indeed! Never have ave made a mole like this, but good lord it was amazing. Balance of earthy peppers, heat from adobo, sweet from chocolate ... the play was so good. Then add in the smoke and we had quite a winner winner chicken taco dinner.
  8. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    *thought I had ancho peppers - not nacho. Ha - stupid auto correct
  9. Colorado Chicken Tacos

    (And this is where the dog got a first taste and went on the prowl for more - this is the pose when a piece of chicken gets dropped on the floor while unskewering:)
  10. So changed up my standard taco game a bit ... wound up with a dish that tastes exponentially better than it looks. Wasnt super complicated ... rehydrated some peppers - these have a kind of earthy, nutty smell and flavor. Thought I had some nacho peppers also but did not, otherwise would have done some of those as well. sauteed half an onion with some garlic, then added peppers, oregano, cumin, salt, pepper and chicken broth. Brought it to temp and zapped it in my ninja. Strained out the bits and back in the pan, where I added some adobo sauce and some dark chocolate - took some of this out right here and used it lightly brushed on chicken when I put it on. Rest of it simmered down into I suppose a mole. (Daughter was shocked that I would put chocolate in tacos!) was pretty spicy for what what I knew they’d like so tweaked and added a TBS or so of honey to balance a bit for her and the wife. While that went down, put chicken in with light dusting of rub and some sauce. When hose were done, took some flour tortillas and put a light layer of refried beans - forgot to photo those being made - and then some Mexican blend cheese. Let them go on the smoker till they started to crisp a bit and cheese melted. Then in to assemble, with the Colorado sauce/mole and some crema. They were outstanding. Even the dog got half when the wife left one unattended.
  11. SO bummed I didn’t get to go hunting this year. Nothing better than venison - and back strap is the first or second meal every time! (Competes with heart, pan fried with onions and butter)
  12. Any help with salmon?

    I did! Turned out so fantastic. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/38288-honeysoy-salmon-atop-orzo-salad/
  13. Chef’s prime pork steak

    Yeah, I'm kicking myself for only picking up two packages. I've got one more in the freezer for down the road, at least, but they were so tasty and quick, I should've gotten a few more. Just wasn't sure how they'd turn out at the time I saw em.
  14. Chef’s prime pork steak

    Yeah, that cake was a sugar monstrosity. ha! Have I just been not paying attention to those little steaks? They're essentially a pork chop, but I liked them better. Cook quickly, without a bone, but aren't the quarter-inch thick little boneless chops that don't tend to have much flavor, if you can keep them from drying out. (And I didn't talk too fast. I was worried I'd just fall over myself! I think they wanted me in just because I'm friends and neighbor with one of the leaders, and I'm on the radio. Just had fun, interviewed the kids, teased the crowd, etc. It was a lot of fun, and I think we made about $800 or $900, which was pretty cool.)