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  1. Chops and taters

    hey, I even placed! I'm thrilled to be on the podium on that one.
  2. No long thread tonight, just a few pictures of a basic dinner with twice-smoked potatoes and some little pork chops. the akorn is so incredible. these little chops always, every time, dry out when you do them in the pan on the stovetop. And even though I left them on a few too many minutes today, still not dried out. unreal. And the kid inhaled it. (She did, though, ask as I fired it up tonight "are you making schawarma?" Seems that was a bigger hit than I realized with her.)
  3. Flies?

    At the risk of bugging y'all with flies in the food area ... never have noticed it too much before, but tonight, fired up the Arkorn. Let it get to temp, went back outside, and flies all over the patio. Each time I go out to check stuff, they've multiplied. It's like the start of a horror movie. Are they drawn to smoke/meat smell/something in the air? It's nuts!
  4. Dutch Oven Bierocks (aka Runza)

    Never heard of those, but look great! Reminds me of something we have here called a pasty. Basically a hand-held version of a pot pie, I suppose. Something the wives of the miners started packing in lunches back in the day.
  5. hey, thanks! I guess I could've gotten in and messed with it - I just post em as they take. And that one I think hit the lens with some fog.
  6. I like it just with a bit of the juice on there and, weirdly, a buttered bun. Great combo according to my taste buds.
  7. Pork medallion with bacon

    That's a meal I'd tuck into.
  8. One of the best parts of doing food like this is being able to share with others and enjoy their enjoyment. Dropped some of the beef and beans with my two radio co-hosts today (I'm on the local ESPN station with them twice a week, so we're pretty close having done that for a year and change now). Heard back from one of em tonight that it was dinner for he and his wife and they were both raving.
  9. Yeah, kind of cool being able to take a chuck roast that didn't cost but about $8 and turn it into something pretty fantastic. And into something that winds up lasting for a few days of leftovers, to boot! The beans, too, were just fantastic. I think my grandma's recipe still wins in a head-to-head, but I'm probably biased. Memory and emotion tends to sway that vote, I think.
  10. Then did the sprouts, also from that same DerHusker cook. Photo of that one kind of stinks.
  11. For our main side, the baked beans: Smoked the sausage early on, when the chuck roast went on. Had to get a bit of a stack job going ...
  12. So delved deep into the search feature here ... pulled one out of 2014 from DerHusker and then grabbed one -- or really, two -- from shortyque and wb.tarleton. Main course: pulled beef. (Had to try a bite before it went into a bath of beef broth and dark roast coffee) Went to 150, then into the tub, for a few hours, then resting for 1.5 hours. Total time was about 6.5 hours before shredding.
  13. My "4" CopyCat Challenge

    Woah. How can we hope to compare??!! Incredible.
  14. Spatchcockin' & Smokin'

    Eh. Tend to be minimalist for lots of cooks. Like to let the meat taste like the meat.
  15. Spatchcockin' & Smokin'

    I thought about a brine, but wanted simple no fuss. And didn't need it. 5 lb bird came out as juicy as could be. These things are just built to keep stuff moist. Pretty incredible.