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  1. I've started using one of those corn on the cob skewer/holder dealios.
  2. I've got a loin in the freezer ... gotta figure out the stuffed thing and give it a go.
  3. Hello from Wylie, TX

    Nah, I knew you were in the Metro Mess. But “near” and “far” are relative. And their meaning changes when you spend most your life in wide open Montana and West Texas. You would be just, what, 2 hours and change drive, maybe 2 1/2? That’s nothing!
  4. Ha. Yeah, it was a good one - and just enough left over for the kiddo to have a lunch the next day. I think those boneless chops get ignored too often. Can be really good, as long as you don't hockey puck them.
  5. Hello from Wylie, TX

    spent a good chunk of my years in Texas, not too terribly far from you in Abilene. Welcome to the club!
  6. Shave Question?

    I clearly am out of the shaving loop! Had no idea there were so many options. Course, I have grown my beard out to about 3 inches or something now, so I go through blades pretty slowly - just gotta get rid of that neck beard stuff. even a bit before I went mountain man, though, I was doing dollar shave club. like it - is cheap - and the shave butter is stellar.
  7. Cooking in 6 degrees

    Man, I love watching that smoke roll in front of my snow-filled back yard and single-digit temps.
  8. Cornbread

    I haven't ... usually some jalapenos. I'll have to do a side by side with em with the corn added in. but Dave's is pretty solid.
  9. It’s me again, Margaret. Probably the best of my $3 efforts so far, we had ourselves a maple brined New York pork loin chop as the star, along with grilled & seasoned potato wedges and sourdough. Made the brine with what was in the cupboards and fridge, really. 3 cups of water, then added a half cup or so of chicken broth, some peppercorns, all spice, a fair amount of crushed garlic, bay leaf, couple TBS of salt, and then 2 TBS of maple syrup. Heated that to a boil and cooled, then used on a trio of those boneless chops – which I snatched for just $4.32 after a $2 off quick-sale coupon. Let those swim for about 6 hours. I could have gone a few more probably. Smoked with apple at 225-250. Didn’t want a sear on them being so thin, so worked on getting that purty coloring instead. Helped with look and taste in the end that down the homestretch decided to just brush on some maple syrup as a bit of a glaze. Potatoes are super cheap. Got a 5 lb bag for $1.98. Pulled out a half dozen and wedged them up. I could have made seasoning for em and made it all cheaper, but had a seasoning sauce in the panty that I wanted to try out. It was basically balsamic vinegar and roasted onion with some garlic. Tasted rosemary and black pepper in there. It bumped every plate by 79 cents, actually. So creating your own and the meal is stupidly cheap then. Roasted those covered in the oven at 400, then uncovered and moved to the smoker. Brought them in to finish under the broiler for 2 minutes or so. And then needed to fill out the plate, and didn’t want to make rolls or anything last night. So in keeping with going the easy route on the potato seasoning, I hit the bakery. You get that in the evening and you can get quick-sale coupons there, too. So nice sourdough loaf was $2.28 after a dollar off. All told, we spent $8.63, making it $2.88 per plate. The breakdown: 3 New York pork loin boneless chops, with $2 off quick sale, $4.32 Seasoning sauce for potatoes – 2.38 5 lb bag potatoes – 1.98; 16 of them in the bag, 12.3 cents apiece. Used six, 74 cents Sourdough bread, with $1 off quick sale, $2.38. Used half of loaf, for $1.19 Total: $8.63 Per plate: $2.88
  10. Cornbread

    we like the jiffy - definitely easy. I make my own sometimes. but as far as prepackaged goes, Famous Dave's is one I actually have come to like the best.
  11. Stainless steel grate

    Gotcha. I think I'm too much of a carnivore to have ventured into pizza territory yet!
  12. Monday night experiment

    I could always figure the prices and enter - but I don’t wanna take over the thread!
  13. Monday night experiment

    Did not do the math ... but stew meat was $7 and the rice was in the pantry, but usually about $2.25. Throw in some green beans and a few baby bells - juice is free because, well, typically it gets tossed - probably totals $10 for four plates.
  14. Monday night experiment

    Mid it did, the pecan smoke covered it up. But did tenderize. It could have gone more - so on an already more tender cut would be good. I have browned venison and then finished in the rice before and I think that’s the way to go with this method and the pickle juice. But the acidity or vinegar or whatever in that juice definitely helped.