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  1. The flavor gets better with use. The inside of the pit boss will begin to look nasty. That's seasoning. I recommend playing with pork shoulder and baby back ribs for a few cooks. They're easy, inexpensive, meals that help you learn your kamado and will season the cooker.
  2. I'll second this. I couldn't believe that a turkey could cook so quickly on a kamado as compared to other means of cooking. In my experience, only deep frying in peanut oil is faster.
  3. The charcoal briquettes are fine for your break in heat and for steaks, burgers, and other quick cook stuff. I have about 200 pounds of Kingsford that I bought before I bought the pit boss. I'm using it for regular cooks but I'm using lump for longer cooks like ribs, turkey, pork butt, etc... You'll have to clean the ashes after every cook with charcoal. If you let the fire box get stuffed full of ash you'll have a difficult time getting high temps because the ashes will restrict air flow. Have fun playing with the grill!
  4. I agree with this. The problem with ribs though is that using a thermometer isn't really an option. You do need to open to check if they're done. It'll take experience to know when to open the lid.
  5. Before I bought the pit boss I was using a Weber classic and I found Kingsford charcoal on sale @ $10 for 33lbs. I bought five of them and already had two. Now I have the kamado and lump is preferred. Until my Kingsford is gone I'm using it for grilling and lump for long cooks. I don't think that Kingsford charcoal will work for long cooks. Maybe the competition variant will.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the owner's manual recommends doing an initial, lower heat, commissioning of the grill. I think that it was somewhere in the 225*f area for 2 hours or so. I did it twice with mine because I was playing with the adjustments so that I could learn how to maintain the temperature. After that my first cook was simple hamburgers. You won't want to use the heat deflector for hamburgers, steaks, or anything else that requires lots of heat as quickly as possible. The deflector is more for ribs, butt and brisket.
  7. I was breast side up. I thought that having the dark meat closer to the heat would help. I might try breast side down next time to see what happens. I'm wondering if the drip pan full of liquid being closer to the thighs was causing this. I'm happy that the turkey was juicy and flavorful but I hope that next time won't be so stressful. I have a thermopro on the way to replace the thermometer that didn't work. My project for tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, is to seal up the top and bottom vents of my pit boss kamado. I finished my cook more than 4 hours ago and the grill is still over 150 degrees. There's bad weather coming so I want to get the cover on.
  8. I did this today. Early on, it became clear that my digital thermometer wasn't right. Then I tried another. It was also not working right. Because of this I had to depend on the dome thermometer and a thermo-pen. I don't like poking holes in the bird every 15 minutes but that's how this cook went. When the breast hit 160 the thighs were 140. I thought that the cook was doomed. I cooked until the thermo-pen read 160 in the thighs and then I removed the bird from the grill and tented it with foil for a bit more than 30 minutes. Despite all of the problems the bird was very juicy. The only complaint was that we could taste the grill. I'm hoping that this will improve with more use/seasoning. I used the liquid from the drip pan to make gravy. It tasted great. I'll do this again for sure. Beer can chicken is probably my next cook though.
  9. I agree. I have a tube of food safe, high temp silicone, and a roll of the high temp gasket but I'm not going to mess with anything if I don't have to. I haven't had a problem with mine so far and everything was exactly as I expected out of the box.
  10. So far no leaks. Thank you all. I assume that the grill will become even more air tight as things gunk up.
  11. Thank you for this. It gave me the info that I wanted for my first smoke on my pit boss kamado. I used Creole as a rub and one slab of ribs had a blueberry bbq sauce and the other had honey BBQ sauce. I loved the texture from not using the foil method but the kids complained. Next time I'll foil one rack and leave the other uncovered. I liked the blueberry sauce but it is a novelty. I'll use something that the kids like next time.
  12. I recently purchased a Pit Boss kamado from Costco and smoked some baby backs this weekend. I expected some trouble after reading about the need for mods. I didn't have any issues. Have some fun playing with your new toy before you tinker with it. You might be as lucky as I.
  13. Thank you both for the info. I haven't had time to open the box. Right now it's occupying my side of the garage. I hope that it's in great shape.
  14. I agree about the heat but it's something that I have grown to expect. Giardiniera is probably difficult to find outside of the Chicago area.
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