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  1. Hey everyone, Got a new Akorn a few weeks ago, did my seasoning cook, and 3 cooks after that (2 OK, 1 fail). Still working on being comfortable with the temperature controls, and still hard to maintain a temperature for multiple hours. Regardless, love me new smoker.
  2. Hey everyone, first post. Got my Akorn from my wife as a graduation gift a few weeks ago. It is my first smoker, and first non-gas grill, so I know their is a bit of a learning curve. First two cooks (pork butt, and whole chicken) turned out alright, and good respectively. Tried to do a chuck roast to have pulled beef and it went terrible. Would love some advice on what I might have messed up. Set up: big green egg lump charcoal Hickory chunks a few apple chips got the temp to about 240 dome when I put the roast (2.5 lb) on the grill. It was a little inconsistent heat (I haven't been able to get a solid burn yet) so it fluctuated between 200 and 300, but nothing too huge. Once the roast his 165F, I put it in a foil pan, and covered it with foil, with a little liquid in the pan to help keep the moisture in. I checked it once after about another hour, and the temp was at 195F, which is what I read was the right temp. I removed it from the heat, and let it rest for about an hour, and when I removed the cover to pull it. It was REALLY tough, and tough. I don't really know what I did wrong, did I need to have it much lower and longer? Any advice would be appreciated.
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