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    When sharing a cooking technique, say for pizza, A member will specify the recommended temp is from the dome, rather than grate? I haven't noticed that distinction in my browsing.
  2. I entered the world of kamado cooking a few months ago. I've owned kettle grills, a pellet grill, a few gas grills...and I've enjoyed learning to cook really good meat on all of them. I'm getting to know my KJ. I've done some great St. Louis ribs, thick cut chops, a long cook butt and more. I haven't mastered a good steak yet, but they haven't been terrible. It's fun going through the learning curve. This site will help me master kamado cooking faster, glad I found you. Quick question I haven't seen answered in my few days of lurking...when talking about cooking temps, do most people refer to the dome gauge or the temp at the grill surface? 250 dome temp is about 275 at the meat level according to my measurements this weekend. TIA
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