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  1. For me, the KAB is a necessity. I've also got cast iron grills, and if I had to choose one, I'll sell a dog or a kid on the black market instead. No juror with a KAB & cast iron grills would convict me. Before the KAB, prepping the charcoal was a pain in the bum. Getting rid of the old ash ended up wasting a heap of semi-used charcoal. Since getting my KAB, i reckon it's paid for itself in charcoal savings (this is purely subjective, as is my right). KAB has dropped my prep time down from 5 mins of mucking around to about 30 secs of ash-shaking joy. Other bonus is the higher and more consistent airflow. I cook pizzas at high temps, so that's great for me (up to temp faster, stays there better); but when i do low n slow; its easier to control, which leaves me more time for drinking wine.
  2. KamadoJosephine

    Steak night. 16oz Ribeye.

    I'm salivating like a rabid dog, and I'm not ashamed in the least. That is a fantastic job cooking that fantastic steak. If I got that in a top steakhouse, I'd be happy.
  3. KamadoJosephine

    Sausages on the Kamado

    I agree!! I've kind of got both happening - i probably flame them for 3 mins out of the 10 (the flames are high enough to char the outside with no problems), and smoke them for the other 7 or so. Def not a strong smoke flavour, but they are appreciably different than done on the now-retired gasser.
  4. KamadoJosephine

    Sausages on the Kamado

    Got home from work on Friday, wanted something quick, easy and yummy. After looking in the mirror, I ticked that box then decided I needed to cook some dinner!!! I buy heaps of different sausages from my fave butcher (they make them in-house and have won heaps of awards), mix them up for variety, vac seal them, and throw them in the freezer. Then all I have to do when I feel like sausages, is put them in a sink of hot water while the Kamado heats up. By the time KJ's hot, the snags are thawed and ready do go. This is about 3 mins into their 10 min cooking time. I alternate between letting the flames crisp them up, and closing the lid & bottom vent to let them bake in smokey heat. They come out super-moist and super-yummy!!
  5. KamadoJosephine

    Cutthroat, from lake to table

    thanks @K'man, will give this a go!!
  6. KamadoJosephine

    Cutthroat, from lake to table

    It was a bit under 1kg, so I guess about 2lbs... That's after it was gutted by the nice fish man.
  7. KamadoJosephine

    Cutthroat, from lake to table

    Wow what a great post. The scenery, the lake and the fish. Bloody magic stuff. I just tried my first whole fish on the Kamado (fortunately, had pizza left over from last night as a fallback). I had the grill temp up to 500F as measured by my Smoke, but dome temp was typically a few hundred lower. Cooked a whole Barramundi for 20 mins (flipped it around the 8 min mark) and it came out waaaaaaay under. By the time I'd poked and probed it, it was a hot (literally) mess so I tossed it and grabbed the pizza instead. Pizza was from the Kamado, so I didn't feel like a complete failure... I've read about the 450 - 500F being the sweet spot for whole fish, and read in OP that 425 was "grill temp"... I'm guessing that these temps are read off the Kamado dome thermometer rather than an independent grill probe? Opinions, thoughts, hopes, dreams and prayers are welcomed.
  8. KamadoJosephine

    There's just something about BBQ chicken...

    That's a complete disgrace!!! Next time your chicken turns out like that, don't eat it - just send it to me and I'll dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.... Great looking chook!!
  9. KamadoJosephine

    Pizza night

    Great job Brian!!!
  10. KamadoJosephine

    Big Joe or Classic

    Which Kamado would Confucius have picked, grasshopper...?
  11. KamadoJosephine

    Kamado Joe - Tomahawk Steak

    Great job, and love the final pic
  12. KamadoJosephine

    Bone In Something Steak

    Yeah that's been my experience too. Even when I've overcooked a steak, it still comes out great when sous vide'd.
  13. KamadoJosephine

    Sous Vide Prime Rib

    Again, great job on that succulent looking slab of meaty goodness. Couple of questions: Interesting idea leaving the probe in the bag - how did you vac seal it with the probe in place? How long did you leave it at temp before you yanked it out and threw it onto your version of Mt Vesuvius?
  14. KamadoJosephine

    Prawn and Bugs

    mmmmm I Looooove Moreton Bay Bugs on the grill. bloody great job!!!!
  15. KamadoJosephine

    Bone In Something Steak

    HEYYYYYY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, KamadoJoooooo is baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I've had a few reds, so I'm gonna make an extra effort to keep this one clean for the more delicate among us So a few months ago, I saw some big, fat steaks on sale at the local Woolies (for you seppo's, think Ralphs, etc). Bought em, vac sealed em, froze em, and forgot about em... Until the weekend. Sunday night, threw one in the Sous Vide at 50C, and let it sit. FOR 2 DAYS!!!!! Yep, I have no fear. 2 Days. Like a boss. It came out, looking like this: mmmmmm, who wouldn't want a piece of this...? Whack on some olive oil, salt and pepper: and chuck the bugger onto a 480C hot KJ: 1 sneaky 90 degree rotate late, I flipped it, and oooh yeaaaahhh babyyyyy: 2nd side done, back on the plate, back inside. Drool on the floor was a slip hazard: Here's a cross-section, specifically cut for y'all: This dirt-cheap hunk of meat was the best steak I've had in a long time. All hail the sous vide and the brutal smokey heat of my round red friend. It was a melt-in-the-mouth steak, and I'm sitting here - fat, dumb and happy with a gutfull of steak and wine and joy Happy 2018!!!!