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  1. Big Joe or Classic

    Which Kamado would Confucius have picked, grasshopper...?
  2. Kamado Joe - Tomahawk Steak

    Great job, and love the final pic
  3. Bone In Something Steak

    Yeah that's been my experience too. Even when I've overcooked a steak, it still comes out great when sous vide'd.
  4. Sous Vide Prime Rib

    Again, great job on that succulent looking slab of meaty goodness. Couple of questions: Interesting idea leaving the probe in the bag - how did you vac seal it with the probe in place? How long did you leave it at temp before you yanked it out and threw it onto your version of Mt Vesuvius?
  5. Prawn and Bugs

    mmmmm I Looooove Moreton Bay Bugs on the grill. bloody great job!!!!
  6. Bone In Something Steak

    HEYYYYYY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, KamadoJoooooo is baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I've had a few reds, so I'm gonna make an extra effort to keep this one clean for the more delicate among us So a few months ago, I saw some big, fat steaks on sale at the local Woolies (for you seppo's, think Ralphs, etc). Bought em, vac sealed em, froze em, and forgot about em... Until the weekend. Sunday night, threw one in the Sous Vide at 50C, and let it sit. FOR 2 DAYS!!!!! Yep, I have no fear. 2 Days. Like a boss. It came out, looking like this: mmmmmm, who wouldn't want a piece of this...? Whack on some olive oil, salt and pepper: and chuck the bugger onto a 480C hot KJ: 1 sneaky 90 degree rotate late, I flipped it, and oooh yeaaaahhh babyyyyy: 2nd side done, back on the plate, back inside. Drool on the floor was a slip hazard: Here's a cross-section, specifically cut for y'all: This dirt-cheap hunk of meat was the best steak I've had in a long time. All hail the sous vide and the brutal smokey heat of my round red friend. It was a melt-in-the-mouth steak, and I'm sitting here - fat, dumb and happy with a gutfull of steak and wine and joy Happy 2018!!!!
  7. Sous Vide Prime Rib

    WOW!!! And you're not kidding about the Nookular setting!!!!
  8. Having a helluva time maintaining 225

    You said "subtleties". I deliberately misread it as "subtitles" to deliver some epic comedy gold...
  9. What a brilliant plate, kizzy!!!! That veggie pan was inspired (I'm picturing you stabbing it like in the Shower Scene from Psycho when you're making it ) The charring on the fillet looked great. I could totally dig into this dish right now (if you weren't on the other side of the planet).
  10. Having a helluva time maintaining 225

    I share your feels and your pain... I've found that loading up the firebox with heaps of fresh lump, along with some little bits left over from prior sessions is a good start. Lighting in one spot - at the front (as you're facing the grill) has helped me. Not sure if that's just a fluke or I'm some sort of charcoal savant. Adjusting the vents in mm rather than inches has also helped me. I walk away from the Kamado for 15 mins so i'm not obsessing about it, and rely on my remote temp thingo to alert me to firey feral shenannigans. It's a pain in the bum learning this. I did quite a few dry runs, ,just practicing holding the grill at a certain temp for hours without anny food in it. I realise having food will change the behaviour of the grill, but i used these dry runs to teach me how to adjust the temp without going off the deep end.
  11. Having a helluva time maintaining 225

    Why does your grill need subtitles???? Does it not speak English???? Obviously you got a cheap Chinese knock-off. I recommend American-Made Kamados, who all speak English and don't need no fancy writing on their screens.
  12. Baked Brie

    That is one seductive looking dish, pesto
  13. Flat Iron Steak Dinner for $3 bucks

    I've eaten worse looking (and probably tasting) meals in restaurants, and those meals cost a hell of a lot more than a few bucks. This is a truly impressive job.
  14. Cajun Shrimp and Grits - $3 Plate Lunch

    Wow great job. As a filthy furrnener, I've only had grits a few times, and yours look really yummy. I'm going to pinch that recipe, and probably substitute soft rice for grits. Naturally, I'll take full credit for the recipe
  15. Great cook and great pics, shocko. I could totally smash some brats and chips right now...