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  1. Oh nooooo!!!!! I'm not on FB, never will be. Losing this site, and all the resources contained within it's hallowed (albeit digital) walls would be a tragedy. I would be more than happy to chip in some $$ each month (patreon?) to support the site, if that's the reason it's being shut down. @Charcoal Addict if you end up running a new site, the offer of $$ each month still stands.
  2. KamadoJosephine

    The random pictures thread...

    WOW @Boomer that's awesome!!! Even cooler learning where you picked your name from.
  3. KamadoJosephine

    Duck Eggs Benedict

    OH YUMMMM!!!! I looove eggs bene, and that sauce looks perfect. Any chance you can post the sauce recipe? Always on the lookout for a good hollandaise.
  4. KamadoJosephine

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thanks sooo much for a wonderful write up - all those pics and your descriptions really pulled me into your story. Speaking of things getting pulled, that pork looked absolutely delicious, as did the rest of the feast. You have lucky friends!!!!
  5. KamadoJosephine

    Rib on the Bone

    you might be surprised.......
  6. KamadoJosephine

    How do you get to 800F?

    do you have a Kick-ash basket (or equivalent)? that made a big difference for me for re-using the coals.
  7. KamadoJosephine

    Rib on the Bone

    omfg that is a thing of pure beauty!! where did you get the steak from?
  8. KamadoJosephine

    How do you get to 800F?

    Oh yeah, one more thing - I light in 4 or 5 places, and leave the lid open for a minimum of 10 mins to get the initial fire going.
  9. KamadoJosephine

    How do you get to 800F?

    800F??? That's just getting warmed up!!!! This knob goes to 11 (which is 950F in KJ land). OK, full disclosure (which is a sure sign someone is about to lie ) - no way i would cook anything at that temp, but i'm regularly hanging out at 800F with no ill effects. OK, my dome has developed a minor crack (when as @mbellot so eloquently described, I got distracted and the temp went Nooklear), but KJ replaced it, so no probs. Ceramics have a lifetime warranty, so rip into it baby. Heaps of charcoal, open the vents, and let her rip!!!!
  10. KamadoJosephine

    ck sk Homemade BBQ Sampler

    Wow what an epic festival of yum!!! I became exhausted and then really, really hungry while reading this. Brilliant job.
  11. KamadoJosephine

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Thanks!! Re the parchment paper - never had any issues at really high temps, but I only leave it on for about 1 min - enough time for the dough to be firm enough for me to slide the peel between the paper and the pizza, and pull the paper out. I also rotate the pizza 90 - 180 degrees at this point. Back when I first tried the parchment, I left it on for the entire cooking time, and it was pretty much cremated and baked itself into the crust - not really ideal!!!
  12. KamadoJosephine

    Been a while

    You never call, you never write, and then you show up on my doorstep with no pics of your chopped bird????? Bloody men. You're all the same. OK, come in and let's have a beer <3
  13. KamadoJosephine

    Hello from Melbourne

    Welcome!!! Hopefully, through the power of holy smokes, you'll get your sight back, doggo
  14. KamadoJosephine

    Well D**M

    omfg that first post was horrific. we really need a "NSFW" (not safe for Woks) post rating for this. Glad that it worked out OK. If I saw my KJ toppling over, I would gladly hurl the nearest child under it to save it