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  1. KamadoJosephine

    Carlita is on board with her new Kamado Joe Classic II!

    Ola Carlita, bienviendos to la foruma!!! Full disclosure, I can't Speak Spanish (as you can probably see ) - but welcome anyway!!! BTW - great hubby!!!
  2. KamadoJosephine

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Sorry about the delay - haven't logged in for a while, life got in the way... I light a full load of lump in 5 places (N/S/E/W edges and 1 in the centre) - this makes a difference on my KJ Classic. Bottom & Top vents full open for about 45 mins (from memory) as it comes up to temp. When it's marginally cooler than the surface of the sun, bottom vent backed off to about half or 3/4 open, top stays full open for the duration. The flames are generally licking up around the sides of the stone, as a gauge of the fire level. I tried the whole "slow the airflow down to keep the hot air in the dome", but gave that the flick and went with the "Tim the toolman Taylor" MOOOAAARR POWER!!!! setting of raging fire. Generally, it takes <5 mins between pizzas for the stone and dome to come back up to temp. Hope this helps, and have fun with the pizzas!!!
  3. KamadoJosephine

    Big Joe Pizza

    Great looking pizzas!!! Love the pic of table set with pizzas, everyone ready to dig in. I use parchment at those temps with no probs. Just lift the pizza up after about 30 - 40 secs and slide out the parchment paper. Also allows you to rotate the pizza. Oh, and invest in a set of welding gloves lol.
  4. KamadoJosephine

    Pizza kinda night.

    omfg are they pizza cubes in the bottom pic????????????? that is pure genius!!!!!!! I'm not sure it's morally right, but who cares!?!?!?! If loving pizza cubes is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
  5. KamadoJosephine

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

  6. KamadoJosephine

    Take that, Florence

    I put mine in a plastic bag when its raining. I've been using a shopping bag, but as I typed this, I thought "DUH!!! I should be using a Ziploc bag so i can read the display without having to lift up the bag and peer inside"!!! So thanks for your question, you've helped me!!
  7. KamadoJosephine

    1st Pizza Cook from Dough

    same. I use 4, because only an insane person would use an odd number of feet!!!
  8. KamadoJosephine

    Chicken pot pie

    Nice job!!! Great looking Chicago deep dish chicken pizzas
  9. KamadoJosephine

    How do you get to 800F?

    ikr. BBQ Galore have been great.
  10. KamadoJosephine

    How do you get to 800F?

    I agree!! I cracked mine due to that, and the local Oz disty ordered a replacement dome. It was taking too long, so they ended up giving me a whole new Kamado!!!
  11. KamadoJosephine

    Sous Vide Brisket- coming soon

    Excellent idea. 17 hours and 30 minutes would be raw, and 32 mins would be overcooked to buggery. That reminds me of these moron judges on shows like MasterChef where they take a mouthful of some terrified contestant's food, give a 1000 yard stare up at the ceiling, and then come out with some drivel like "this could really have used another 20 seconds"
  12. KamadoJosephine

    Mayan Pit BBQ Dinner Cochinata Pibil

    What a brilliantly creative concept, followed by anciently awesome execution!!!!
  13. KamadoJosephine

    Little Thai Banquet

    Massive effort Lydia!!!! As you know, we Aussies have high standards for Asian food, and you look like you really smashed this one out of the park. Brilliant job on the write up too.
  14. KamadoJosephine

    Mahi Mahi Acqua Pazza

    I read this as "Mahi Mahi Acqua Pizza". I realise we've had our differences with the definition of what is a pizza, so I was looking forward to your latest interpretation... I scrolled down, still reading "pizza", and got to the bottom, and said "OK, not even this guy could call this a pizza"!!! I then felt like a pazzo when I read "pazza" I'd never heard of "pazza" before, and now I can say it's something I really, really want to try. Looks really delicious!!!!
  15. KamadoJosephine

    Unexpected Cook

    Oh is that all???!?!?!?! LOL Also, I know the feeling of touching your hair and feeling it crackle and crunch!! Your description brought back less-than-fond memories... Thanks for the timely warning about the fact that we're all playing with fire (literally). I do tend to be a bit cavalier with my KJ (especially after a few beverages), so I'll use this as a note to be more careful. Thanks (and super-glad you're OK)!!!