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  1. LOL, come on by! Was pleased with temperature control and ease of use. The butts came off a little drier than what I'm used to getting but the taste was on point!
  2. I ended up with the Egg for the price. I got all the accessories I will need. Broke it in and smoking 40 lbs of butt right now. Temperature held steady all night without babysitting so I'm pleased so far. The KJ seems like a great unit but I couldn't get it anyhwhere within my budget.
  3. Put her together and have 4 butts and a bologna roll in with it sitting at 250 F. Thanks for all the help. I can't upload photos (says files are too large).
  4. It's official, I'm a Egghead! I think I did very well with the purchase and will be pleased with it. I surely won't have buyers remorse even with KJ seeming to be a great product with a lot of fancy bells and whistles. Thanks for all the help and I will use the difference for lump and meat.
  5. I'm now in an additional pickle. The XL Egg has been offered to me with all accessories including a second grate for 400 less out the door than the Big Joe road show deal. With that in mind what do y'all think?
  6. That's a similar path to the one I've traveled down. This is partially what made our decision to try for the Big Joe. To get that will hold sufficient amounts of food and be dependable and hopefull be the last.
  7. Ok, I'm back on for the Big Joe! Guess my striking good looks sold her. I will be checking in to let everyone know how it goes. Thanks for all the helpful so far!
  8. That probably won't work, just need to speak to the rep for Kamodo at the roadshow and see what we can work out!
  9. I feel the same as far as gaskets and hinges go. The biggest issue I have now is the other half is saying no go for the Big Joe, maybe on the XL Egg, ok on the Joe (18") and certainly on the Vision! Looks like I may be back down to BGE, regular Joe and Vision:( I may be able to get the Vision for 150 less than retail of 699 ($550) in the Pro model, but I feel that I may be better off taking my chances on the reg. Joe or the XL Egg.
  10. Victorionox Bonng knife with Fibrox handle is great! It's within your budget and is easy to maintain as well as grip.
  11. I'm still undecided, the BGE dealer is just a few minutes from me, Costco is a 2 hour and 15 minute drive. I guess this is one good problem to have!
  12. Sounds good to be ready to go out of the box! If I went that route I'd have to sell the cart and smaller grill to even out the budget.
  13. That's a great play on words! Anybody know what all is included with the Kamodo brand as far as accessories? What else would I need to buy? I stated what the BGE XL comes with, what else would I need to get going there?
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