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  1. Hi, I forgot to mention, I'm in the UK, the steaks were £25 each, they did not advertise, but luckily my Mrs spotted them realising what they were, as I talk about bbq and meats a lot, ha. The steaks are definitely worth it
  2. Hi thanks it was great, if you ever see it buy it, I managed to get one sirloin also a ribeye, which I shall cook tomorrow, Wagyu 2.0, ha. I did cut the fat from the top of the steak, it's now in the freezer, ready for something else, half that steak each was just right for the Mrs and I. Although I put some by for my work lunch the next day, living like a king, oh yes.
  3. Hi, did anyone manage to any of the above, luckily I did, was very nice indeed.
  4. Hi I had this issue on my Pit boss K24, I bought the kamado last March, and struggled from then until around this March, I tried everything, to no avail, and then a light bulb moment. I did a 700f burnout, then a few days later I used my small weber chimney starter to light the lump, poured that onto unlit lump let the temp settle, and bingo No horrid smell. I really cannot tell you how close I was to my wits end, I am a very patient person, and have thrown countless amounts of meat away, my better half had no interest in kamados whatsoever, after enjoying 10 years of really quite special Weber kettle food. I hope this helps in some way. All the best. Craig.
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