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  1. I am in the opposite corner of the state in Memphis. Yes, East Tn is beatuiful. Enjoy your trip and safe travels. Also, there is a Lodge Cast Iron outlet in that area somewhere, great deals to be had if you like cooking on cast iron. MT
  2. I picked up a new Vision Pro S from HD on Father's Day and cooked on it right away. I started slow and grilled wings then onto burgers. We have a pizza joint in town that will sell you their dough so I picked up a couple and cooked pizzas that turned our really great. I reverse seared chops (which I'd never heard of) after smoking them bone done while skewered together. That's something I saw on a post here. Ive grilled phenomenal steaks and smoked a couple chickens as well. As you can see the oven at my house isnt getting much use these days. The flavor of the food coming off of this modern day marvel is amazing! My wife has never been excited about a grill until I got the Vision Pro S. Before owning the Vision Pro S I had cooked on lots of different grills/smokers ranging from barrel smokers, masterbuilt electric smokers, backwoods competitiors, weber kettle, webber genesis, the old offset smokers, water smokers, PK's and on and on. I cooked competitively for few years and know how to smoke but by no means do I know everything which is why I signed up here. The collective wealth of knowledge on this forum is a must have for begineers and experienced smokers/griller alike. Mike
  3. Has anyone experienced a bad taste by using the above method of closing off the top vent while cooking? I have always heard that you never close the top vent of a smoker all the way as the particles in the smoke (soot) will settle back on the meat.
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