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  1. So is that abt site legit? Has anyone tried the pizza Porta? Is that a better option? I do a few pizzas on Friday nights and the top never cooks enough. I like my cheese browned a bit. I usually flip the D&C over to get the stone higher in the dome. This should fix that since the air is locked in at top. I wonder how the prod version compares to the Porta.
  2. Who has a go to bbq sauce recipe you'd like to share. Looking to use with pulled pork and ribs. Thanks in advance
  3. I saw the Joe jr in the window at one by me and so I asked about it and pricing. They didn't know much about it and said the little red egg is just a display.
  4. Depending on the price I'll pick up the cart and have a buddy drop a granite remnant on it. It's not too big so shouldnt cost a fortune. Plus he's a friend so if he something left over form a previous job he might just let me take it.
  5. I'm planning to make a pulled pork and about 4 racks of baby backs on Saturday. But I only have a classic. What's the best setup? Butt first and then into a cooler? Butt on Friday and reheat and pull Saturday? Can I do them all at the same time? This will be the first Pulled pork on the Joe for me. Have done the ribs a couple of times. Planning on doing 4-4.5 hours at 225-250 for the ribs. The butt is frozen so will need to take out Wednesday or Thursday to thaw.
  6. Go naked. No foil or wrapping. 225-250 for about 4-4.5 hours.
  7. @Guy_Smiley. Do you live in Bergen County? I haven't met another kamado user around here. There are some good butcher shops that can get prime brisket. Unfortunately you'll pay more than the Costco price.
  8. Which Costco business center? Hackensack? I haven't done brisket on my Joe yet, but it is something I am thinking about. I'm not sure I am ready to split a case of brisket yet. Hopefully there are others in the area that are interested.
  9. Does anyone have an espresso rubbed short rib recipe? Looking to do some coffee rubbed short ribs on the KJ. What type of wood would go best with a rub like this?
  10. You can reuse it so you should be ok on the coal front. I have a KJ classic and am very happy with it. I have a family of 4 and it does what we need. The few times I need more space, I use an extender or fire up the gasser. It would be nice to have the BJ, but not necessary.
  11. That's a great idea. Canned beans or homemade? I so want to try this next ribs cook.
  12. Thanks everyone. I usually go through it and take the weird nasty fat out because the wife hates it and probably wouldn't eat anymore if she had a bite of it. Just wondered if everyone puts it in sauce after pulling
  13. I'm planning my first Pulled pork on the Joe. In the past I've always made then in the crock pot. I've shredded and then sauced them and put them back in the pot for about an hour. What's the best method on the Joe? What do you do with the drippings?
  14. Under mount drawer slides. To just put the grill on while in use.
  15. Looks great. Just saw it on the fb page.
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