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  1. Looks beautiful Dub! Quetico, what do you think of the KickAsh basket? Worth the buy? We've been considering the investment.
  2. Good choice! I was on the edge of my seat reading all the posts! Yes, if the wife gives you the green light on Big Joe, the GET the Big Joe!!!! I AM a wife... I know of what I speak!
  3. We love ALL KJ's but recommend the Big Joe. We have had our Big Joe nearly one year and are surprised how frequently comment how limited we would be if we had only a Classic. Either way, have fun and good luck!! It's great decision to have to make!
  4. Bummed... Road Show is skipping Lexington, KY Costco, two years in a row now. (Scheduled for last September but then never happened.) Deals sound great! Would love to get a Joe Jr and more KJ charcoal to go with my Big Joe.
  5. Thank you fellow KJ enthusiasts! Yes, very peaceful! At this point, getting ready to open Joe for the first time to check on the pork butt. Wish me luck!
  6. Starting out the day with a little morning Joe! Always fun to get the grill up and going before daybreak. Would love to see photos of others having Joe mornings!
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