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  1. Yeah, I think the smoked version was the clear favorite. I also think I need to brine for a couple more days to get all the way to the middle. Either way, not many leftovers so my guests didn’t complain. I did forget to close the vents on the Akorn after grilling some bangers and ended up pegging the temperature gauge. I assume I’ll need to do some cleanup, reseason the grates and pinch the gasket tomorrow.
  2. I almost forgot to take pictures. The one I smoked start to finish is on the blue plate and the crock pot is white. They were both good but the smoked one was better and went faster.
  3. One is in the crockpot with some beef broth and veggies and the other is wrapped in paper on the Akorn. It is a totally wireless probe from http://www.meater.com it connects with Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android and can then share it over WiFi or LTE to other devices. I have an old iPhone 5c that I keep in range of the grill and them watch it from my normal iPhone or iPad. Meater has a bunch of standard cooks built in but you can also customize your alerts based on grill temp, food temp and time. I have a friend that bought one during the initial round of kickstarter and loves it. He finally convinced me to buy one too. I forgot to mention that I’m also using a Tip Top Temp to control the grill temp. I’ve used a few fancy electronic fan ones but have found that the TTT does a better job.
  4. Attempting my first home cured corned beef brisket on the Akron. Also my first time using Meater. I’m going to finish one in the crock pot and wrap one with butcher paper and finish it on the grill. I have a bunch of people coming out this evening so my fingers are crossed.
  5. Long time turkey smoker but first time on the Akorn. Worked great and I can’t wait to cut into it.
  6. I'm a new Akorn cook coming from a Weber Kettle and Weber Smokey Mountain. Lots of great stuff on here but I would say this is one of the best posts. I had the grease fire an no idea what caused it until I posted. This thread would have helped to prevent that.
  7. Yep, I'm pretty sure that was the issue. I used a pizza stone as a diffuser and I am sure some grease made it down and probably missed the coals. My ash pan paint is scorched a bit but the seals still look good. It cleaned it good to make sure nothing was left. Thanks all!
  8. It was my second cook after seasoning. First was a Boston butt and a couple tenderloins. The fire started before putting the steaks on. Only had foil wrapped corn on the top rack. I used lump charcoal and started using the volcano method and a Weber fire block. There was some ash caked in there bottom of the ash tray and I'm assuming that some smaller chunks may have fallen through. I could see flames through the lower vent and when I cleaned the ash tray out after it cooled, it is blackened on the outside over the red. I'm coming from a Weber Smokey Mountain and Infrared Gas Grill.
  9. I did my first high temp cook for steaks and ended up with a fire in the ash pan. Did I do something wrong?
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