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  1. That's if he bites on $400. This gentleman strikes me as the type who might go to $500, but not $400. I'm going to slow roll him until tomorrow when he is about to leave for 4th of July weekend with $400 in cash to "help him have fun on his trip." Hope it works (and hope he is not reading this forum!). Also, someone just listed a brand new, still in box and unwrapped Vision B series for $485 (but it is last year's model). How are those Visions?
  2. Oh man. This thing is in great shape. It is a 2009 model, and owner said company is still standing by their 10 year warranty. So the body is actually brand new. The company sent out a replacement upper and lower section, and they are the same as a new Broil King Keg body. As well as a new mounting bracket to attach the Keg to the stand. @smallbbqr: You can see updated firebowl/grate mounts. They are in there with screws, and not rivets. But I think I could modify that piece for your D&C modification. The only thing original are the handles, the cooking grate and fire "pit." He even added a new gasket and new thermometer. It has been really well taken care of. We didn't talk price, as I let him know I'm kicking the tires on some other Kamado grills out there. He totally understood. If I can get him to take $400 straight cash, I think I will pull the trigger on this one.
  3. Thanks, again. If I do go with this Bubba Keg over a ceramic knock off (or a used BGE), I will be ripping off your D&C idea and dropping one in this Keg.
  4. Thanks! One thing I can't pinpoint exactly is the grill size. Is this a standard 18.5" grill? Or is this a larger 22" or 24"? I guess I'll soon find out!
  5. Thanks, Rip. I'm checking it out on lunch break today, and will see what happens. I do like the portability of it on my trailer hitch.
  6. Not sure. As much as I love the portability of transporting it with the hitch, I wouldn't want to actually fire it up while up there, as I'd hate to ruin the paint job on my tailgate.
  7. Got a local guy selling this for $550: https://austin.craigslist.org/for/6171265949.html I asked him for further clarification on the "refurbished" bit, and he let me know: "When I bought the keg, the original body was pretty beat up and bolts were rusted through. I contacted the OEM manufacturer, and they said the body was under warranty and they sent me a new one. So, body and bracket are brand new as well as the 2nd tier grate. Also, I bought the truck hitch and diffuser plates separately but they come with." This would be my first kamado style grill, and I'm doing as much shopping around as possible before pulling the trigger. I'm going to inspect and take pics tomorrow. Are there any specific questions you guys would ask to make sure this is in good shape/worth the money? Thank you for any advice!
  8. Heading to Selma, TX (north San Antonio) on Saturday 7/1/17 morning (hopefully). If I go, I'll reply back with prices.
  9. @CeramicChef... oh man... why did you tell me about Komodo Kamados?!?!? That will be throwing a wrench in my decision, big time. Looks like I need a 2nd job.
  10. Hello folks, This is the first time in my life I have been without a grill, and I'm not doing so well. Growing up, our family used a New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker for briskets and a Char Grill rectangular box looking thing for grilling. When I went out on my own, I got pretty adept at mastering a Weber kettle (still love a good old fashioned Weber). Many years ago, my wife got me a generic rectangular grill from Lowe's, and then a neighbor GAVE me her pristine NB Black Diamond. So I had a searer and a smoker all at one time. I also had a cast iron Lodge habachi that I absolutely loved, but then stupidly sold in a garage sale. The wife still brings that one up. Due to a move, I had to sell the NB BD, and the grill due to space at the new place. I picked up a 18" Weber on the side of the road 8 years ago. A few years later, I got a Char-Broil gas grill. That only lasted a couple of years until just finally giving up the ghost. It got hauled to the street last year, and sadly, I put the 18" Weber kettle on the street this weekend. I'm grill-less, and freaking out. For the last month, if I've wanted a steak, I have been firing up my Coleman camp stove and pan searing in a cast iron skillet. Sooooo, long story longer, my neighbor has an Akorn Kamado, and I was just going to buy one of those. But I have now been doing research on BGE, KJ, Primo's and Vision, and realized I need to go with one of them. After a bunch of research, I think I'm going to get a KJ 18" Classic. Not sure if I will get the original or the II. Depends on price, and who has what. I'm going down to a Costco road show this weekend to see what kind of deal I can scrounge up. Otherwise, my KJ dealer has a II for $1,149 all in. He also has a one time used BGE L for $800, but only with stand and grate. I'm leaning towards the KJ, but the money is going to hurt. "Buy once, cry once." I will shut up now. I look forward to learning a new style of cooking from this website.
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