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  1. This was their reply after I sent them another message: "Thank you for the extra information. We understand your plight completely and apologize if we caused any offense. Normally, the Fire Bowl costs $149.95, however, considering the circumstances, we are going to fully warrant this item and send you a brand new one. Please call us to process the shipping cost of $27.95 at 877-917-4273 (dial “2” for Customer Service). As a sign of good faith, we will also be including a pair of our signature grilling gloves." I wish I didn't have to put on my "can I speak to a manager" haircut to get results, but I did. :-/
  2. I pushed them a bit, and they're sending the replacement parts. I have to pay shipping, but I'm glad they decided to replace them.
  3. This was their first response. I told them how little we'd used the grill, and at what temps. "Thank you for the photos! The good news is that this is not an uncommon occurrence with a ceramic grill, especially after several uses. As you know, the purpose of the fire bowl (and charcoal grate) is to hold fuel (charcoal); if it ever fails to do so, it will be replaced. It is our experience that cracks like this rarely develop into a broken fire bowl. Additionally, we encourage you not to remove the fire bowl to clean it, but keep it in place within the grill. An ash rake or shop vac will work well to clean out the ash. If you are looking for an ash rake suggestion, we actually sell this item here: http://www.visiongrills.com/product/ash-pan-and-rake/ . I will keep your photos on file, though, should there be any issues in the future. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns."
  4. Thanks guys! I let them know - they said to get back in touch if the firebox/charcoal grate are no longer able to be used. I know that cracks are common, but I feel like they should send us new parts, considering the grill is brand-spanking-new. I replied to them and told them that I was disappointed that they wouldn't replace the parts, and haven't heard back. I wouldn't mind so much if I'd gotten it for myself, but it was a gift, and I feel bad that we've already had issues with it.
  5. Hey folks! I got a Vision pro S for my boyfriend for his birthday. We've cooked on it 4 or 5 times, and generally at fairly low temperatures, and today we noticed that not only does the fire box have a hairline crack in it, but the cast iron charcoal pan is cracked half way down the middle. The things we've cooked have been amazing, but I'm pretty upset that after less than 10 uses, those two things have broken. I contacted Vision about it today, hoping for replacements, and we intend to use the cracked parts as long as possible. Is this normal, though? I am kind of beating myself up a bit for getting him this grill instead of another brand... The crack in the firebox isn't that big of a deal, I know - it should last like that for a long time, and it has a lifetime warranty. The charcoal pan worries me more, though - I can't believe it cracked so quickly, and it's not covered under warranty like the ceramic is. Any advice or info would be great!
  6. Thanks for the info!! I'm glad you're liking it! Yeah, we're gonna have to have at least both of us to lift the grill onto the legs... I might actually have our neighbor help him with that, because I'm a peanut and I don't wanna drop it!
  7. Thanks!! That's some great information. I got the spider with some half-circle kiln shelves for a heat deflector, but I'll probably spring for the AR at some point, or he will. Right now I've kinda gone overboard with other little gifts to go with the grill, and I feel like if I get anything else, he's going to feel bad that I spent too much money, haha.
  8. Bahahaha, seriously, it must've been quite a scene...
  9. Haha, no, I weigh about 90 pounds! My boyfriend calls me ant woman, because I can carry things that weigh more than me, haha. And I'm stoked!! I can't wait. I'm glad that you and your wife are loving yours!
  10. Thanks so much! I've got the heat deflector covered - a spider with two 15" half-circle kiln shelves. I'm ordering a multiprobe today, along with a cast iron pizza pan and some other accessories, and I've allllways got drinks on hand. Funny story - the grill was delivered yesterday, and it wasn't expected to arrive for close to a week, so I wasn't here to tell them where to leave it when it was delivered. I was also supposed to get a call the day before delivery, so I could be there when they showed up, but that didn't happen. Welllll, I got home from running errands, AND THE THING WAS SITTING IN THE DRIVEWAY, with a giant sticker saying and showing exactly what it is. My boyfriend was at work, but he sometimes swings by for a minute in the afternoon if he's in the area, so I jumped out of the car and rushed to use my adrenaline-fueled hulk-strength to push it into the neighbor's side of the garage (I'm storing it on their side so he doesn't suspect anything). Mind you, I weigh about 90 pounds, and you know how heavy these babies are - it took me a good 15 minutes of pushing and pulling and inching it along until I got it into a decent spot. I'd just bought a tarp and some twine to wrap it up with until his birthday, so once my sweaty, panting butt had it in the right spot, I proceeded to manically cover and wrap it. Of course, the tarp I'd gotten ended up being too small, so I had to sprint like a crazy person through our sea of confused and terrified kitties go rustling through my old backpacking stuff for a camping tarp that he wouldn't know was mine. I eventually got the thing squared away without the boy showing up during the process - he stopped by about 5 minutes later, though, while I was still sweaty and panicked! I got home just in time, haha. Whew! Now to wait until the 15th to give to to him!!
  11. Hey folks!! My boyfriend has been drooling over kamado style grills for years. We see the BGE displays fairly often at different stores, and he always says "some day we'll have something like this..." Anyway, his birthday is coming up. I spent a ton of time researching different kamado grills, and eventually decided on the Vision, because it seems like a great alternative to the BGE, and includes some extra bells and whistles. I ordered one from Home Depot for a bit over $600 after tax, and had it delivered today. I also ordered a rig that sits in the firebox, and two half-circle kiln shelves to set into it for cooking with indirect heat, and an electric charcoal starter, of course. (I was going to get the lava stone set up that Vision provides, but wanted something that was more durable than the reviews say that is.) I can't stop researching the Vision vs. the BGE! I know that this probably won't be as high in quality as the BGE, but I'm hoping it will be comparable and that we won't have problems with it. I'm sure he'll love it no matter what, but I am a nervous nelly. Are there any things I should anticipate having to fix? How would you rate the Vision against its competitors? Thanks so much!
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