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  1. KismetKamado - I used indirect cooking. The breast was a 7 1/2# Honeysuckle brand. I preheated the KJJ to 350F (as per instructions) with the heat deflector plate on and when I put the breast on I lost about 100F. So I opened up the top vent to get the KJJ back up to 350F. Then I adjusted the top vent to maintain the temperature. The funny thing is I was checking the KJJ temperature every 15 minutes to make sure it was at 350F. Because Honeysuckle recommended 3 hours I thought I'd start checking the breast temperature at 2 hours. This is when I discovered the burnt breast. They don't call me Dumbbunny for nothin'.
  2. As a first-timer roasting a turkey breast yesterday, I would add emphasis on monitoring the temperature of the breast. For the record, I have roasted many turkeys in a Traeger but now I cook exclusively on a KJJ. The roasting instructions on the wrapper suggested 3 hours at 350F so I thought I should check at 2 hours. When I opened up the lid the bottom third of the breast was black as night. The internal temperature of the breast was 185F. Shame on me for not lifting the lid earlier during the cook but I was taught if you're looking you ain't cooking. Lucky for me I was able to salvage some of the breast meat and lucky for me we didn't have guests invited for the meal.
  3. Good point. It's back in the stand.
  4. Lowe's had some wall stones on sale so loaded up my Honda Fit with 22 of them. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Olde-Manor-Tranquil-Retaining-Wall-Block-Common-4-in-x-12-in-Actual-3-9-in-x-11-5-in/3722166 I dry-stacked them in minutes. The cost was $44.00. In future I might add on for a service area.
  5. John Setzler and CentralTexBBQ - I had a fleeting thought of laying the chips on the ceramic deflector shield earlier. I must give it try even after finding my old pair of heat resistant gloves. The ash tool tip certainly is within my skill sets, too. I love this forum.
  6. John Setzler and SmallBBQr - Thanks for the tips. Guess were having salmon again tonight!
  7. Living up to my username I can't figure out the best way to add wood chips to my KJJ. One of our weekly meals is the Kirkland 7 oz salmon fillets. I prefer to use the indirect method but getting the foil-wrapped dry wood chips under the ceramic deflector after reaching 400F is problematic. Last night I pre-heated without the deflector and placed the foil-wrapped dry wood chips on the charcoal then put the deflector on and the temperature dropped 100F. By the time the temperature got to 400F, the wood chips were smoked out. Any suggestions?
  8. I know this thread is old... After some time, I found the rib holder on Amazon and ordered it. https://www.amazon.com/Brinkman-Brk8129236S-Brinkmann-Nonstick-Rack/dp/B00U6MF12E/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Bought some St. Louis style ribs so I'm ready when the holder arrives. on Tuesday.
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