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  1. I have a Vision Kamado and love it. That said, if I had to do it over again I would go with the KJ classic 2. I like the hinge system, the locking mechanism, the gasket, the Divide and Conquer system, and the top vent design. As I’ve cooked more on my Vision these areas are where I see myself making several costly improvements or In the case of the hinge and locking mechanism, I just can’t have. But these are based on my needs and usage - getting caught in a monsoon when finishing pizza night or creating 2 zone heating when doing a stuffed roast using aluminum foil and adding an upper rack after searing.
  2. I bought mine for that price during this summer’s sale.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been interested in this product but it was previously out of stock. I’ve let my wife know that this is tops on my Christmas list. Give a review once it’s delivered.
  4. Look on the corners of the bag for the US Flag if made in US. I never could find a country of origin when it didn't have the flag but then I never bought it if I couldn't find the flag. Trying to upload an image and there is a problem.
  5. I ended up wrapping in foil and it turned out moist. I did loose the bark but I gained a wonderful dipping sauce after a 4 hour rest in the cooler. I watched it stall at 167°. After wrapping it just steadily climbed. I checked it at 195° and ended up pulling it off at 201°. The cook was 6 hrs for the 5lb flat. I'm going to try the butchers paper in October when my son comes home next from school. He was disappointed that he didn't get any. This is my setup for yesterday's rain.
  6. Yesterday, at Sam's, I saw a 5 lb of brisket flat as I was perusing the meat counter looking for something to smoke. It was a black angus choice cut (about the best I'm going to do around here unless I cross the Chesapeake bay. ). I was wanting a full brisket but since my son has taken off to College I decided a 5 pound flat would be fine. In the back of my mind I kept thinking "but what about trying some burnt ends. Time won out, I had to get back to work. This morning I got the kamado ready and put the brisket on at 8:45 am at 250° with a little hickory. I have the heat deflector in with a drip pan on the lower grate with the brisket on the top grate (Vision grill). The brisket is covered in coarse salt and pepper. Should I wrap it at 160° or let it just cook on through the stall? Will wrapping help ensure moistness but at the loss of bark? I've done about 5 briskets on a Brinkman smoker and never wrapped them and didn't know about wrapping at the time. Because of the size of the Brinkman, I couldn't cook a whole brisket together, I had to cut it and use lower and upper levels.
  7. The loin was juicy. Finally got my Thermopop last week and this was the first test. Definitely saw the need. Most grill recipes are "cook at x degrees until x internal temp".
  8. I'll start by saying I love this grill! I have finally gotten use to setting the temperature, I know what to do to hit the temps I want and make them stay. Tonight's cook was a pork loin pin wheeled, lined with prosciutto, and stuffed with spinach, garlic, and parmesan. This is a recipe I've done in the pan/ oven in the past. This time I cooked it indirect with a little apple wood at 300° for an hour then pulled the deflector at 130°And grilled to 137° then wrapped. I grilled asparagus and peaches to go with the loin and used the loin drippings with a little wine to create a sauce.
  9. I'm not getting the time in on my Kamado that I would like. I got my kamado at the beginning of July, but life goes on. Tonight's cook was simple applewood smoked wings. I scoured other recipes and posts looking for wing ideas and applied it to what I wanted. My family loves spicy food but my wife has been having reflux and throat issues so spicy and greasy are out until she gets it under control. I seperated the wings with my chefs knife, put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours uncovered to dry them. When I took them out I finished the drying with paper towels as I threw them in a bowl, drizzled with olive oil and kosher salt and tossed. I cooked them indirect at 300° with a few pieces of applewood for 40 minutes, then direct for 10 minutes as I let the temp rise to 400° for some zucchini topped with Parmesan. They were the best tasting wings I have ever cooked. I stopped frying wings years ago and baked them before sausing, I had that system down. I had buffalo sauce to toss them in tonight but they never made it. My son got in from work, BW3 ( he's over chicken wings)and ate them plain also. Thanks to everyone who posts their cooks.
  10. Thanks all for the comments. My family really enjoyed Pizza Night and have been planning the next pizza builds.
  11. Tonight was my first pizza cook on the kamado. I had a few hiccups with temperature but got past them. I was shooting for 500° and had everything (so I thought) wide open but the temperature stalled at 400° and wouldn't climb. I have the Vision pro S. I had all vents open top and bottom. I opened the electric starter door and was able to get the ventilation I needed. I knew the problem was the smaller lump from the bottom of the bag. I put larger chunks around the vents but there was too much small stuff on top of that. I was able to reach and hold 500° at the dome for 45 minutes. That was good enough so the pizzas went on. First was the ricotta, artichoke, and shallot for my wife and next the red sauce with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushroom, and onion. The last was a half and half. They were well liked by the family. The crust was John Setzlers from the "This is why your pizza bombed" post ( Thanks John! ). I gleaned other knowledge from other posts on this board. I gained enough confidence in this cook to want to experiment more with pizza.
  12. I like this post. I'm not getting a lot grilling time during the week but was just thinking of lining up a few cooks to do over the course of a day and saw this post.
  13. Today I grilled 5 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast. Nothing earth shattering but good. We are pressed for time during the week so I decided to to set us up for chicken for salads and other quick meal uses. The breast were large so I split them in half and pounded them out for even thickness. I slathered them with mayonnaise (Dukes, those that know understand) mixed with Savory Spices Hidden Cove lemon garlic and grilled them at 400° over direct heat, flipping them every 5 mins until done ( about 20 mins). They came out perfect and juicy. My next purchase is a Thermopop. I need a little more control.
  14. I just got into Kamado cooking and have been using Royal Oak lump. I just make sure I buy the US made Royal Oak. My first two 15 lb bags I got at Home Depot for $12.43 a bag. I grabbed 2 more 15 lb bags yesterday at Walmart since it was $9.99 and US made. I've also read where the Brazilian Royal Oak was good.
  15. TKOBBQ, Yes, he'll be attending UM at College Park.
  16. I have to agree on giving it to him early. I just got my Vision S and was like a child at Christmas. There was joy in picking it up, there was joy in putting it together, but the ultimate joy was cooking on it for my family, being able to produce something.
  17. That looks delicious. Have to try this.
  18. Thanks for the comments! Skreef, sorry for your loss, I can't imagine the grief. My wife and I are worried for our older son and his wife who have lost a business, a home, and children to opiates and apparently haven't seen rock bottom and may never. We pray for them every day. CeramicChef, Thanks for the advice. I'm going to get some more practice. I want to nail grilling temps (300 - 450 range) as I see most of my cooks there. 13lbs 11 oz of shoulder reduced to 7 lbs 12 oz and ready to eat!
  19. Hi, My youngest son, who is home from college, requested BBQ. We're from NC so that meant a full shoulder. He's been an awesome son. I have to brag. Kept his grades up, got his Eagle Scout, and recently got accepted into Aerospace Engineering at The University of Maryland College Park after 2 years at Salisbury University as a math major. I have read the advice about not doing your first overnight cook until you've done it in the day. Broke that rule. My wife and I are raising our twin grandchildren (older son) who are now 2.5 years old, and we're taking them to the beach this morning so the cook had to happen earlier Started at 8:30 pm. I filled the fire box to 1 inch below the diverter (thanks Tarheel), and lit the center. In 10 mins I dropped the lid and was off. I was shooting for 250° - 300° and with my previous attempt at grill control I started closing down my vents at 175° top to 1/32" bottom left dial closed, bottom right to 1/2) so I could sneak up on my temperature. Remember, I'm new at this and don't know my grill. At 9:40 it was holding steady at 288° at 10:00 pm I threw in the deflector racks and drip pan. I used the drip pan on the lower rack and meat on the upper. After closing the lid, the grill temp was 217° and dropped to 205° by 10:50 so I adjusted vents ( top to 1 on scale and bottom left to just above 1/2). At 11:15 the grill was at 250° so I figure I'd take that and closed top down to 1/8" and bottom left to just below 1/2. By 12:15 am it leveled out at 164°. I went to bed with grill and meat alarms set. At 6:09 my alarm in the butt(lower weight) went off at 195°, grill at 297°. It was probe tender so off it went to the cooler. The picnic was at 189° and had some resistance so it stayed on until 6:57 when it was ready. The meat currently resides in the cooler. It will get chopped (no pulling) in a few hours. The Lexington style sauce has been made since Tuesday. The red slaw was made last night while the grill was coming up to temp. I'm from Durham, NC near the dividing line of eastern and western NC BBQ. I love them both but my wife is from Lexington so Catsup gets added to the vinegar base besides, I do prefer the red slaw with my BBQ. More to come later...
  20. Thanks for all the advice, it doesn't fall on deaf ears. I'll post picks of the 4th cook. Need to get an app to downsize my photos for uploading.
  21. Thanks for the advise! I do have the Vision heat deflector and will wrap the stone. I also picked up a drip pan (cheap aluminum). I will look into getting something more permanent but it fits the meat and fits the grill for this cook. Thought about the electric starter and will keep and use, saw where someone else used it on low and slow to light just a few coals.
  22. Hi, My Vision S in white came in from Home Depot on Thursday, I put it together , and finally got to play with it this afternoon. After reading extensivly on these forums, I decided to do a temperature test first then finish with something easy for a first cook. I started out shooting for 225°. I loaded the fire box with some US Kingsford hardwood lump a couple of inches above the air holes and used half a Weber starter cube in the middle. After about 10 minutes I threw in the grates and attached my maverick and closed the lid with all vents open. It quickly got up to 175° So I followed the manual and closed the right bottom vent, cracked the left to 1/2, and set the top to 1. It gradually slowed but shot up to 273 and held that for 10 minutes then started a climb to 304°. I was patient but closed the top vent down to almost 0, about 1/32" showing in each hole. The temp dropped to 278° then steadily rose to 288° and stayed there for 30 minutes. At this point it was 1hr 15 mins since I had closed the lid so I decided to shoot for 350°. I followed the manual again and set the bottom vents to 5 and 7 and the top to 2. The temp started the march again slowing down and settling at 388° for 5 mins then started a slow march to 410° before I dialed the top vent back to almost 0 again and then it started to fall to 329° over the course of 40 mins. I cranked the top vent back to just before 1. ( about 1/8" showing in each hole of the top vent. It slow marched to 419° before I went back to my previous setting watching the temp slow to about 338° after 30 minutes before dumping some old oak chips on the coals and shutting down checking for leaks. I saw a few whisps of smoke leak from the closed top vent at the air holes and a few slight whisps from the lighter door. A few thoughts on my tests. I bought the electric starter but decided not to use it for fear it would start too big a fire. Glad I didn't use it and may return it. I'm happy with getting the lower temperature to settle at 288° as I need to smoke a pork butt and a picnic for the fourth to make NC BBQ ( see my introduction ). The test for 350° showed me that I need to tweak the bottom vent knobs some more. I don't feel that the grill has any major air leaks and feel lucky in that respect. Three hours after shutting down the dome temp was at 150° when I returned to start the grill for supper. I cooked 2 pieces of 2" thick choice top sirloin ( love ribeye but can't do fatty meat anymore). I banked the coals and found 1 small piece of ember. I split a Webber cube in 3 and restarted everything eventually reaching 600° to sear the meat. Did 3 minutes to a side then put the steaks to a cooler place on the grill for 4 minutes, closing all vents. The steak was medium rare, delicious, and a welcome return to that charcoal taste. I really love this grill. At first I was second guessing myself after seeing the classic with the ash drawer at Sam's Club and reading about the leaking issues on a few S' but feel I got a good one. Because of this site I had a checklist when setting up the grill but everything checked out. The dome was aligned and passed the dollar bill test. An observation on the front shock. When I close the lid, the shock catches but then I give it a push and the lid stays down so I won't remove the shock. One question. Looking at the loaded firebox picture( my interpretation of the grill instructions), will that be enough lump for my pork butt cook or should I go higher? I bought a 8 lb butt and 8 lb picnic and will cook at around 300°.Looking forward to my next cook!
  23. Thanks all! I'm like a child at Christmas. Tracking my order and reading about all the possibilities.
  24. Hi, Just bought a Vision Pro S from HD and am counting the days until it’s delivered. I’ve been used charcoal and gas for years and have wanted to get into Kamado grilling but just never took the plunge. This year my gas grill died with no hope of rebuild (Cheap Stok grill I used for 6 years) and HD is having a sale on the Vision Pro S. After lingering on these boards and reading reviews on the internet this looked like a good way to get into Kamado without breaking the bank. I’ve missed the charcoal taste in my grilling, just want something that lights quickly as I grill several times a week. I’m looking forward to the versatility that is offered by Kamado cooking and am ready to up my game. As long as the grill gets delivered as expected, I plan to use this Saturday afternoon learning how to hit different temps (as suggested so many times in these forums) finishing off with something easy like some steak or chops for supper. My 19 year old son is home for the summer so I’ve tasked him with picking the meal for the 4th of July, something low and slow. For smoking I’ve been using an old brinkman bullet smoker with the water pan and 2 shelves. I’ve cooked many pork shoulders, briskets, and turkeys on that thing but it was always a chore. Last year, for my sons Eagle Scout ceremony reception, I smoked 60 lbs of Pork shoulder over the weekend to make NC chopped BBQ ( Not Pulled pork! ). We’re originally from NC and the whole family misses that style BBQ. That’s the cook that got me really looking at kamados. I’ll stop rambling now and get back to work.
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