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  1. Pineapple casserole

    I think I need to make this just to see what it tastes like. I can't picture pineapple and butter.....but I can imagine it
  2. Ammaaaaaaaaaazing! I have to stop looking at this at work....I almost ate the screen!
  3. Brisket disaster

    You know I had the same exact experience. I am waiting to re-attempt. What people told me was to not cook to temp, but cook to feel. I DID split the point from the flat and made GREAT burnt ends. And even though the flat was flakey --- it tasted great. BTW ---- I ALSO JUST DISCOVERED MY PROBE IS WAYYYYY OFFF. So my internal 205 may have been 230! I noted a big difference on other cooks ..... I have a cheaper one I got from Amazon that is great...but my wireless one is crap....waiting for the iKamand.
  4. New BBQ Wizzard

    Can't wait for that! Well KJ should just place a piece of paper in the box of the iKamand with a link to your video of it.....Your reviews are on point! I came to the conclusion that my wireless probe (that I have had for years) is highly inaccurate. On a Butt -- probe said 165, but when I temp checked it was 190. Soooooooo......I am holding out for one of these fantastic devices!
  5. New BBQ Wizzard

    AWESOME! I hope you are allowed to do an in-depth review of the product. What's your testing strategy? I say go for the Brisket!
  6. Where to buy Prime brisket (in NJ)

    I know in Brooklyn, local butchers can get them, but haven't asked for Prime yet. I did not see it at BJs. I don't go to Costco in Brooklyn----it is a zoo in the parking lot. I am thinking of ordering one from Snake River Farms -- I don't cook brisket that often, but I hear they have great stuff. If I find one here, I would pick it up.
  7. How to Cook a Boston Butt

    Made a nice Butt and ribs this weekend! Love the recipes and tips on the forum! Pulled the butt at 190.......ribs came out great, but I did have one rack smaller than the other 2 that should have come off earlier.
  8. What to smoke first as a beginner?

    Butt is a great initial cook! When I got my Big Joe --- my first cook was baby back ribs. The thing to keep in mind --- kamados are efficient! I had the vents open VERY little and maintained temp great---plus a lot of lump left over!
  9. Must watch videos for a newbie?

    I went to John's videos for most of my initial "How To's". If I had a question.....John covered it in a video. PLUS Check out the Smash Burger video --- everyone RAVES when i make them! (its a simple beginner recipe). JOHN'S VIDEOS ARE THE GOTO FOR MOST EVERYTHING Check out his Pizza videos......he can make pizza better than most in Italy! Justin (BabyBackManiac), who is a member, has great videos as well....and does an outstanding job showcasing grill differences. Larry Beer n BBQ (also a member) also has some good stuff. I don't think I will ever brew beer (as it looks complicated), but he seems to give a nice explanation of the steps. Also -- HowtoBBQight Malcolm has some real good recipes once you get your feet wet.
  10. First Sous Vide Cook!

    Thanks! I will try my next run without butter. I have been doing chicken thighs for I believe 3 hours at 150...sometimes skinless----with salt and pepper. Easy to prepare and bring to work. My wife is amazed at how moist everything is.....so it earns a spot in my kitchen.
  11. It was love at first sight...AHHHH!

    That looks GREAT! My friend, who helped me get my KJ from Costco, is moving out to Lexington.....and is on the fence about getting a kamado --- may have to recommend your place to convince him! (more space to grill out there) Where did you get the marinade from? Home made? Never tried that before.
  12. Brisket Timing

    I agree with everyone else---start late the night before. I did my first brisket and actually cooked it a little too long! Try to cook to look and not temp --- timing is all ballpark as each brisket can cook a little different. I think its supposed to jiggle when done. But another reason to cook the night before --- GUESTS.....people may want other courses, such as a hot dog or hamburger --- if you don't have a 2nd grill --- the kamamdo is not set up for grilling with the Brisket on it---and you have to find other things to make.
  13. Dry Aged NY Strip Loin

    That looks amazing! How much was the meat? I saw one at BJs a month back for about $100 --- I held off as I was not familiar with that cut and the marbling (Only tried Rib Eye in past).....but if comes out like this....sign me up! Hope you cook some soon!
  14. Joe's at Lowe's

    The Ace by me has a large BGE display and a wall of accessories (also next to it is Weber's wall). I didn't realize how many BBQ sauces BGE had (and other accessories). I had KJ Big Block shipped to the store and had everyone there asking me how the coal was and more importantly --- if I had a KJ. lol But my Lowes definitely does not carry KJ.
  15. Third and Fourth Cook Pix

    Hey Hokie --- just be prepared....when the temp creeps up....and it will....remember to burp! I had a small flash back a few weeks ago when running around doing a bunch of things and trying to get pizza's ready. I didn't realize the temp creeped up so fast and WHOOSH.