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  1. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Congrats! I don't think I have ever used my divider on my BJ....though John's Turkey video was the first time I ever saw it used. Good to have....but I use the divide system a lot so I have usually 2 things going at once (one low - direct, the other high indirect). I would love to hear your comparison between the two. The Akorn is a good and popular Kamado. I came from a kettle and immediately noticed the ease in dialing in and holding temps.
  2. Anova - Amazon Deal of the Day

    Great price! You may want to get a container (with lid) to use with it. I have this model and like it! Though the app connection is spotty (I did a 48 hour cook with timer....the timer disappeared from the app---but stayed on the machine....temp readout was constant). Watch the Sous Vide Everything guys on YouTube for some good recipes. Also I make the Starbucks egg bites with little mason jars.
  3. Attempt at Cuban Lechon pork butt

    I liked the sound of the pre smoking... it's just too soft afterwards to move a lot. And yes... It is so much better the next day... Flavors really came out. And the mojo sauce... Your breath will be kicken more than a MMA fighter. Wow
  4. Attempt at Cuban Lechon pork butt

    well it completed...... You could taste the wine and garlic... Faint... But I am sure it will be better tomorrow... It was very very soft.... So I gently moved it to a pan and broiled it on all sides after speaking with meat church's Deez nurz. It came out great... Moist, soft, flavorful.. And with the mojo sauce.. Amazing.... One thing I missed is the smoke flavor... But I think this dish may not need it... But im just used to it.
  5. So I watched the Sous Vide everything guys make a Cuban pork butt ( And now I am attempting it. I marinaded it for 24 hrs..... Now it's cooking for 48 hrs.... And will be ready Friday night at 8pm. Any suggestions for indoor searing a butt? Broiler? Pan? Stay tuned! Oh I have to make the mojo sauce too.
  6. Look who's got a new building! And a cool sign

    Road trip! So where do we set up the grills for test drives? lol
  7. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Make the Marble an option! If cart if affordable with a good top, people could change it out at a later date (like a Birthday/Xmas gift). These things won't help me cook better food -- but are sooo convenient!
  8. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Whoah -- I just found this on BBQGuys https://www.bbqguys.com/item_item_2854886.html I guess this is the original Pro Joe!
  9. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Thanks LargeRedJoe.....I can't wait to order this cart for next year! Shuley----you said "bringing back the ProJoe" ..... there was a pro model in the past? Its great that a company tries to keep improving their products and challenge the competitors. The cart makes it compete with the Summit....which has a real nice table. I wonder what the top is made from.
  10. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Is there a cart for the BJ? It looks like a nice build!
  11. Beef brisket flat

    That looks amazing! I saw at my local BJs flats on special.....but never cooked just a flat before. Did you need to trim a lot off before cooking?
  12. New BBQ Wizzard

    The only necessity is the Grill, the Lump, and the meat! But its always fund to play with new gadgets! So John.....I know there is limited you can talk about.....but when KJ pulls the trigger (Nov is knocking at our door), do you have a video that is just waiting to post or is it mostly tests?
  13. New BBQ Wizzard

    I have a pocket probe which is accurate. And my dome temp is spot on. But iKamand will help my paranoia with overnight cooks. What if it goes out? What if it gets too hot? All small problems -- but cool to have a solution for them. I like insurance on long cooks.....its all about mitigating the risk I agree -- its all bells and whistles...but it adds also to peace of mind -- my BBQ is out in my back and I have to unlock my door, unlock the driveway gate, unlock the backyard gate to get to. As it gets colder....it would be great to monitor and control from inside until I am really needed (like to wrap)
  14. New BBQ Wizzard

    Temp control yes --- but my internal temp monitor seems to be off like 20 degrees. This product should help in both areas. PLUS I need to pick and choose my gadgets wisely or else I'll get "Tho LOOK" Now I'm waiting to see on YouTube a video that starts "Hey Guys....this John Setzler and this is the video you have all been waiting for"
  15. New BBQ Wizzard

    I hear you --- my wireless temp gauge is way off....want to buy a new one before I consider a pricey cook (Brisket)....but REALLY want to buy this in conjunction. Hope we hear more about it soon. AND some great videos from John on how to best use it.