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  1. Hey John -- quick 2 questions...not sure if it was covered already: - Do you still need a deflector plate? - How do you shut it down? (wait till the coal burns out?) I like the convenience of just shoveling the pies in and out over opening the lid and "feeling the burn".
  2. it was on one of these threads that I posted my first Boston Butt and said how fast it went....and someone stated you need to make more for the freezer! Since then I learned from my mistake.....because when something this good comes off the grill....people want it. I can't even post on Facebook anymore unless I cooked enough lol This thread is has so much good info!
  3. I just did 3 butts this weekend! Injected with Sweet Brine o mine, rubbed will Slap Yo Daddy all purpose and smoked with Pecan and Apple wood. Went on at 6am....wrapped with apple juice at I think at 11-12 and off at I think 2-3 (at around 200 internal)....AMAZING We had a great meal and I was able to vacuum seal a bunch for future meals!
  4. I did a Top Round for 30 hours.... Seared it before and after Sous Viding. It was AMAZING. It cut like butter! I wish I bought 10 top round roasts as they were on sale! I used Harry Soo's Moulah rub and it added great flavor to the outside.
  5. I second the pork Butt. It is easy to do a lot earlier and have ready. They are an EASY win and taste better when rested for a bit. Ribs are great too! I made some miss steps last year and cooked "Low and Slow" items and guests arrived a little early....and some wanted food NOW and could not comprehend how I could not just "throw some dogs on the grill" to get a char. I learned COOK EARLY and have the grill ready to do some high heat when guests arrive (veggies, hot dogs, etc).
  6. Over 200lbs of SS! lol It should be called the Godzilla Kamado. It is a work of art!
  7. I have to try this....I have been loving chicken in my cast iron skillet. - preheat pan in oven at 500 - place chicken breast down and drop to 450 for 30 minutes - flip and cook for 20 minutes.
  8. 22 hours! Wow ....do you need to refill the charcoal? When do you wrap? I am seeing a move to Hot and Fast now....have not tried it...interesting to do a comparison.
  9. Most of the trimming was on the fat cap....a little separating the point from the flat (is that the deckle?) I got a prime packer from a butcher, around the same weight...and only $40 cheaper than a SNF....there was a little less trimming, but flavor was different. SRF is for special occasions...my next test (later this summer) is to try to replicate the results with a Costco brisket (but I need to get to a Costco first)
  10. Wow Wow Wow! So I have only cooked 2 other Briskets: - 1st - Choice: May have over cooked it...ends were crumbly and dry. Burnt ends ROCKED. Injected and Wrapped in Butcher paper - 2nd - Prime: Got it from a butcher...no trimming needed, but very pricey - Came out good! Some ends were a little dry, but wish it had more flavor before saucing. Did not inject, wrapped in Foil. This past weekend #3: a Snake River Farms Waygu Gold -- 15lbs (but trimmed to about 11-12). Outstanding! Injected and wrapped in foil. Used Harry Soo's Moolah Rub with a Salt/Pepper base. I used the iKamand and it worked great...though think I may put the probe (or a second probe) in the thinner section next time. What was remarkable was it cook a lot faster than I would have thought! I did receive alerts at the end that the pit temp was getting too hot. Dome was constant...but with vents almost all the way closed, it said it was going from 225 to 245. I rested for a few hours in a cooler (wrapping in the SNF wool blanket it arrived in)...it cut perfectly and the flavor was the best yet. It did not need sauce! THEY ARE PRICEY....but it really produced a quality product. I am going to next try it with a Prime....have to go to Costco and search there...but SNF is great for special occasions. Pics to follow
  11. I cooked a Brisket this weekend using iKamand. At first I was connected and then had some connection issues....then I activated my Guest Network and moved it over to that....and it was steady as can be. Cooked the best brisket yet! Strange thing was at the end the temp kept creeping up (and I received a text)....but all the vents were barely open. It stated grill temp was 240-250, dome stated 225.
  12. I love mine---though it is quite heavy to shake the ash out! I got a KAB for my Jr -- have not used it yet. I don't think the accessory rack is flush on my BJ once it is installed.
  13. I upgraded yesterday to the latest firmware and did a beer can chicken. I selected chicken and entered the weight, but increased the temp on the app (as I think it was going for low and slow). The internet connection was a little spotty as I got messages about disconnection and saw a green flashing light.....but the App was showing the temps and I received texts when there were occurrences ( too hot, lid open, food done). I really enjoyed cooking with it! I have a brisket on its way that I will be testing next.
  14. Yesterday a lot of people were using their iKamands....I think there may have been a problem at the server farm managing it for a bit. I think the heat may have impacted my wifi strength ... I could not connect to the wireless network outside on my phone or iKamand the same way I had so many other times. Look in the app, I think there a good Help section that really helped me out a bit.
  15. Time to resurrect the thread! I think I may be getting this table! I put the Jr on my table (noted a few pics above) and it is pretty high...I like my eyebrows and don't want to draw them with a sharpie and people will be saying "Why does he look so angry?" lol
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