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  1. I joke that if someone can steal my pit boss they can have it and “earned it”. I have a good bit of crime around me so and my backyard isn’t fenced/sealed. I do love the thing but it’s just so bloody heavy it will sell with my house if I sell! I have a 3-4 ft slope to get up into my yard and it was a hell of a time to get it into the backyard when it was new - and I had a couple good dollies/carts I employed for the task too. I hope to get say 5 or 10yrs of use from it and will see what the market has then. I really can’t see wind pushing it over... it’d have to be a direct strike of a tornado!
  2. I went the fireblack 125 off amazon ~17 dollars. It seems (now that it is installed) to be nothing too special and pretty much same as the factory but ofcourse its new so it has good fluff to it for now. I’m happy... I wanted a black gasket and I didn’t want problems of the gasket being too thick, so I threw a dart and that’s what I ended up going with.
  3. It was very sub-zero polar vortex weather. I used it all the prior winter never having an issue, but the grilling gods were against me on the blustery day it happened. Plus it was a couple years worn.... You are correct I don’t cover it these days. It’s no longer new & and the cover got all rigid crispy from the sun.
  4. Old factory gasket off, new gasket on! I tried grilling in sub-zero temps this winter and tore the old one because it was frozen with water :-( Back in service! Also had to tighten up some nuts & bolts on the lid’s hinge. Just felt like sharing.. entering my 3rd year with ‘her’. Cleaning off the old gasket was work. I tried acetone, scrapers, razor blade, and some sanding sponges / sandpaper. I got pretty much all of the old one off.. but that was a chore I will feel in my fingers & hands for a few days to come.
  5. Hey all.. Still grilling. I tried to use my unit in the sub-zero chills of Illinois a couple months ago and my gaskets ripped apart because they were frozen together with moisture... so I learned grilling in 10 degrees is not the best of plans - but I’m now looking to replace my torn gasket. It works aok with the not so great gasket but I must return it to normal service levels. Otherwise so far so good...
  6. My factory thermometer is full of water, and even when it wasn’t I was always quite dubious of its readings. Has anyone gone larger or done anything creative instead of replacing their therm? I’m looking for suggestions. :-) I found a 2 3/8 “ outside diameter thermometer online that looks like that is likely the oem dial size if I just swap it out old for new. I have multiple digital therms/probes so I’m just wanting to fix the dome therm because it annoys me it’s being broken. I snapped the photo during a brisket smoke today when the unit was 280 degrees so it’s clearly dead/broken :-)
  7. The vision and pb are more or less the same.. literally I believe it is the same company is manufacturing but they tweak the models differently for the buyer/market. Perhaps quality controls vary based on the buyer, but I wouldn’t think any buyer wants unhappy consumers :-)
  8. Sounds like you have an air leak that fueled some embers to keep burning at a sliver rate
  9. The stock one on the PB24 seems durable. It isn’t sealed well from the factory.. I’m not sure I understand what deficiency you are trying to fix.
  10. The pb is a fine unit.. I have sealed some air leaks and maybe this year I will replace the lid gasket. You get a little what you pay for.. I can recognize some aspects where the green egg has tighter engineering.... But it is a charcoal grill I still love Weber kettle grills but I do like my pb more
  11. I have never ever seen a stainless steel charcoal grate EVER on ANY grill.. I am pretty confident if charcoal grates made out of stainless steel were preferable for good reason we would have seen them years ago. I would think tempered/hardened steel costs more to produce than a stainless material too. Just my $.02
  12. I know nothing of ceramics or glaze - actually I did have take ceramics in HS.. but my guess though is that the UV of the sun oxidizes the glaze. It happens to headlights, car finishes+ canopies, etc...
  13. This was dinner last night.. Hebrew beef hot dogs - only the best for my kids. My PB is firing up now for a 15lb brisket. Is a cool/wet/little rainy fall day here in Peoria IL. Cheers all!
  14. mrzippy


    Brickbat - create a felt perimeter on the inner side around the outer edge of the outer(left) plate. So that the left plate is riding on a rectangular perimeter of felt that you can't see as it slides over the right plate. On my grill I did this and it added a perfect amount of thickness that I don't need to use any sticks like you are. I commend you for improvising and recognizing the problem tho! I have this years 24' model (manufactured in 2016) so my plates are flip flopped as to which is outer or inner compared to yours but that shouldn't matter. I'd take a picture but you can't see the felt I have in between the plates. Yes my vents were extremely tight to open/close on the first few days but it loosened up with use & time.
  15. I am a proactive person so I'm in the same boat looking to replace it in not so far out future. That said I did watch the video on YouTube of someone cooking without a gasket ... they managed ok. So I kind of feel no matter how bad it is if you know your machine then you know your machine :-) I'm curious to hear any dimensions people would buy or brand recommendations..
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