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  1. I have a KJ Jr and a Big Joe and while the Jr is very capable for single items like a roast or a “roll” of ribs, if I want to roast vegetables it’s too small unless I take one thing off to cook another. Depending on your use case a small, medium, or large will all work. It depends on how much and when you want to cook something. The small is very frugal on charcoal.
  2. I have looked at the Tramontina and am intrigued. I picked up a Cuisinart Multi-clad pro saucepan. I'm unwilling to pay $400 for a saucepan. The AC pans I got were the loss-leader gateway drug offers, for $100 each. The only other pan I need is a good size stockpot. It's the last non-stick pan I need to replace. Between my CI and SS I'm pretty set. I have an old set of bottom lined SS I kept for camping, and I shop in my CI for whatever I need for that trip. I still need a 12" deep camp oven, but I'm well-stocked at the moment. Please let me know how the Tramontina works out!
  3. I wish I could make myself get outside, but when it's 20-30* I experience profound lack of motivation for cooking outside. Not so inside, so my training continues in the kitchen. That chicken looks amazing, and I recently picked up some camp ovens, I think they'll be spending some time on my grill!
  4. I love my cast iron. I also have some d5 SS pans. +1 on everything landscaper said. Seasoning SS is almost exactly like CI, but just the inside of the pan. I find myself doing it almost every time I wash my SS as I end up using BarKeepers Friend and that strips the seasoning. I'm surprised your wife is fussing about CI as the AC d5 is almost as heavy. My CI is the best non-stick pan in my house.
  5. I tried both limiting airflow with the ceiling vent and closing it entirely. Neither method helped control the volcano in the back. Neither am I enthusiastic about moving around stones that are several hundred degrees. I've also decided that just because I CAN doesn't mean there aren't better tools in my baking bag, like the Kamado Joe right next to it. I've got a lot of other projects (not just cooking/baking) on my plate right now, so I have decided to work on my Jedi skills with the Kamado Joe, reserving the Uuni for pizza and high-temp applications, getting more familiar with the Instant Pot, and bread baking. Good, good. Let the charcoal flow through you....
  6. This is an excellent post! The only thing I might add, and it's a minor quibble at that, would be a drip, or roasting pan under the bird to catch the drippings to both prevent flareups and save for gravy. My spatchcocked turkey on the big Joe was awesome. Although cutting out the backbone was a bear. I need new shears. As per usual, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.
  7. It has arrived and I have to say I’m very impressed. It has beautiful proportions and the blue fairly pops. We bought a Lodge enameled piece over the summer during Amazon prime day and returned it. The proportions were not pleasing, the color was meh, and there were a few chips in the finish. This Staub is on another level. I have several Lodge CI pieces and I LOVE them. We have 3 Le Creuset pieces and they are great for roasts, chickens, and stews, as well as being beautiful. Some enameled led cast iron pr0n for those who are interested.
  8. WS has red, blue, and black. We ordered the blue. I heard they have black interiors, I've never seen it in person, but for $99 and free shipping, it's worth checking out. If it doesn't pass muster with the bride I get a new DO for the Joe!
  9. After failing with a quick bread because of uncontrollable temps, I'm taking a page out of the KJ book and will fabricate a cover over the intake so I can control airflow better. This should solve the issue. The Uuni Pro has an air intake so massive it's worthy of a Mad Max sequel.
  10. I think I just saved our Thanksgiving by reading this thread. Thanks, guys! No brining tonight!
  11. I am still learning our Instapot. Wife bought it over a year ago and has been terrified to use it. Still has PTSD from some spaghetti many years ago. I fired it up and made some batches of beans in it. It's flat out amazing in how fast it can cook long simmers/boils/stews. I've only used it a handful of times and I can't say I consider it a solid part of my toolset yet. So far I've realized if you have to boil/simmer/stew anything for more than a short period, you should look at an instapot. I saw the comment about about mashed potatoes, that's genius and something I've done for years, and even last night, on the stove top without even thinking about it. I'll give that a shot next time. For weeknight cooks the Instapot can be a huge time-saver. I'm not yet convinced it provides the same taste as a long, simmering cook for dishes that have traditionally needed time for flavours to meld. Can the IP flash cook flavor too?
  12. I have smaller hands and I LOVE the Henckels/Zwilling Four Star line. The handles are molded and textured polypropylene over a full tang. They fit my hand LIKE A DREAM and are not slippery when they inevitably get wet. The heel of the blade is widened so your finger can rest on it with ease and it doesn't push into my hand when chopping. (I hold the knife at the top of the handle right next to the heel of the blade.) They are durable, having lasted me 20 years so far. My only complaint is the blade is balanced just a tad heavy towards the toe. I see they have a Four Star 2 line, with a steel cap at the base of the handle to address the balance issue. I LOVE my 8" Chef's knife. My other Four Star knives are a paring knife and a bread knife. The bread knife was an impulse buy, but the paring knife is my second favorite. I'm looking for a boning knife now. It will be a Four Star 2. As a counterpoint, my wife always uses a 6" Zwilling Pro Santoku knife. She doesn't like long blades. I like the action of the Santoku knife, but the heel of the blade is always burying itself into my forefinger, So I use the Four Star chef's knife. If I was buying today I would look very seriously at the Four Star 2 knives. They go on sale fairly regularly.
  13. In case anyone is interested Williams Sonoma is have a Black Friday sale on a Staub 4 Qt dutch oven for $99. Enameled cast iron from France. Looks pretty nice and the price is high but not insane. ~75% off. For people that are willing to drop a grand on a grill, this looks like a good value.
  14. I have a 2003 Subaru Forester that you will be peeling my fingers off my frameless glass.... 263k. Just getting broken in! I have to admit new cars are pretty seductive, I just have difficulty conceiving a $60,000 truck. It seems insane to me.
  15. Thanks! This store is awesome! I've managed to find several things I didn't know I needed! Oh, and my wife asked to have a word with you....
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