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  1. Roasted Turkey

    this looks awesome. The bride told me last weekend she wanted the Thanksgiving turkey done on the Joe. YAY!
  2. Wings

    I love wings. They look GREAT! I hope you had beer.
  3. Finishing sous vide chicken wings on kamado?

    I'd recommend putting them on a baking sheet vice individually. Makes managing them on the grill much easier. Unless you have dual cast iron half-moons. Which would be awesome, by the way.
  4. I'd really like to can them but I have never done that before and I'd rather not poison myself. I've got too many projects on the docket right now and I'd like to try using the foodsaver if possible. A pre-freeze then seal is now option B.
  5. Divide and Conquer Storage Shelf

    This is GENIUS! Just last night I was telling myself I needed a storage solution for my DnC heat deflectors and my Joe Jr heat deflector. With a little modification, this would be perfect for me. How may blades did you go through chopping up that MDF? Is it sagging in the middle? Maybe it's the camera.
  6. Knives

    I have some knives made from People’s Liberation Army artillery shells. I have no idea what the bevel is on them. They are sharp but I don’t use them because they are duplicates. I can’t bring myself to sell them. For all my other knives I use a chef’s choice sharpener. I know I’m probably abusing the blades, but I like mine sharp. It’s amazing how quickly they can dull. A matter of weeks. And yes, we only use the, on plastic and wood cutting boards. If you look directly at the blade under a light and it reflects its dull. The blades are still holding up well after 15 years so I figure if I burn through them I’ll buy another one. A sharp knife is a joy to use.
  7. I found a can of San Marzano tomatoes at Costco— ONLY $3.69! Now that we’re home, I’ve got to figure out how to run these through the foodsaver without crushing them. I’m looking for tips as I can't make pizzas to use up a 6 lb can.
  8. Uuni pizza oven

    I ordered a SS Table off Amazon that I can use as a prep/staging area when the Uuni is not in use, remembered I had an unused bakers rack in the basement that my bride was saving for the kids when they move out—not anymore! It’s now serving duty on the deck as my outdoor kitchen station. I swung by academy sports and got some hardwood, and found a 6 lb can of San marzano tomatoes at Costco. I’m almost ready! Amazon table is due Wednesday!
  9. Video - Uuni 3 Demo

    I think the Joe makes a much better oven but I really want to play and experiment with the Uuni to see what it can do for me. And it can burn wood which is very attractive to me.
  10. Chile Rellenos

    Well I did this cook and needless to say it wasn’t nearly as photogenic. But I learned a lot, will make some changes, and next time I think the results will be much better. I also cooked some beans in the instapot and they tuned out well. No soaking and start to finish 90 minutes. Beans are actually an option again!
  11. Sears Canada Swan Song

    I read somewhere recently they already issued a warning. I think it was an earnings call. They said very plainly that they do not see operations continuing in the long term.
  12. Round 2 from the Uuni 3

    SECOND TIME using the Uuni. Sheesh. I am SO not posting my pizzas! There is NO WAY I will be able to produce a pizza that amazing looking on my second try! John, you're an amazing cook. I can't wait to get my Uuni!!! (Even if they will be misshapen and not nearly as photogenic as yours.) Those pizzas look fabulous!
  13. Sears Canada Swan Song

    They have lasted FAR longer than I expected. I have bought Craftsman for years, last year when they struck a deal on Craftsman with Ace Hardware I figured it was all over, but they keep hanging on. A few years ago they started selling their properties and leasing them back. Once they started doing that the writing was on the wall. It's been a long, slow, painful spiral of death for them, which is really tragic as they employ a lot of people but have been stuck in a traditional retailing mindset. I still go there as they have great deals, but only if you show up in the store. I will be sad to see them go. I wore toughskins as a kid, bought Craftsman hand tools whenever I could over the years, and even now shop appliances there, as they still have the best service contracts in the industry. Now everyone has a lifetime guarantee on their tools, I have moved my hand tool purchases to Lowe's as it's more convenient for me. I miss the quality of vintage Craftsman tools. Everyone has moved their manufacturing to China to stay competitive, and I understand that, but it did not come without sacrifice. I will miss them.
  14. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    ^^^^THIS^^^ If all you do are meats then a classic may be all you need.