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  1. What is the counter/cabinet you have there? Looking for one for my deck.
  2. Hi, my names Steve and I'm a grillaholic. I have never owned a gas grill in my life. I have always grilled on my $50 Char-Griller grill. I have used my father in laws smoker many times. Then last week I had the opportunity to purchase a brand new Akorn for $111.11 so I had to jump on it. I got it home, assembled, and seasoned on Friday. Yesterday I smoked ribs, then today I grilled chicken for home made chipotle burritos. I love this grill! Burgers and slot dogs tomorrow, and beer can chicken Tuesday. I can't wait to also try pizza. I did notice some smoke coming from around the bottom and top vents after I shut it down. I plan to work on that issue soon enough. I have lurked for a few weeks and figured it was time to say hello.
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