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  1. HI all! Well, I did my first brine last weekend for a roast chicken and lemme tell you, I aint cookin chicken any other way from now on. I used this recipe: Warm water (enough to completely cover the chicken) 1/2 cup kosher salt 3/4 cup soy sauce 3/4 cup brown sugar 3 tbsp olive oil Chicken rub seasoning I let it brine in the fridge for 5 hours then brought the kamado up to 400°F and cooked it until the juices ran clear and it was uniformly golden brown and crispy (my digital thermometer caked on me). The flavour was unreal - smokey, juicy and moist and incredibly tender. Everyone in attendance couldn't stop commenting on how juicy and delicious it was. Sorry, no pics as it was dark and it didn't last long enough after we took it out to take a pic!
  2. Jim, that "crushed red pepper", is that like chili flakes or sweet red pepper crushed?
  3. Smokin deal guys! Nicely done! BTW, Laurie from Vision sent me a brand new felt replacement in the mail. I'd mentioned via email that mine had become scorched and was coming away from the rim in places. Incredible customer service. SO glad I got one.
  4. No photos, it didn't happen! LOL
  5. magnets as in a strip of magnetic tape? That's right! A strip of magnet that has an adhesive backing.
  6. That could very well be the case BBQ Bob but in my particular instance, I use organic flour and I believe it was that my kamado that just needed a few good and long cooks to season it up and get the factory smell out.
  7. Thanks! Actually, this new loaf I made (the onion and parmesan one) had no strange flavour at all, aside from a little smokiness and it tasted great! The smokiness actually worked very well with the onion and parm. Very tasty!
  8. Each to their own taste. I normally cook a roast to medium rare but this one was done low and slow on purpose so that it would be fall apart tender for sandwiches etc. That's the beautiful thing about food; we all experience it differently and have our own opinions about it's preparation. A lot like art really.
  9. Yours looks great too! Yeah there are so many options available. I'm going to start messing around with ingredients in the dough itself. Cheese, potato, olives, raisins, apples and cinnamon...mmmmm
  10. "Pit temp"? I thought I had the temp in the vid no? It's around 260°F inside the kamado for the slow roast beef.
  11. We had fresh rolls, scalloped potatoes, herbed sausages and some salads. Awesome spread. Everyone made sandwiches with the beef and spread either Keen's English mustard or horseradish on them.
  12. Your wish is my command! YWv0obOWjJo Full recipe here: http://nonsticksteel.blogspot.ca/
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