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  1. That looks tasty, well done! I’m a firm believer that sopping with crusty French bread makes any meal better.
  2. Looks great and I like the sweet potato idea as well! One question though, I don't see where the peppers come in to the recipe?
  3. @shuley this begs the question.... care to share that recipe? Or direct me to it if you already have it somewhere?
  4. @Dub I used some of The Gospel on skinless boneless chicken breasts that we made last night. Put some on before I vacuum sealed them for the sous vide and then added more for the sear. They turned out excellent, very good flavor. I have a few other meat church rubs that I haven't tried yet but based on this result i am eager to get to them all.
  5. Holey moley! Those are some good looking plates of chow! It's almost lunch time and I am drooling over that street corn. Well played!
  6. The 160 was for some chicken breasts. I NOW realize I could and probably should have gone a bit lower but they turned out fine anyway. I like things where I can mess up and still get good results! We used to call that "idiot proof"!
  7. Good job @cschaaf. Same cooler that I have, I just did my cutout at the rear so the lid can lift (I probably get some heat loss with the bigger cutout but I figure it HAS to be better than a layer of ping pong balls!). Didn't even think about swiveling it, that's a good idea.
  8. Talk about setting the bar high! Well done on all those cooks. It's barely after breakfast and they made me hungry all over again. I guess second breakfast isn't out of the question.
  9. Last Sunday I did a bone in 4 1/2 lb butt on the KJ Jr. and it took exactly 6 1/2 hours at 225-250. Just FYI in case it helps.
  10. That is a tasty looking cook on a unique day. Okay, the goat is freaking me out! Your shawarma has been....
  11. @KamadoJosephine Sorry for the confusion... it is as @gerrell said... 1-4 apply here. Like minded individuals mourning a brilliant show that was gutted by an evil network.
  12. Wait, wait.... FIRST woodworking project? Wow! Very impressive. Absolutely gorgeous table!
  13. @In2Fish Don't wait. Everything I've done sous vide has been cooked darn near perfectly. In fact, best steaks I've ever made were medium rare in the sous vide before searing on the Joe. @arentol Thanks, I'll check that out for sure. @gerrell Wow! That looks exactly like what i'm shooting for. Those wings are indeed shiny, fit for a shindig I'd say!
  14. Congrats! That's a great looking pie and you can't go wrong with grilled pineapple. This shows me I really need to up my pizza game!
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