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  1. bigssa

    Sausage crust pizza

    I have made sausage crust pizza for years based on a recipe I learned from a low carb cook book. Over the years, I learned the trick to put an object on the sausage while it is cooking. otherwise you end up with a very uneven crust. I highly recommend trying it at least once. It has great flavor and it is pretty easy to make.
  2. bigssa

    Sausage crust pizza

    When I cooked the crust separately, it was cooked just until it was set, not cooked completely. During the final bake in the Kamado, the sausage browned up nicely on the bottom and just started to get a crunch to it.
  3. I decided to do something different last night for a pizza by using sausage for the crust. I started off by carmalizing onions and peppers in a cast iron skillet. I then put the sausage on the cast iron skillet with a glass dish on top of it to keep it from warping while cooking. I baked the crust for 10 minutes in the Kamado. Afterwards, I put the onions and peppers, pepperoni, black olives, pizza sauce, and cheese in the crust. Went back into the Kamado for 30 minutes until it was golden brown on top. Despite the pouring rain that started during the final baking period, it turned out pretty good and certainly a little different than the usual pizza. Here are some pics of the cook:
  4. bigssa

    Unread content

    No, I do not.
  5. bigssa

    Unread content

    Just to follow up. This seems to be a browser specific issue. I primarily use my iPhone with Chrome, which is where I experienced this issue. I am currently using Chrome on a Mac Book and it is working correctly.
  6. Does anybody know why the unread content keeps including content that I already read? I have tried playing with the filters and nothing seems to help. I am going through and trying to read as many threads as I can using the unread content link, which worked perfectly until I read all the content in the last week. Now every time I go to the Unread content page, I keep seeing links to threads that are marked as read. And it seems to be extremely inconsistent with the threads that includes with every visit. Clearly, I am doing something wrong but cannot figure out how to fix it.
  7. bigssa

    The cart is here!

    That is one hell of a price tag for a cart. I do not particularly like the look of it either. I think that $500 would have been realistic, but this is a reach at best.
  8. bigssa

    Best type of grill/smoker for poultry

    My first cook on the KJ was wings and doing them at 400 degrees got the skin beautifully crips and delicious. When I cook chicken thighs during the week, I use a Weber Kettle in indirect heat at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes and then finish it on the direct side for a few minutes. Makes amazing chicken. One of the other things that you have to make sure of is that the chicken is dry. If it is wet then it will likely not crisp up because it is just being steamed.
  9. Love the red LE Weber Kettle. It is just too bad that they had all of those flaws, very uncharacteristic of Weber. My only red kettle to date is a rough looking 1978 that has primarily been used as my pizza grill.
  10. bigssa

    Is "Goo" required?

    I would suggest buying a roast at Costco or Sams Club. I bet that the price for prime beef is so much cheaper at Costco (I have purchased a prime roast for as low as ~$8/lb) that if you bought a membership then it would pay for itself with a single purchase. When we are talking about 12-14 lbs of prime beef then a difference of $5/lb or more makes a HUGE difference. The quality of the meat at Costco is top notch. I have dry aged one of the roasts that I purchased in a mini fridge and it turned out amazing.
  11. I di use the deflectors in this case. My issue was primarily when opening the KJ for spritzing. Thanks for the tip, I will give that a try on my next cook.
  12. bigssa

    New Big Joe

    I did the same thing last week at my local Costco. You are going to love it.
  13. A week after buying my KJ, I ran into a baby back rib sale at my local grocery store so I bought 4 racks and invited the in laws. I used Meathead’s Memphis Dust recipe for two of them and my own recipe that is more savory on the other two. I used sugar maple and apple wood for the smoke. Kept the KJ at 275 (to the best of my abilities) for about 4 hours with no wrapping and the occasional spritzing with apple juice. The result was hands down my best ribs to date. The flavor was spot on, doneness was perfect, and the ability to do 4 racks at once without using a rib holder or having to cut the ribs down was so pleasing. My only issue was maintaining 275 degrees because the temp kept spiking every time I opened the grill to sprits the ribs. I would love to know if anyone has any good advice on how to prevent the spike in temperatures every time you open the Kamado. It may be the charcoal that I am using which is being very responsive to the increase in oxygen (I am using the Western charcoal). I might switch to the KJ big block charcoal that I got to see if that acts any differently. Here is a quick pic that I remembered to take during the cook.
  14. bigssa

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    Hey everyone, i finally pulled the the trigger and bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe today. There was a Kamado Joe rep at the local Costco for the past week and the deal is just too good to pass up. Even though this is my first Kamado, I am an experienced charcoal griller. I own 5 Weber grills, 4 of which are charcoal. I am really looking forward to learning this new (to me) cooking technique and make some amazing food. I have been snooping around this forum for quite some time and have already learned quite a bit about Kamado cooking.