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  1. That is how I got my Big Joe. Fantastic deal, you will not regret this purchase.
  2. The general rule of thumb is 1/2 lb of raw meat per person. If you know that you have big eaters in the group then you might want to bump that up to 2/3 lb. these calculations are also assuming that you are going to have sides that people will be able to fill up on as well.
  3. The thing about pizzas is that it is difficult to make a pizza look special when you post it online when you stay traditional (at least for a backyard cook like me). I was trying to get creative with this challenge and make something unique that I have never made before and you guys will hopefully get a kick out of. Pizza or not, I had a good time cooking it.
  4. I’m trying to watch my calories.
  5. Very impressive. I love eggplant parm.
  6. First, that rig is awesome. Second, I love the background of grills. Third, this looks a lot like the way Shawarma is made (which is like the middle eastern version of gyros). I grew up in Israel and want to do a cook like this. What spices did you use? Did you add any fat between the meat layers to keep things moist?
  7. I was notified that mine was shipped, I am very excited to give it a try.
  8. Thanks guys. The hard part was making sure that the bacon is cooked enough to render most of the fate before adding all of the toppings, but not so cooked that when the whole pizza is baked that the bacon burns. It is a delicate balance and I purposefully went with some thick bacon to help with that. It was a fun cook, but it was also way more work than I was expecting.
  9. I decided to stick to a theme of meat crusted pizzas with my second entry. This time it was a bacon weave for the crust in a cast iron pan I then baked it in the KJ with a Dutch oven on top of it to keep it flat at 400 degrees for about 25 mins or until the fat rendered. I also roasted a pepper and some onions for the toppings I drained the fat and started the assembly. Final baking at 450 for 10 mins And of of course the final product
  10. I agree. Most salts are actually made of sea salt and are just ground to different sizes. That’s why you see recipes that will say to use half the amount if you plan on using table salt (it is more dense). Weight would be a much more effective way of measuring ingredients.
  11. What part of SC are you from? I live in the Charleston area. Always nice to see some SC folks here.
  12. The theory is that most hard woods produce the same smoked taste, but in different intensity. Fruit woods tend to have a lighter intensity of the smoked flavor, but use enough of it and you will get a similar intensity as hickory. Mesquite wood definitely has a distinct and intense flavor, so I would say that it is an exception to the rule. So that is all theory, which is great, but I find that there are suttle differences (beyond intensity) in the flavor. I recently purchased some sugar maple and I love the smoked flavor that it produces. Best thing to do is try and decide for yourself. I would recommend to try out https://www.smokinlicious.com/ they have a great selection of different smoking woods.
  13. Do you know how many pounds of charcoal (approximately) you used?
  14. Looks fantastic. That is one hell of a smoke ring.
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