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  1. I try to keep my probe in the indirect heat by placing it over the heat deflector. If you place it over the direct heat source it will read higher. It can get tricky to find a spot that's indirect heat and not touch meat, but so far it's worked out for me.
  2. I used a really, really hot gas grill. You could also put them in a scorching hot cast iron frying pan and get a nice sear that way.
  3. Wrapping will definitely get you through the stall quicker. Not wrapping will get you a better bark. Both ways work, I suggest experimenting and deciding what works for you the best. Personally, my first few briskets came out dry (unwrapped) so I started wrapping in butcher paper and have been very happy with the results. I still get good bark and a nice smoke ring even after wrapping.
  4. 20% off Thermoworks Smoke. You have to follow this link to get the special price: https://www.thermoworks.com/Smoke-DOD-June19-SE?TW=SERIOUSEATS
  5. The worse is when you forget the handle is blazing hot and grab it anyways. By putting a cover on it, you eliminate that accident waiting to happen. The lodge leather holder is especially nice looking
  6. This is the best system, check out Malcom's video for the details:
  7. It's a learning process, keep at it and soon enough you'll be cranking out mind-blowing ribs. Looking at your ribs I don't see much pull back from the bone, I would expect to see more pull back after cooking that long. So you wrapped those for 2 hours? I do my ribs like dman: 2-3 hours smoke time bare 45 minutes to 1 hour wrapped 15-30 minutes unwrapped to firm them back up At the initial 2-3 hour mark when you go to wrap, how much have the pulled back from the bone? This will determine how much time they need to be wrapped. If they are already pulling back and getting pretty tender, don't wrap them too long. If they are thick or not cooking as fast, might need more time in the foil. They are pretty much done after foil, so 1 hour might be too long. Just put them back on to firm the bark back up and add some sauce if you like.
  8. When you went by the dome thermometer and it read 300, the grate temperature was greater than 300 probably 350-375. So now you know you want to cook your burgers hotter than 300 at the grate to get them how you like them
  9. Yes. Would I suggest it? No, but you won't get sick from any food you handle with dirty hands and then COOK PROPERLY. Now, if you handle anything that isn't being cooked, you're rolling the dice.
  10. Exactly. You're cooking the meat to a safe temperature, anything you are washing off is going to die anyhow.
  11. People use to amputate limbs without washing their hands or instruments too. Doesn't mean it was smart
  12. Obviously not, or I wouldn't need to ask the opinions of those who have used both.
  13. I picked up a couple Char Broil Max Rib Racks, similar concept, better execution in my opinion. Bought mainly so I can do ribs and pork butt at the same time.
  14. Would love to hear more on why the ceramic is better. When my Akorn wears out I'll have to make a decision
  15. I haven't upgraded but it seems you're spending $400 for the less cooking capacity (20" Akorn vs 18.25" Egg) and what I'm guessing similar cooking performance. If it was the XL green egg, then we're talking a substantial upgrade. Really this comes down to a personal preference decision, and at that price point it certainly is tempting!
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