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  1. Wrapping is optional. At Lexington BBQ and other related BBQ joints they don't wrap because I'm sure it's a pain to wrap dozens of butts daily. Wrapping will cook the meat faster, so if you need to cook the pork it say 7 hours then wrap it when it gets to around 165 (known as the stall). If you got all the time in the world, then just let it cook away and you will be rewarded with premium BBQ, but this could take up to 12 hours. Also wrapping may help retain moister and make the meat juicer, I haven't decided on that point myself just yet. I do both ways, depending on the amount of time I have. Unwrapped cooks I usually do overnight. So yes everywhere you go in NC and SC you will find variations. My understanding is whole hog is more prevalent in eastern NC down into SC. Lexington style BBQ is traditionally cooked with butts. But of course in Lexington you might find whole hog cooking just like in the east you'll find plenty of pulled butt BBQ. The definitive guide to NC bbq is North Carolina Barbecue: Flavored by Time by Bob Garner. Looks like you can pick up a used copy on Amazon for as little as 2 dollars (link: https://goo.gl/1DeHx1). It's a great read and well worth getting a copy if you are interested in this subject.
  2. Lexington pork shoulder is usually not rubbed with a sweet and tangy rub like you often see in BBQ books and posted online. It's just salt and pepper, and even that is not applied at some BBQ joints. A lot of BBQ joints in that area just put the pork on and let it cook naked. This way you get a very pork-flavored end product which goes great with the Lexington sauce. Lexington style sauce (this is super yummy!): 1.5 cups apple cider vinegar 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup ketchup 1 tbsp hot sauce 1/2 tsp table salt 1/2 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp ground pepper 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  3. How to use an electric stove?

    Knowing what you plan to cook will help. I don't think they are much different than any other stove. You have High which is max heat, this will boil water quickest but leaving it here while cooking is often a bad idea. Cooking is usually don on Medium heat (turn the dial half way), and if you want to simmer or cook rice it's usually done on low heat. Let's say the knob is a range from 1-10 10: Preheat pan, boil water, or cook fast (i.e. wok) 4-7: Cooking range for most foods 1-3: Low heat to keep food warm, simmer slowly, cook rice, etc
  4. Brisket cook

    I use a Thermoworks Smoke and also a ChefAlarm, with a probe at the grate. I don't measue exit temp, I'm not sure if that's necessary because the top of the smoker will naturally be hotter since heat is rising around the stone.
  5. Brisket cook

    This is interesting as I have zero problems keeping it below 270 if I choose, practically forever if I want. Are you using the stone to redirect the heat to the sides? Try adding a water pan to reduce the temps. Also I usually put the meat on and walk away - no peaking until I know I need to wrap or something several hours into the cook. Lifting the lid introduces a fresh unlimited supply of oxygen briefly and can cause an increase in temps. If I keep the lid closed it can stay at 225 no problem.
  6. North Alabama White Sauce

    Check this one out: https://www.dukesmayo.com/recipe/lollys-alabama-white-bbq-sauce/
  7. Digital thermometer choices

    ThermoWorks Smoke all the way
  8. Akorn is the best value period. Given the quality of food you can crank out on the Akorn, the price is unbeatable.
  9. Tip Top Temp

    Plate hanger style: https://tiptoptemp.com/products/akorn-mount-plate-hanger-style-ook-for-akorn-grill-tiptoptemp
  10. My latch doesn't do much either. I'm not convinced the latch is meant to help with the seal, it's more to do with safely moving the Akorn without the lid flopping open. With my Akorn even when I don't latch I don't see any leaks. The solution I would go with if did see a problem would be to order additional high-temp gasket and put it on the lid. Would only need an eight inch for a good seal, maybe 1/4 inch max. Something like this: https://goo.gl/zHRkhe Measure the width of the Akorn to get the right width
  11. Tip Top Temp

    The TTT is certainly a great accessory at a great price!
  12. First overnight smoke

    Good deal! I would also say don't worry too about largish temp swings when cooking something like a pork but that can handle a large range of temps. For overnight I set my low alarm for 200 and high at 300. The TTT does take some time to recover the temps but if you give it enough time, it will do the trick. I've done several overnight cooks and slept great, it's a strange feeling to wake up and realize your meat has been happily cooking for hours and hours without you there to keep an eye on it
  13. First overnight smoke

    My TTT is getting gummy so I check it before each cook to see if it moves freely so far so good. It's sat all winter so might be due for a cleaning. A little hot water, detergent, and old tooth brush should do the trick. My wife just bought some steam cleaning gadget that might also come in handy for cleaning the TTT with even less effort.
  14. First overnight smoke

    Get a Tip Top Temp (https://tiptoptemp.com/) my overnight cooks have always been perfect. Don't worry about 50 degree swings, you'll always have that when cooking with charcoal, but it won't affect the final product. I usually dial it in at 250 and it will drop down to 220 or go up to 275 for a short while but the Tip Top Temp gets it sorted out without waking me up. I set my alarm for 200 and 300, but I've never been woken up. Edit: I've also found that towards the end of the cook (i.e. morning) there will be a "spike" up to 285 or more. I've determined this is "normal" because the meat and everything inside the cooker is nice and hot so I don't sweat it.