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  1. Forgot to mention I bought the Diem for $170. My new kamado is a Pit Boss not a Vision. Same basic kamado however.
  2. PIcked up a red Diem last week. Added a vent top and made a vent bottom. Polised it. Looks like new. Beautiful red color. No chips on finish. In perfect condition. Since then, smoked three racks of ribs, some chicken breasts and it held temp as well or better than my new Vision. Well made unit and I don't think any of the new kamados on the market are as visually appealing as this Diem accept the Dome. Very pleased with this purchase.
  3. Thank you for the welcome. I really am looking forward to the kamado experience. I have already learned a lot by perusing this site.
  4. Hello fellow kamado users. I'm new to kamado but have read they are the best in terms of efficient long term smoking. Looking forward to learning. I have just purchased a Pit Boss and await it's arrival this Wednesday. Previously I was pretty much Web kettle and occasional gas grill user. I am retired so in addition to enjoying my Harley throughout the southwest I also have time to explore the kamado BBQ world.Looking forward to learning and interacting with fellow kamado users.
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