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  1. I wouldn’t do any high temp cooks with the Q unless you remove the probe from the Kamado or you might kill it. I forget what the probe is rated at. Anyway the Q has been flawless for me. You have to make sure your PB is fully sealed, and sealed properly. If you haven’t sealed your PB you will get fluctuations in temp (top and bottom vent). You also need need to figure out how much the top vent needs to be cracked open. Too much and your temp may creep up too high. I’ll keep the vent open until I get about 40-50 degrees from target, then I shut it down halfway between 0 and 1 (sometimes it’s less than that). You want it where every once in a while the fan gives it a little puff to maintain temp.
  2. Do you have a pic of what’s wrong? If I remember correctly there is a way to adjust the hinge to get the top flush to the base.
  3. The kickash basket is a great addition. It makes it very easy to clean from the top vs. going through the lower vent and making a mess. As far as positioning the firebox, I just aligned it with the lower vent in the fully open position. I never really followed any curing regimen, just did a few low/mid range cooks before turning the furnace up and searing steaks at 650-700 deg.
  4. Good luck to you, I will be very interested to hear how Danson handles it. Worst case scenario just JB weld (high temp) it and wrap additional felt around the chimney until the top vent is snug. What additional bolts did you tighten? If it's the handle or side tray hardware, don't worry about that because it connects to the metal band. I did not mess with the bands itself on mine.
  5. Yeah, Scdaf is correct. The crack looks to be the result of overtightening. The expansion of the ceramic during use is what causes it, not the act of tightening the screw itself. If the screws are too tight, the ceramic expands around that point and can crack. Finger tight is what I recommend. As others have stated, you could fix it, but you need to decide if that's what you want to do (vs. taking it back to Costco).
  6. Yeah, for accessory purposes you just need to know if you have the K22 or K24.
  7. I just woke up from sleeping in (late night) and it has held temp to the degree.
  8. Concur all, I'm good at doing it analog as well. This pork butt was done last night without the PartyQ...I cook at 250, but when I went to bed i wanted to get 6 hours without having to get up and check/tweak vents. Now keep in mind my temp was steady between 250-255 for several hours. Knowing my cooker, I knew if I set it to 275 before hitting the hay it (temp) would drop over 6 hours. Sure enough, when I woke up and checked my temp it was sitting right at 250. In other words it dropped 25 deg just like I knew it would. Now I could have set alarms and kept it at 250, but I did not feel like getting up. Having said all of that, I'm using it right now for the first time doing a brisket. Let me tell you, I should have purchased this a long time ago. I will concede that one should learn their cooker first and be able to control it manually...but this PartyQ makes it too easy. I used it to bring the cooker up to temp and then it automatically maintained the set temp. Now I don't need to use a workaround by setting my temp a little higher if I plan on getting a good nights sleep. I can set it where I want it and forget it. I'm really happy with this purchase.
  9. Yes, they have K22 and K24 specific adapters. https://bbqguru.com/StoreNav/GuruCookerGuide?ProductId=0&ProductId=0&DeviceModelId=211 https://bbqguru.com/StoreNav/GuruCookerGuide?ProductId=0&ProductId=0&DeviceModelId=212
  10. I will, it's due to be delivered tomorrow and I plan to give it a workout Saturday night.
  11. I've had great success with long smokes with my K24 and iGrill to monitor grate and meat temps. The iGrill allowed me to wirelessly monitor temps and make small adjustments to prevent swings and maintain that perfect range. Last week I attempted my second overnighter after the temps settled at 250 and woke up to 180 degree grate temp. The butt and brisket still turned out fantastic, it just took a little longer than it should because I had to bring the temp back up. As a result, I decided to pick up a PartyQ from BBQ Guru for those overnight occasions. I didn't see the need to get the more expensive options (models) since I already have the iGrill to monitor meat temps (wirelessly), and I really don't need the automatic lid opening detection since I can just shut it off when I open to baste the meat. I've done a lot of reading on the idiosyncrasies of its use and think this will definitely be the ticket. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Anyone else here use the PartyQ on their Pit Boss?
  12. Hand tight is all you need on the bolts that go through the chimney. I did just that on mine...you'll be fine. I would have run RTV under the bottom vent rather than mess with Velcro. If your slider works fine with how you have it you are good to go. If not you can actually peel layers off as required if you are careful to reduce the thickness.
  13. Bury your wood under the spot you are lighting and place a few within close vicinity (also buried).
  14. Carolina Vinegar Sauce - 1 quart Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 Tablespoons Kosher Salt - 2 Tablespoons Crushed Red Pepper flakes - 1 Tablespoon Black Pepper Ground It's exactly what I use on mine. You can see the red pepper flakes in the pic above. I only mop once or twice in my cook. This is what the bark bark looks like.
  15. I don't pull or wrap. Salt and Pepper to season, throw it on with a temp prob and pull at 200 deg. Bark is always perfect and meat is always moist.
  16. Salt and Pepper on thick sliced pork belly (3-4hrs @ 250) tastes way better than regular bacon....especial with some eggs over easy. Another staple on the whole30 is Malcom Reeds Carolina Pulled Pork. Seasoned with salt and pepper, smoked at 250 until internal 200, Pulled and basted with Apple Cider Vinigar with salt/pepper/crushed red peppers. Throwing an egg over easy on the pulled pork is amazing.
  17. You guys should look into the "Whole30" diet. Perfect for someone who likes to smoke meat and it works.
  18. Yeah, mine leaked from under the lower vent and around the top vent. RTV fixed the bottom and additional felt fixed the top. I do have two sliders in my bottom vent (spark slider and a solid one).
  19. Yeah, you can't post solutions like that and not tell us how you did it!
  20. Yeah, all Pitboss Kamados are not sealed very well. Call Danson's (the mfgr) and ask them for a seal kit. You will need to take off the top vent and run an additional strip of felt over the chimney....then use some high temp RTV (or gasket maker) to ensure the bottom vent assembly is sealed all the way around. On mine the top (of bottom vent) had a good seal of RTV but it was lacking on the bottom. Some have also used some felt on the sliders, I have not. After sealing the top vent and running a bead of RTV under the bottom vent, I was good to go.
  21. Yeah my wife paid $120 for an additional year on my truck. Then my bank sent new credit cards with the chip. After the year was up they called and said I owed them $20 because it was "supposed" to be an automatic renewal and they kept the service running an extra month. I told them to pound sand. Nobody told my wife it was an automatic renewal. We only wanted one year and that's what we paid for. They can shove it.
  22. Go into Bluetooth settings and delete, then add it back in and see if it makes a difference.
  23. Wow you stole that! Great deal
  24. I think they updated it a while ago because I bought one a couple weeks ago and the app is exactly as you say. If people do not have their phones setup to automatically update apps, they should be fine, but if automatic updates are enabled...I think it's too late.
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