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  1. I have been Keto (low carb) since mid October. I am down almost 70 pounds. I am not doing macros, I just cut out on starches and sugar and try to keep my carbs below 30 grams a day. Started exercising more consistently in December but with the holiday cheating, it slow but not stopped my weight loss. I am eating more green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc ....). The only fruit I eat are berries. I am getting into baking using oat fiber instead of flour and things appear to be going great.
  2. Did you use a pork butt? I was thinking about doing this recipe with a loin.
  3. Which part of Texas are you from? I was raised in East Texas and we loved grits.
  4. I may have to try that with some brats ....
  5. Are you cooking to a temp? From here and videos on ribs, I have watched, I never do that. I try to cook at 250. I spritz with apple juice and I usually start probing after 4 hours. Once your probe slides through like butter you are done. My ribs usually go 4 to 4.5 hours. No wrapping for now, but I may start using butcher paper as some members of the family are not fond of bark.
  6. Never use briquettes in your kamado grill.
  7. The divide and conquer does fit in Visions. I am trying to decide between that or getting the Woo ring ....
  8. I just got a 26 inch Weber kettle for Father's day. Since I have been using my Kamado for the last year, I love using lump charcoal. Is there any benefit to using lump in a kettle? I read an article on the Weber site and it said lump cooks fast on a kettle grill. Hopefully my peeps here can give me some insight. Lump charcoal use on kettle please give me your thoughts.
  9. I used my Vision in the rain (wasn't a down pour but a steady rain that waxed and waned) and had no issues. Once the Vision gets heat soaked and the temp you want, I think you are good.
  10. The Joetiesserie and Joetisserie knockoff I bought that works great are on an angle. The lid closes at the same angle and seals everything nice and tight.
  11. Looks like you are going to have to work on your cobbler game then ....
  12. The Vision does not have the same ecosystem as Kamado Joe, but the good news is the 18 inch accesseries for the Kamado Joe will fit the Vision Diamond B series. As for leaks, mine doesn't leak at all.
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