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  1. I have been a practicing Optometrist for over 30 years. I have also been referring and managing LASIK patient since it first became available in the US. LASIK surgery can correct Myopia (nearsighted) and low levels of Hyperopia (farsighted). It does not correct Presbyopia which is the need for reading glasses which begins to affect people around age 40. John, it sounds like you have Presbyopia which the LASIK will not correct for. However, have you considered contact lenses?
  2. This was pretty typical of a Bob Garner reveiw. I thought the food looked good and liked that the Kamado Grille offers free classes. Anything that promotes interest in a hobby I love is aces with me.
  3. This was pretty typical of a Bob Garner reveiw. I thought the food looked great. I liked that the Kamado Grille offers free classes as well. Anything that promotes interest in a hbby I love is aces with me.
  4. Ok, appears that unc tv puts previous episodes up on their web site. So we can view it later once it goes up. I sent them an email asking if they could post a link on kamado guru. Hope they will do that. Looks like they put full shows up, not broken down by segment. Maybe they could just cut the kamado segment ant post a link for that. The show typically show the food reviews at the end. Hope that helps.
  5. For those Guru's living in the Old North State. This Thursday Dec 17 Bob Garner is doing a review of the Kamado Grille in Raleigh, NC on the North Carolina Weekend Show. It will air on PBS at 9:00pm. Never been to the Kamado Grille but plan to catch the show.
  6. Thanks for the tip Bob. Please post if this happens again and if you need to make any repairs or mods. I believe you have had your Akorn a while. Curious if this was an isolated incident or caused by normal breakdown over time. I have had my Akorn about 3 years now and am interested what happens. Thanks.
  7. Had mine 3+ years no mods and no problems. Still going strong. Just did Shish Kabobs tonight at 6 and, fire is already out.
  8. I have had the Kitchen Aid pasta attachments for 10 years and have been very pleased. My daughter has had a hand crank device and wants the Kitchen Aid now because of the work involved with the hand crank device. It takes two people. I have used it to make the lasagna noodles, spaghetti and fettuccine. I have not used the pasta extruder. Do not forget a pasta drying rack. It is very helpful and does not take up much room. There is a learning curve in making pasta but it is well worth the effort.
  9. I did use the pellets but did not let it burn 10 minutes before putting the cheese on but will try that the next time. The ambient temp started at 60 but was up to 70 when I finished. The cc Hesse came out fine. It is vacuum sealed in the refrigerator now.
  10. Yesterday I smoked some cheese in my Weber Kettle. I used the A maze n Pellet Smoker on the bottom charcoal grate the cheese above. The vents were wide open but it kept going out after about 20 minutes. I cracked the top lid and it helped a little. Any suggestions?
  11. I gave my gas grill to my son. I still use the Weber kettle in bad weather and smoking cheese.
  12. I drink wine more often. Cab, Rioja or Garnache. However, I do enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day. Michelob Lager or any Sam Adams. I really enjoy Highland Brewery Cold Mountain around Christmas. It is the only time of the year they make it.
  13. Great looking pizza. Love the Highland Oatmeal Porter too.
  14. Good morning everyone. I have been away for a while and did not know how to reconnect with all of you but this thread hit a chord. First, congratulations Guy on the upcoming addition to the family. Over the past several months I have been dealing with family issues and my wife's health in particular. It has been a long road but things are looking much better. During this time with treatments and medication adjustments she also became hypersensitive to smoke as well as other smells, foods and sounds. When the human body is undergoing changes this is normal and very frustrating to the individual and those around them. My wife was very sensitive to the smoke on me. I did all things suggested here as well as change cloths after grilling and showering before bed. This all helped. However, the big thing was her feeling of helplessness, isolation and depression. Anyone in pain, discomfort and fatigue will have this. I cut back on grilling and other things to spend time with her which is what she really wanted. Guy, I get the impression from your post that this may be part what your wife wants as well. Spend time with her now and everything else will fall into place. I hope I did not step over any lines here or post too much if so I apologize. This is just my experience as a doctor and husband. Thanks for listening.
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