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  1. danix

    real world owners manual

    Very helpful thanks. Already using some of the tips and looking for the book.
  2. What are some tips you expert users have for newbies? I've never had used anything but a gas grill before, but at $499 I had to get a Pit Boss. Yes, I've read the (sparse) owners manual. Here are some questions I have: I'm having a hard time figuring out how much wood/charcoal to put in it. How high do you go? The BGE has a noticeable lip as the limit, the pit boss does not. it's hard to start it. Use rolled up newspaper or fire starters? Once it's lit, do you close the lid right away? If not, when? Do you really have to wait for all the coals to turn light grey/ash color before cooking? What's the function of the vents? My son and I always argue about whether to make it hotter you open the vents (letting more airflow through but losing heat which rises) or closing the vents partially to keep heat in (but causing less combustion). I have a hard time getting it above 400 degrees. Why? Can you reuse/save wood/coals if you want? Last night I tried closing top and bottom vents and it put the fire out, so I assume I can relight those coals next time? On the positive side I do notice the taste difference. My burgers have this nice reddish color while on the gas grill they now look grey in comparison. Thanks in advance.