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  1. In the end i ended up calling their 1-800 number. I told them about the issues with email bouncing back and quoted my case number. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had bounce back issues. They were very accommodating to deal with and my shipment should be arriving next week. I am very impressed with their customer service so far.
  2. Hi John, The top of the email had the following: Reply to this e-mail to update this case The email also had a question inline to respond to, so I responded. The email address that it was sent from was: support@kamadojoe.com
  3. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues emailing KJ Customer Support? I have been trying to reply to their emails, but it keeps bouncing back from their Office 365 server/account with this message: Your message to support@kamadojoe.com couldn't be delivered. support wasn't found at kamadojoe.com. I will call them as soon as I have a chance.
  4. I have had my KJ2 Classic for almost a week now and I noticed last night that the air lift isn't working properly and needs to be tightened. The lid won't stay up on its own now. I will do an adjustment when it isn't raining outside and let you know if I have similar issues.
  5. I tested it the next night. It looks like I likely left the top vent open slightly. I don't think it was seated properly. I haven't had any issues over the last couple of days.
  6. It is a 2017. I thought I did close it, but it is possible it could have been opened a crack. I cooked on it tonight, so I will verify tomorrow and do a smoke test.
  7. I am a newb here and I have a question regarding shut down. I did my first cook last night and I did a shut down at 9pm (closed the cover, closed the top and bottom vents) when the temperature was 435F. I noticed after the shut down at 11:30pm, it was still at 300F. The next day I returned home from work at 6PM and opened the grill. It was still warm and there were red coals that were hot. Half of the charcoal had burned off. I assume this isn't normal. Shouldn't the lack of oxygen suffocate the fire. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  8. Thank you for all of the input and feedback. Very informative! I will be searching for a new dealer.
  9. I am joining the forums today and hoping to be able to contribute in the future. I am looking at buying a KJ Classic, but I am torn between whether to buy the KJ Classic or the 2017 KJII. The $300 is not a determining factor for me. I have heard from the store I am looking to buy from that the new KJII easy lift needs to be adjusted on a daily basis and is a pain. He also said that the new gasket does not seal properly and needs to be locked to form an actual seal. He said retailers are not happy with them and should have been consulted before they changed the original KJ Classic. When I asked if they had any in stock, he said 'No' and didn't know when they would because there are likely manufacturing issues. He also mentioned that next year they will be replacing it with a new model - the KJ Classic 2018. Any truth to any of this. It sounds a little shady to me. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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