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  1. I actually nearly purchased a skirt steak the other day to try on my Kamado. Yours looks very good. I too would like to see your recipe.
  2. I am definitely inspired by your tri tip. I had been thinking about a prime rib but I am rethinking tri tip based on your results. Thanks 9900!
  3. That is one excellent and tasty looking meatloaf! Dang it now I have another smoking project to plan out.
  4. I did something similar with my ribs. I generally marinade my ribs overnight then dry them and rub with the dry mix, let than set for another hour or so then to the smoker. Marinading has proven to consistently yield good results but I wonder if it hinders the meats ability to absorb smoke flavor. I know true smoking advocates say you should avoid the "Texas crutch" as they call it but I like to experiment and foiling is good tool many times.
  5. That looks awesome. Great idea and will have to give it a try.
  6. Thanks Rob. I am planning on smoking a 14 to 16 lb bird and think I am going to smoke breast up. I will brining and may use the Alton Brown recipe. I almost purchased a chicken stand the other day. I have already smoked a chicken, pork loin roast, and baby back ribs in my Vision Pro. All of them turned excellent so I am becoming much more confident with it. You definitively have to pay attention to how much charcoal outright and closing down the temp when it is within 50 degrees of your target. As far as rubs go I have a couple of personal concoctions that I really like, teriyaki sounds like a great option though. When it comes to the wood I prefer the apple myself. I have a ton of pecan, literally as one of my 80ft pecan trees recently fell and I have cut some up and am drying it out for later use. Pecan is good wood for smoking poultry and pork. Everything I have read about alder is that it is best for fish.
  7. Thanks Marty. That is something to consider.
  8. Ditto on my plans for smoking a bird for Thanksgiving. Is it really important to use a vertical stand? I have being researching this subject and opinions vary as to whether or not you need to use one. I guess I looking to see if anyone here has tried it both ways and there experiences with both.
  9. I was at a BGE store the other day and noticed they offered an accessory call the "Eggcelerator". Not sure if anyone else has seen it but it is an interesting idea. Basically it is battery powered fan system for a BGE that allows you blow in fresh air in through a connector via the lower vent and really accelerate temperature buildup. I had played around with the idea of using the blower side of my wet/dry vac to see what effect it had on getting a high temperature setup for searing applications. Has anyone else thought about this?
  10. I too am a newer owner. I researched this site and saw several were using cotton balls soaked in alcohol, I tried that and it worked great. I used 3 standard cottons evenly spaced. I bought a electric starter as well but returned it.
  11. After much research on the topic I am seriously considering ordering the Vision Stone from Home Depot. I wold give a ceramic platesetter more consideration if I could look at one. I may check around and see if a local BGE rep has them in stock, but the price may be the deciding factor.
  12. Congratulations. I am new owner of a Vision Kamado Pro as well, my wife totally surprised me and had it waiting for me when I got home last week. What a woman! I had no idea she had been paying that much attention to my comments about how much I wanted a ceramic like the BGE. Plus she also got an great deal from the local Home Depot when she bought it, paid $499. It was a display model. I have used it twice now and am looking forward to smoking some baby back ribs tomorrow. All I can say is that so far I am very, very happy with my Kamado Pro.
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