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  1. hungho760

    Jalapeño stuffed quail wrapped in bacon

    Get some cotton balls, soak it with acetone (just enough where it's not dripping), place two of them inside your volcano of lump charcoal. Light it up and put a piece of charcoal that looks like a flat piece on top. Close the lid and wait till your target temp. Give it a try Brickbat
  2. hungho760

    KJ Newbie. Overheated Overnight.

    There could be many possibilities for any errors... Was it windy that night? Did you use a water pan? How much did your pork weigh? Did you use the thermometer on grill or bought a separate thermometer for inside grill /and meat? Did you trim off the excessive fat? its crazy how it kept its temp at 225' for two hours then somehow sparked it up...my only theory with that is the drippings on the butt somehow dripped into the charcoals, even with your smoking stone/grate assembled I would suggest investing towards a digital thermometer; one probe for the meat, the other for the inside grill temp. It'll beep if your temp is too low/high...$30 dollars well spent!!! And now some of them can be monitored by your phone...
  3. Another beautiful day in Southern California!!! Time to get my akorn jr heated up. I built my volcano of lump charcoals, I've been using the cotton balls soaked in nail polish as my fire starter. Once it was lit, I put my smoking stone on... 30 minutes till we get to 250 degrees-ish. All the vents were open fully. The day before; a little bit of olive oil, I seasoned them up with a ginger lemon sriricha spice blend, stuffed a jalapeño up its cavity, then wrapped them in bacon to sit overnight. I bought two packs. I got these quails frozen. It came in a four pack for $6. ($1.50 a quail) The morning of, flipped each bird to get any remaining flavors to stick onto these quails. I smoked these with avocados and citrus wood for about an hour and a half. We let them rest for about 10 minutes before cutting them in half (full breast cut between them thighs) i have never ever liked the quails my family made; it's like an Asian style lemon grass...this was beyond my expectations!! maybe next time I'll let my mother season the quails and we shall kamado it up again!!! p.s. I also smoked some whole garlic!! Just cut the top part of the garlic, olive oil salt and pepper. Boom!!!
  4. My first post: I've been debating for a good minute on what kind of charcoal grill...my neighbor bought the Char-Griller propane/charcoal grill. He doesn't cook anything on propane unless it's hotdogs...quick and simple. At the time, I had a propane vertical smoker which was leaking so much smoke, and a standard propane grill. A few weeks later, we were at lowes and they had the big akorn for $250 made by Char-Grillers. Did a little research and came upon the jr. I found this website and did my research and pulled the trigger on buying the Jr. Because my family doesn't eat much...the five of us can not finish a whole chicken...maybe half... I did add legs to my Jr. (Picture not shown) ive read online that the calibration on the temp probe can be roughly 50 degrees off. I seasoned the grill for an hour and didn't waste no time putting these turkey legs in. My temp was at 350 (which in turn was at 400) and left the legs in there for an hour and a half direct heat. Wrapped them up for an hour to distribute the juices. I think they came out pretty good because I haven't had any luck doing turkey...always comes out chewy. TBH I thought I burnt the legs. Tell me whatcha think.