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  1. Burntoffering

    first try at bacon

    thanks, I have just finished a batch of Canadian bacon, and honestly can't believe I hadn't tried making my own bacon years ago, it's so much better than shop bought a
  2. Burntoffering

    first try at bacon

    so having succesfully used my kamado as a smoking cabinet for cold smoked salmon, I thought id give bacon a try, using some belly pork from Costco and dry brining over 7 days followed by a 12 hour cold smoke, the results where great, so now I have pork loin brining for back bacon (canadian bacon)
  3. Burntoffering

    Pit Boss / Danson's customer service

    the intake vent lower edge on mine had a gap that i could put my pinkie in, i packed some more nomex and a bead of high temp gasket sealant and the boss now holds temps like boss :-)
  4. Burntoffering

    Got a Pit Boss at Costco for 399 today

    Not sure if you guys across the pond have the same on Costco website, but here in the last few weeks they are showing a couple of additions to the range with an 18" and 13.5" so hopefully they'll keep stocking them for a while yet.
  5. Burntoffering

    Hi all Pit Boss K24 owner

    Just thought I'd say hi, had my K24 for a few months now, done the usual pork butt, ribs, flank steak pork belly and pizzas so far and enjoying learning my way around charcoal 25 years after leaving a career as a chef.